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    Helicopter virtual Trainer

    Wrong. Analog cyclic seems to be only active in autohover mode. I guess this is true for all helicopter flight modes available in Arma3.
  2. jwmcclehelo

    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    It depends how you configure the cyclic axes in DCS and FSX. For example, in DCS, you have a choice of digital or analog response to your joystick. It seems many players do not know this, judging by the talking past each other. The next time someone brings up DCS, ask him/her if they set their joystick to keyboard commands or the "Axis Commands" feature. Using keyboard commands is flying digital, using "axis commands" is flying analog. Real helilcopter flight controls are analog.
  3. Advanced Flight Model (AFM) provides analog stick cyclic response for my Fighterstick in the new virtual helicopter trainer. It is beautiful and reacts like the axis commands in DCS. It is exactly what many hotas players have been looking for. However the response in the editor and in the game showcases section is still digital. Is there anyway to activate analog response for all helicopter cyclic control?
  4. Request analog control of joystick cyclic and pedals anti-torque as was done with throttle collective. A work-round would do. I use Ch Products fighterstick, throttle, and pedals. By the way, your new competitor Combat-Helo has it already.
  5. jwmcclehelo

    joystick cyclic

    I appreciate your attempt at helping. I cannot help noticing that you ignored my question about space ship thruster verniers. Below is a copy of correspondence about the issue with the support help desk. The issue I raised is not new and has been described inaccurately and in many ways as you might better understand after reading: {1. In the example below, a user complains about lag. But I think he expects analog control but doesn't express it as such. One of the developers expends a lot of effort beating this poor guy down, but himself misses the point. Specifically he says that a mouse cannot respond in an analog way. Well, actually, the mouse on my computer handles the cyclic perfectly!. He says that mouse input 'stops responding every time when you stop moving it, and it has no "center" like joystick, so it is prety much "digital" response like pressing the keys on keyboard.' Wrong. What he describes here about the mouse is analog, not digital. That is to say, when you press a keyboard cyclic control, the movement that it creates continues until you release the key. If the joystick is setup to execute keyboard controls, the helicopter continues to change attitude until you bring back the joystick to center. This is the exact opposite of analog controls! When controlling in an analog way, when you move the joystick to change the attitude of the helo and you hold the joystick position, the helo attitude stops changing. The joystick is SUPPOSED to stop causing a response in the helo when you stop moving the joystick. That is what the term "analog" suggests! He also states that he has played DCS, but I bet he played it by assigned his controls to keys, not the axis commands, an option he apparently ignored in DCS (this choice in TKOH is only offered for collective). After all, he is probably comfortable playing that way. 3. I am quite surprised at such a basic misunderstanding by at least one of the developers. Perhaps it is merely a translation problem. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?126913-Input-lag-with-flightstick } He said he played DCS. Well in DCS options, you can set up using "controls," in which you can assign your controllers to keyboard commands (digital) or using "axis commands," which assigns your controllers to analog exes. The same with FSX. Anyway, it is a digital (keboard commands activated by joysticks/pedals, throttles, etc.) vs analog (analog axes activated by joysticks/pedals, throttles, etc.). Unfortunately, many/most digital players haven't a clue about what I am talking about. The only analog option in TKOH is for collective controls and digital players probably don't elect to use it. Actually, I have tried using the mouse for cyclic. It works fine! Except, I still have to rely on digital control of anti-torque (pedals). It is crazy not being able to use my joystick in an analog way for flying. I prefer using ArmA and TKOH over DCS because of the integration and FPS ground trooper movement. I would love to be able to control character movement speed like the collective (analog) option on TKOH. Many of the complaints about steering vehicles with controllers would be solved. Thanks again for trying to help. I am awaiting a response from Q&A.
  6. jwmcclehelo

    joystick cyclic

    I want analog control of my cyclic and pedals. My mouse gives me analog control of the cyclic, but I cannot get my joystick to do the same, despite binding changes and fighterstick programing and scripts. In your video, you seem to be using your controls like space ship thruster verniers. Am I right?
  7. How does one use a properly functioning joystick as cyclic without it emulating keyboard commands?