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  1. THALES BUSHMASTER Protected Mobility Vehicle Current Status: Pre-Alpha I will update this post with some more pictures and details in the coming few days. My plan is to have a Pre-Alpha version for testing internally with my group in the next week and once we are happy it is not the cause of any major issues it will be unleashed on the public. Planned Variants: Troop Transport Unarmed Troop Transport MAG-58 Troop Transport EOS R400 RWS Ambulance ISTAR Command IED Interogation Single Cab Utility Planned Features: TBA
  2. ASOR Roleplay Objects This should probably be 'object' not 'objects' at the moment but, anyways. Me and my friends at ASOR who get together every week to play COOP missions were in the need of a few things to boost the roleplay aspect of our weekly coop missions. So was born ASOR Roleplay Objects, basically every week if we a need small object it is to be created and placed into this mod for use in the weekends mission and subsequent missions it is suitable for. Then i also thought, why not make it open source, and now the entire un-binarized source files will be available on GitHub, with the hope that if anyone makes changes or adds new features to the scripts etc that they get pushed into the main branch so that everyone can benefit. With this been the first week, content is a little bit lacking, but well this is the first installment i guess, so here it is. [table=width: 80%] [tr] [td][/td] [td] Transmission Tower Controlbox This concept came about as the result of a mission that required the shutdown of enemy communication towers, it has an animated door, animated power switch and LCD screen that can be re-textured using setObjectTexture. You simply have to place it down in the editor near a compatible object, and it will adjust its position according to an offset array which is defined in the script. Missions makers can also add there own custom definitions by declaring a variable in the missionspace with the correct offsets. More detail is available in the actual script file, which can be viewed on GitHub. The screen texture can be set by using "setObjectTexture[2,'my_new_texture.paa'];" You can also use scripts to find the status of the power switch by doing "_powerstatus = controlbox01 animationphase 'controlbox_switch';" where controlbox01 is the name given to your controlbox in the editor. A sample mission file with basic placement is included in the pbo and source files. If you click on the preview image, it will take you to a 3D Preview on Sketchfab. Time To Model and Texture - 4 Hours, Time To Script and Fix ARMA Bugs 2 Days :s[/td] [/tr] [/table] GitHub Project Dropbox Download - Binarized PBO Hopefully this is the small start of something big :p Thanks To: Lecks for help with scripts and general ideas and support. Reaper for helping troubleshoot some issues on Skype. Alby for requiring a controlbox and not being fused, so long as it was not the water heater they were using before..... Ton for being Ton....you know who you are. License ASOR Roleplay Objecets is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  3. p1nga

    weird rvmat behaviour

    There is most definitely RVMAT data baked into the p3d. How this is all affected by the order in which pbo's are loaded i have no idea.
  4. p1nga

    Help with shadow proxy

    convert your source files into TGA's if they are not, and then open in photoshop and remove the alpha channel, save and try again.
  5. p1nga

    obfuscate terrain issue

    You need to have the subscriber version of the tools (i believe).
  6. Just to chime in on this, Ive noticed that if you are having issue with blocky artifacts after conversion, you can try exporting the texture from photoshop using the 'Export for Web' options which compresses the image before you turn it into a PAA. If you open the compressed image and compare it to a uncompressed one, it will be hard to see the difference, if you then convert both of them to PAA, you will notice the one you 'Saved For Web' will be substantially cleaner. In the end, photoshop does a better job of compressing the image and then when you convert it to PAA it hardly has to change anything. I typically only have to do that on textures that have lots of black or very dark colors.
  7. p1nga

    werid error in PboProject

    The path to 'temp' is set wrong somewhere p:\temp\E:
  8. p1nga

    Help with shadow proxy

    This is 99% of the time due to an alpha channel, could be in the co or nohq
  9. Where you using a standard BI optic to preview the position? or a custom optic? I do this all the time using the MRCO, never had an issue with it not representing the actual position.
  10. Also, you should not be using a direct link in the rvmat for paths.... texture="P:\test\data\norm\hangar_nohq.tga"; texture="test\data\norm\hangar_nohq.tga";
  11. You just asked PuFu to provide a sample of his work so you can verify he can do what he says and to the quality the claims? http://www.rhsmods.org/:o
  12. p1nga

