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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong but shouldn't it be red? Thanks for the extra armour though :D
  2. Thanks so much for making the vid showing it in a firefight, really appreciate that! It sounds great as well. It's amazing how much it adds, it makes the weapons and the fight feel so much more kinetic. Brilliant.
  3. This sounds absolutely amazing! Looking forward to trying this. Would it be possible to see (hear) a video of a firefight going on around you with multiple shots being fired and rounds coming in at the same time from across the valley?
  4. Firstly, sorry if this has been asked/answered before, I've had a long look but couldn't see the question (so I'm assuming I may be misunderstanding the terminology or what's going on here). Anyway, I've been told that when a player spawns ai whilst using Zeus, it spawns on that players machine locally. Is there a way at present to spawn the ai on the server rather than locally? I've had issues with too many ai bringing fps to it's knees on our server because the ai was spawned on my machine instead of on the server, which usually could handle the number of ai on the map with no problems. Am I misunderstanding something here? Thanks guys.
  5. I was looking for one of these yesterday for ARMA 3, great timing!
  6. This looks like it will be a really useful addition to our modpack, in particular for our sappers and our special forces unit. Nice work!
  7. I took some screenshots for comparison, second one is just zoomed with right click. This was the 0.7 update. It was mainly the wheels that stood out although the whole model popped a bit. unzoomed: http://cloud-3.steampowered.com/ugc/3318338102591477986/761A866B90BCB92D143FFC2177DD2051F25BBDA3/ zoomed: http://cloud-3.steampowered.com/ugc/3318338102591479293/8B4B9606EF025F7EF8D80BBB0127AD5979A4931D/ Also at slow speed (and fast) the woodland unarmed would not go over this low stone wall, no matter how hard I tried. Eventually it got completely wedged. Tested it on another low wall and the same thing happened. http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/3318338102591488188/2B80595BC716CFC380BCEFBE56669D9B1DA52B49/ Not sure if either of these are helpful :) Otherwise I'm totally in love, hoping these will replace the other HMMWVs we're using in our modpack currently. The minigun variant is brilliant!
  8. autumn

    How to add support requester to zeus?

    I would also like to know if there's a way to do this. Any ideas anyone?
  9. That's great news! These look brilliant!
  10. An interior like that in A3 would be pretty damn amazing. It's not fair that all the aircraft and lighter vehicles get interiors and armour doesn't :P
  11. Just had this issue after Steam went down. Unsubscribed and now it works. Thanks for the fix!
  12. autumn

    Hidden Identity Pack V.2

    That's the stuff! Will it include the combat goggles as well as glasses? Nice work with the pack as well, the gas masks look fantastic as do the new tighter wrapped shemags!
  13. I usually rock your desert shemag pulled up around the face with an ECH helmet, I'd like a combination of that with the combat googles so the NVG slot would be best in that case. But other people might have other ideas :) Either way It's all cool!
  14. Both the above suggestions would be awesome!
  15. autumn

    Hidden Identity Pack v1.

    Will these be in addition to the ones already in the pack or will they be replacing the current models?