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  1. It looks GREAT thus far :D I'm not sure what tools are on the robotic arm or how to use them. I thought the laser was on there so for my first sample I was moving the arm/arm head around, not realizing I didnt have to. Anyway, I have a screen. I noticed after firing the laser, it analyzed and then displayed a message about being "early access" and how the info is temporary. Anyway I need more time to check it out. http://i727.photobucket.com/albums/ww272/Noshow_01/Pub/TakeonMarsscrn.jpg
  2. Thanks for the info! I have just placed my order ;D Yea, this is a mock-up of the non-functional rover I designed. http://i727.photobucket.com/albums/ww272/Noshow_01/Pub/rovmok01.jpg That was basically the last task in the summer portion. We had to do a line-drawing of a rover we design. I decided to take it a step a further and build a mock-up of mine. I probably spent $20 in materials - pvc pipe/fittings, the rest I took of things from around the house, the *solar panel* is an old furnace filter, the chassis a variety snack box painted white, wheels of course dvd spindle cases. The *camera* is part of an old non-functioning speaker/amp that I hacked up. My scoop is part of a drop-light, of course a clamp, drill and *laser*. There other details but overall, I enjoyed doing this most, during the summer. I just liked brainstorming over ways to put my hands to work and bring my 2D design into 3D. I decided to do this near last-minute so I only had 3 days to come up w/ something. They said they were impressed w/ my creativity. Its nearly 3' in all dimensions. Anyway, I had fun doing it.
  3. Thanks Dram. So if I understand correctly, I can pre-order from your site and then I'll receive an early-access version on Aug 1 for steam. Otherwise I can wait until Aug 1 and buy it on steam. Is there any difference in this "early-access" version versus the "day-of-release" (Aug 1) version? And yes I was quite fortunate to be accepted into the summer portion of the program to do the online work and then for the all-expense-paid trip - which was not a vacation. There were initially some 5000+ applicants from across the U.S. for this program. It was a great blessing as I'd always wanted to either work for/with NASA or at least visit one of their facilities since I was a kid. Sadly I don't live in a state where NASA has a significant presence. And you are right, there are so many things that NASA does outside of "just space 'stuff'."
  4. Hi Dram, I wanted to ask about the availability on steam. In the bistudio store is states "Take On Mars - PREORDER - Steam version" but when I log in to steam, I see the trailers but it does not have the option to buy/pre-order yet. It simply states that the release date is July 2013. Is there any word on when it will actually be available for purchase through steam or? Thanks, it looks really nice btw! I was privileged to travel to MSFC last October as part the NCAS program. We had an opportunity as teams of 10 to build a company and RC rovers out of basically "big-kid" legos in an attempt to win a "contract" w/ NASA. It was pretty awesome.