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  1. Visual ArmA 3 Class Name Library (WIP)

    (Just tried to reply but it seems like the internets ate my post..) Here, have a look at this .dll for FRAPS made by KillzoneKid: http://killzonekid.com/arma-extension-ctrl_tab-dll/ I would say: make a function that iterates through every classname, which executes the following for each iteration: spawns one object prints on top of the screen in huge letters the classname (e.g. "UH-80 "Ghost Hawk" (Camo)" ) prints at the bottom of the screen the "ingame name" (e.g. "B_Heli_Transport_01_camo_F") set a sleep interval (enough time for the object to spawn fully) Set that same sleep interval between screenshots in FRAPS for it to coincide with each object spawning; In your script, add the FRAPS screenshot keystroke to an event handler that starts the iteration process. press that keystroke to start "recording" and go read a book.
  2. Visual ArmA 3 Class Name Library (WIP)

    This should prove mostly useful for objects with undescriptive classnames like "crate_22", "wreck_33", "smallShed_4", etc... A clear picture is worth a thousand words, so upvoted =) Good luck with the screenshot sessions mate! Unless you're helping yourself with scripts and FRAPS, you've got days of screenshooting to do :)
  3. Disapointed with the full release content

    Yeah, mixed feelings about the full content over here too. I suppose I expected to be blown away just like I was when I first walked on Stratis after the Alpha release, and therefore it wouldn't seem fair to moan at the end result just because of my high expectations. THAT BEING SAID, high expectations were to be had given the cool stuff we received and were shown over the last six months. For my part, my biggest disappointment was regarding vehicle weapon variations: For the Ifrit and Hunter (to only name those) with the GMG and HMG turrets, I thought vehicles would obtain the same level of customisation as weapons have with the new attachment system (i.e. vehicles have a turret port that welcomes several types of turrets). All those months I thought "it's coming later, it's just not fully implemented yet"... oh well, instead they chose to implement the turrets "hardcoded" onto the vehicle models. Ironically, there is a great Code Optimisation BIKI article that sums this up quite well: "Written it twice? put it in a function". Why didn't BIS? :confused_o: Still, this does not affect me too much as the missions I play online are mostly (if not exclusively) infantry based, with only a limited use of supply and weaponised vehicles. And infantry is where A3 improved most over A2 in my opinion. However, I can't speak for people who like their ArmA more wheeled. And for people who like their ArmA more winged, eh... condolences :bigsmile: All in all: expected a Bugatti, got a BMW, glad it wasn't a tricycle; I'm not one to ground my kid if he brings home an A instead of an A*. Now there's much to visit, install and plan for on Altis! Just don't order the AI to drive you through it... :crazy:
  4. Moveable Target Range

    @twisted: It's not working for me either, I get a CTD as soon as I spawn in-game. FYI, here's the content of the .rpt:
  5. The all new: Ask a moderator about the forum & rules

    This is actually regarding the BIki more than the forum. I saw something wrong on the following page, but apparently the BIKI does not allow me to make an account so that I could report it. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Code_Optimisation#Measuring_Velocity_Scalar While I'm at it, if someone wants to report it themselves... The "error" is: To find a vector's magnitude, using "VECTOR distance [0,0,0]" returns a result close to correct but is not constant. If you need an exact result, the best choice is still to use "VECTOR call BIS_fnc_magnitude". You can test it by pasting the following code in the in-game debug console: onEachFrame { _vectorExample = [500,700,220]; hintSilent parseText format [ "VECTOR distance [0,0,0]: %1<br/> BIS_fnc_magnitude: %2", _vectorExample distance [0,0,0], _vectorExample call BIS_fnc_magnitude]; }; The result with the distance command looks like it follows a y = sin(x) curve... My two pence for the community =)
  6. Just downloaded Squint to have a butcher's... this is like trading rollerblades for the Concorde. Please keep this up for A3!!!
  7. Hi all, I'm currently designing a scope, which would have a target tagging / locking functionality. I already figured out the functions I want to apply to that target... but I need help to know how to: Assign the target lock / laser painting to the RMB (right mouse button); Return the target object, so that I may pass its visiblePosition/getPosASL to my functions. So it's pretty much like the target-and-lock system of most rocket/missile launchers in the game (hold RMB on the target until target is locked), but I would like to write it myself in order to customise the UI elements and such (different "lock on" icons, colours, etc...). But this seems like such a basic question, I assume that I found my answer at some point in my searches but it went completely over my head... From what I found: I'm guessing answer #1 has to do with event handlers, and #2... well I'm trying to avoid writing a dirty targeting function since it seems to be already implemented. Thanks in advance for your help! As this is my first post ever here, I'll pop out the usual disclaimer: Aye, I scoured these forums (from A1 to A3), BIKI, and many other websites to find elements of answer before posting. I also went through every A3 and A2OA's PBO's in the hope to find a script from BIS linked to any of their rocket launchers or aircrafts, unbinned config files, downloaded a cakeload of mods to study similarities, and bothered friends more experienced in scripting than I.