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  1. AldoUSMC

    Popup Target hitmarker

    With the help of Larrow and F2k we solved this today via at least one method ...see this post http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?176180-Counting-a-Specific-Objects-Within-a-Trigger-Array&p=2667313#post2667313"]http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?176180-Counting-a-Specific-Objects-Within-a-Trigger-Array&p=2667313#post2667313 s/f AldoUSMC
  2. F2k Sel and Larrow, Thank you very much for the above mentorship....we were able to get this working just fine using your above on a Dedicated Server. Nice to have folks like you out here in the world that are willing to help others push through the brain-blocks. F2k Sel: your suggestion worked nicely as a good basic start point for a KD range since each shooter only clears their own targets....multiple people can be firing and scoring, coming and going on the range and not have to worry about disrupting someone else's shooting string by accidentally erasing their fellow shooter's hits. Does require a global somewhere on the map incase a shooter comes...fires...leaves ..and doesn't erase their hits.. Regards and Semper Fidelis AldoUSMC
  3. F2k, Thanks...absolutely correct....sry I did not catch that on my own. My next level of exploration is to tie this to an area (target or marker) and then use an object (laptop etc) to reset a series of targets within the confines of that marker/trigger area. In essence: I have two firing lanes.... I fire on targets in lane 1 while someone else fires on lane 2....after I've checked my targets I can clear them on lane 1 but it doesn't disrupt lane 2's target markers. I appreciate the help Gents...very good of you all. Regards AldoUSMC
  4. Thanks for this Larrow: Putting the following into a targets Initialization Box produces markers upon the target being hit: this addEventHandler ["HitPart", { _spr = "Sign_Sphere10cm_F" createVehicle [0,0,0]; _spr setPosASL (_this select 0 select 3); Adding in the below in addition to the above gives some type of error (nothing in the error box/window) and does not allow the target box to close in editor: _shooter = _this select 0 select 1; _temp = _shooter getVaraible ["hitMarkers",[]]; _temp set [count _temp, _spr]; _shooter setVariable ["hitMarkers",_temp]; }]; Putting the second PHP in a sqf called "deletedots.sqf" and calling it in a trigger via nul = [] execVM "deletedots.sqf"; unfortunately does not clear the dots.... when you say above "you could place the reference to their own hit markers in an array on their characters" Did you intend for the first PHP to be placed within the ini box of a playable unit and not on a target to be shot at ? Regards & Thanks for looking at this issue with us AldoUSMC
  5. AldoUSMC

    Popup Target hitmarker

    Thanks for this....it works well in creating the markers on targets..... I've been trying to figure out how to use deleteVehicle to get rid of the _spr = "Sign_Sphere10cm_F" vehicles created by this..... but with no success. Assuming I put this in a Simple Target..... how would you recommend setting up an addAction or trigger to delete the vehicles created after finishing firing on the target so I could then re-engage a clean target ? I appreciate the Code you provided and wonder what you would recommend.... I have been googling an searching numerous resources for about a week + to try to figure it out myself via markers, triggers, ini box inputs etc etc. s/f & Thanks for anything you can provide AldoUSMC
  6. F.Lundin, Did you figure out the changed/different command for the Oval Targets ? If so, could you share it here... having the same challenge on my end. Thanks and Regards AldoUSMC
  7. AldoUSMC

    Arma3 Videos

    Nice vid. Like the slow motion component. Seems you'll be lonely on Stratis. Semper Fi AldoUSMC ---------- Post added at 22:38 ---------- Previous post was at 22:36 ---------- Hi All, Two videos I've created and posted from Arma 3 Beta v0.74. "How to" with some tactical thoughts for night use of light (or not). 40mm Illumination and Chemlights Video Configure your Player's Screen Hope they are helpful to some of ya'll. Semper Fidelis AldoUSMC