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  1. In the arsenal, when selecting a weapon, you could see its "range" bar indicator. But what part in the cfgWeapons file does it reflect? Also, on what value does the accuracy bar grow/shrink? Thanks!
  2. Yeah thanks. It is what it is. Never hurts to ask though. The bug I reported is here: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=25532. Oddly it has one downvote without comment added. Downvoter at least could have given feedback.
  3. Calm down. It's because of a bug I discovered. I reported it but I'd rather have dissected it myself as now I depend on the graces and speed of BI.
  4. I know but thanks. It won't do. I need to analyze something.
  5. Perhaps yea, The native commands must reside somewhere.
  6. Hi. I know where (or how to view) BIS functions. But where are the script commands located. I want to view and dissect them. Commands such as "doWatch". Thank you so much for you time again! Cheers.
  7. LOL, it's not. In fact, I improved that very script.
  8. Lol no wonder it's confusing. Check this out: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Side vs https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/side Great.
  9. OK, I have simplified the mission. The triggers aren't synced to anytihng now. Just a bunch of triggers calling the above script. In ON ACT it looks like this: nearAAF = nearestObjects [Mk1, ["I_soldier_base_F"], 50] ; if(count nearAAF > 0 ) then {nearAAF select 0 assignAsGunner Mk1; nearAAF orderGetIn true }; markerArray = ["t1", "t2", "t3"]; nul = [Mk1, markerArray, 600] execVM "randomfire.sqf"; Now here's the weird thing. The gunner shoots at every marker in when triggered. So initially it shoots at t1, t2 and t3. If I trigger another area, the gunner shoots at t4 AND... the previous three triggers! It seems as if mutliple scriptinstances are running at the same time! I don't want to. The gunner at Mk1 needs to aim at the new sets of marker(s).
  10. Thanks. How could I have known? Is there a command for that too?
  11. Thanks, I made a ticket, but I just heard that RHS doesn't officially support the insurgents in the mod. It seems to be a third party thing.
  12. I placed an independent near a gun called Mk1. In debud console I do this: GUER countSide nearestObjects [Mk1,["Man"], 20]; It returns nothing. So I tried this: side (nearestObjects [Mk1,["Man"], 20] select 0); It returns GUER. So far so good. Then I did this (substituting GUER with code): (side (nearestObjects [Mk1,["Man"], 20] select 0)) countSide nearestObjects [Mk1,["Man"], 20]; Now it returs 1, which is correct. Why the hay doesn't the first line work? You'd think it should work.
  13. Cool this will help me a lot. Edit: nope, doesn't work. Returns an empty array. I'm testing it on an insurgent from the RHS mod. It's type is RHS_g_soldier_F. So I'll try to find it's base (is there a trick?). But thanks for the idea! Edit: I_Soldier_base_F happens to be the base of RHS_g_soldier_F but doesn't work.
  14. Oh but that's tedius to do. Because any soldier from a certain faction will do. Is there a shortcut for that? Otherwise I have to add every single soldierclass.