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  1. BlackHawkv1

    United States Air Force Mod (2019)

    Hello USAF mod team. I have for a long time been following your progress, and was amazed by what you guys have done. Have even gotten my clan to consider it aswell. But got the news yesterday that they were excited to see it but couldn't emplement it, because of one issue. Apparently in MP mission the loading of cargo with the script is showing problems when the vehicle is put in during. Makes it impossible to load cargo by any other than the one who put the vehicle in there. I'm simply messaging you guys to see if this issue can be brought to attention for future updates. Thanks again for the amazing mod.
  2. BlackHawkv1

    3D compatability

    Hey Bohemia Interactive I wanted to hear if Arma 3 is going to be compatible with: Nvidia 3D Vision Side by Side and/or Top and buttom For not Nvidia 3D Vision compatible monitor. Sincerly [uNA-E]Lasse[PFC]