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  1. I am still having some trouble and more often than not have to use remote connection
  2. A new update. After a long R&R AToW is back, we are at the final stages of getting the map and mod together and will be starting a new Campaign soon. Come and check us out. (above web addresses still apply). DaMan
  3. DaMan

    Internet requirements

    Strange, we have had a few aussies playing over at AToW and they dont seem to have the problems reported here. (us server btw) DaMan.
  4. DaMan

    ArmA2 Firing Range gameplay footage

    The no-pants things is just standard for Thorpe!
  5. My provider is reporting the same problem he had a "CAA10`requires addon `CACharacters2" error show
  6. DaMan


    normal result = 2475.94 Q6600 go (oc'd to 3.00) 2X 8800 GTS (640M each) 4GB ozc reaper hpc 1066mhz vista ultimate 32 Disabled SLI = 2270.1 Updated my Nvidia drivers to latest from dec 08 result 2564.65