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  1. daman3

    BTR-50 Tank Pack

    Here is the updated link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/a2rswp This time it includes even more versions (e.g. Russian and UN), even support vehicles. Changelog
  2. Hello, it would also work with OA standalone or ArmA 2 standalone, so A2 is alright as well. Thanks!
  3. It has taken a while but now the Germans have a mighty weapon in their arsenal: the Maus tank! Download Link:
  4. He can go to the eternal pissing heaven.
  5. daman3

    BTR-50 Tank Pack

    Thanks for the news post. It also works with A2, but CO is prefered only.
  6. Hello, there have only been few releases in ArmA 2 of an important tank in history, a tank which can be found in nearly every army on the planet, even if it's in the inventory. Right, it's the BTR-50. But now you can use it to your advantage: Transport troops from all over the map to all over the map, not even water holds you up. Features a fully working interior. Porting to ArmA 3 is allowed. If you would like to have this addon for your mod, MLOD's will be given out as well. This package includes the tank in various variants and camouflages (NVA; Iran etc.), more variants are planned, if you have a specific one in mind you can post your suggestion here. Download link (Updated): PS: For those wondering, I'll have the daman3 account back soon.
  7. daman3

    Military Humor

    I have a good one: An officers asks his soldiers: How much is 2x2? The first soldiers said "6!" and the officer responded with an acknowledging nod up and down. The second soldier says "5!" and the officer nods again. The third soldier shouted "It's 2!" and then the officer unholstered his colt and shot him. The other soldiers asked the officer "Why did you do this?", who responded with "He knew too much!"
  8. daman3

    Vietnam: The Experience

    Work on the campaign goes on well. Even though there are many well made missions in towns and urban areas, there is also a big focus on naval based assault. Since we have all the new enterable ships, boats and bugfixes, it should also come to no surprise that some preparation missions are on boats where you can walk around freely on them.
  9. daman3

    Vietnam: The Experience

    One thing has always been missing: Something that you don't have to leave as soon as you hit the land. This is why we have introduced the PVAC hovercraft into VTE. It can go over water and land, which makes it perfect for all maps with lots of swamps and light jungle inbetween. Thanks.Well, Charlie never sleeps :p
  10. I'll try it out, thanks man!
  11. Hello, thanks for the answer. Is it not true that setmode affects the AI only e.g. when you create a waypoint and not when you would like to have a fast land and water speed in the vehicle config itself?
  12. Hello, I'd like to create a vehicle that is able to move on water and land. Now the problem is that if I configure this as a normal vehicle that can swim in the water (like the BMP-2), it's dead slow in the water. Is there a way to increase the water speed while not decreasing land speed? Thanks in advance, daman3
  13. daman3

    Vietnam: The Experience

    Thanks, yes the work goes on and even more is coming! And with six updates, the updates will automatically be pushed to your mod folder'
  14. daman3

    Vietnam: The Experience

    And the journey goes on! This time it is another enhancement of the marine, the Patrol Fast Boat (or one of them).