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  1. Awesome! @7erra cant wait to try it out, i will let you know if i find any issues. Keep it up.
  2. moneyCheck = player getVariable [TER_moneyVariable,0]; hint format ["Current money: %1 %2 ",moneyCheck, TER_moneyUnit]; The moneyCheck variable will get the amount of money that the player have at the moment, and in the Hint you just call two variables; the amount of money and the money unit.($) This will do the trick. 😄 P.D. You can also make the variable moneyCheck private (_moneyCheck), this willmake variables only visible in a specific script, or function, or Control Structures.
  3. On the first page of this thread @7erra post more or less what you are asking, I leave it here for you. SQF: Then u can just edit it the way u want, check also the first page for more info about this.
  4. @Unluckymonster Im getting started in the use of scripts and programing in general but i figured out something by reading other coments that works for me. Hope was usefull.