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    EDEN Editor BUGS

    Crosslinking to a thread about MP-related bug. While this bug might seem purely cosmetic it can be quite annoying in large 100+ TvT scenarios. Group names in MP lobby do not correspond to actual in-Eden and ingame squad names. Currently if you create a new scenario in 3D editor all items and units you place on map get their common absolute IDs in the order you create them. Easily reproducible: -While in 3D editor start a new scenario, name and save it -Place, say, 10 HESCO barriers, 5 Cargo Towers, 5 empty Offroads -Place 2 BLUFOR squads (playable) -Place 2 OPFOR squads (playable) -Notice that while you are still in 3D editor all 4 squads have correct names (Blufor Alpha 1-1, Blufor Alpha 1-2, Opfor Alpha 1-1, Opfor Alpha 1-2) -Save the mission and export it to Multiplayer -When you choose this mission in Multiplayer at the role assignment stage in the MP lobby group names become something like Blufor Bravo 2-1, Blufor Lima 1-1, Opfor Kilo 1-1, Opfor Kilo 1-2. Moreover, units descriptions inside a squad read something like 33:Squad Leader, 34:Rifleman, 35:Autorifleman etc. instead of 1:Squad Leader, 2:Rifleman, 3:Autorifleman etc. -However after you start this MP mission the squads get their correct names at the briefing stage and in game
  2. ramblasos

    3d Editor show object IDs

    Open Debug Console (from Tools menu or press key `) and type in Execute field: do3DENAction "ToggleMapIDs"; and press Local Exec to toggle IDs on/off But ...
  3. ramblasos

    [MP/Team] Sa-Matra's Wasteland

    To re-arm an armed vehicle (boat, helo) you have to sit as driver, and then as gunner of this vehicle. Then you can re-arm with the help of ammo truck or vehicle ammo. The vehicle must also be empty of other players. If it is ammo truck - sit in the vehicle and mouse-wheel the option "Re-Arm from....". If it is vehicle ammo - stand near the vehicle and choose option from the player menu (like drinking or eating). ---------- Post added at 11:21 ---------- Previous post was at 10:58 ---------- AFAIK the micro-stuttering issue was BattleEye-related and has been fixed by Sa-Matra in late December. At least, on Arma3 RU servers.
  4. ramblasos

    Name and chat not showing

    If you experience same thing again, you can toggle the chat ON/OFF with a combo "CTRL+SHIFT+C"
  5. ramblasos

    Stuttering FPS as of Dec 19, 2013

    Your video examples are from Sa-Matra's Wasteland. AFAIK the micro-stuttering issue was BattleEye-related and has been fixed by Sa-Matra several days ago (on Sunday or Monday night), at least on Arma3 RU servers.
  6. ramblasos

    [MP/Team] Sa-Matra's Wasteland

    Some servers, like e.g. UK#4, are set to restart every 8 hrs. So I vouch for in-game time acceleration x3 (24/8=3). Day/night transition would be smooth and more realistic. The way it is now has at least 2 considerable flaws: - Every time the clock is shifted most players experience drop of fps, freeze for several seconds, or even crash of the game. - For some reason this transition happens to be not synchronized with other players. It feels like a hack when some players still have day, while others have sudden night without a NV on them, or vice versa. Last week time lapse reached from 1-2 minutes to 7!! minutes within players in the same group.
  7. ramblasos

    [MP/Team] Sa-Matra's Wasteland

    I really liked how things were before this change: when server ran for 18-24 hours you had both day and night in the game. Of course, people get used to anything but still this sudden change of day and night is quite irritating. Especially so when this change is not synchronous with other players. Some might argue that it adds more fun or complexity, but I think it makes game less realistic. How about making time acceleration (say x2 or x10) instead? Or return to earlier mode?