    Smooth shadows

    The soft shadows are fine for larger objects, even for vehicles it is great, the issue is in ARMA you will be mixing your soft shadows with lots of hard shadows and this creates a strange look, better to stay with the norm and fit into the look. Also if someone sets the shadow quality to 'low', they no longer get soft shadows on your object, keep that in mind. In Geo LOD PrefersShadowVolume = 0 // Tells Engine To Use Shadowbuffer, instead of Shadowvolume sbSource = shadowvolume // Tells engine which lod to use for shadow buffer
  13. p1nga

    Topology randomly changing

    I might be mistaken, but was the model complete? What i mean was was this a test import that did not have UV maps done properly? I think i had this happen before when i was checking a weapon for shading issues inside OB, had more than 1 UV Set and was not unwrapped, problem went away when i unwrapped it and removed the second UV Set.
  14. They are an Ambient Animal, same as rabbits, you can place them via the mission editor or setup a terrain config to clutter them around specific areas. With better FSM's and animations should be able to make them mob together and fight each other like boxers maybe
  15. Ohhh you mean somethiong like this -> http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/1466272777495046362/C1477B1ACCCAB0A6398A226C12AE23EA9C2323A3/ Animals are not as easy as you make it sound, so much work to create something that behaves in a unique way to everything else, rabbits move in a similar way, but behave sooooo differntly.
  16. The wire cutters are essentially a cosmetic function in A3. When soldiers are turned out in the hatches, the wire cutters can be raised and locked in place and will cut any wires that are strung up across the vehicle path, hopefully to prevent them from becoming decapitated.
  17. Yes it is so that the vehicle can be supplied as one package that will work with the Vanilla A3 or ACE3 enhanced game. The vehicle has its own init event-handlers which do the work of randomizing the addon objects and unit/vehicle markings and these overwrite the CBA_XEH init event-handlers that are applied to the base class (CAR_F). If you run the vehicle addons without the optional XEH_Adapter everything will work fine, except you will not get any of the ACE3 interaction menu's while looking at or being inside the vehicle (Attach glow sticks, load captives, treat passengers). You can put that file anywhere, but the most logical place would be in the addon folder with the rest of the Bushmaster_A3 pbo's. The markings are transparent overlays, so it is rather easy to customize using hiddenSelections. The labels are 'Camo4' or setObjectTexture[3,'mylabels_ca.paa']; The end goal is to have variants for all countries which are currently operating or have purchased the vehicle, a flat green texture similar to the ones used by Thales at expo shows will also make it in at some point and so will a range of different levels of dirt and mud. It was an oversight on my behalf to not include the template for the labels, i will put in in the 0.2 update.
  18. If you mean is the in game variant meant too? Then no it is not meant to, but it is a balancing act between the Fire Geometry and Armour values to get a vehicle that can survive the correct level of IED explosion without bursting into flames instantly.
  19. p1nga

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    Just one of the new toys...... http://imgur.com/a/QSpRM
  20. A short and sweet post, probably do something bigger when i update the first post, but this will do for an alpha release...... Alpha 0.1 - Dropbox Download Includes optional 'XEH Adapter Addon' which is required for compatibility with ACE3. ...
  21. The life of a contract 3d modeller i guess......was working on it almost full time, then got some work that was required in a rapid time frame, so was doing that every day of the week, and instead of working on this i was working on Specialist Military Arms stuff over the weekends when i had time. Spent the last 3 days completely redoing the Bushmaster files, not from scratch but changing how the FFV worked (no more switching seats script proper cargo-turrets with turn in/out option), better rvmat material properties, added extra details to textures using Substance Painter (texture is still pretty much the clean variant though, no heavy/dust/dirt yet. There are a couple of new issues, which have come about as a result of the config changes required to make the cargo-turrets able to turn in/out, the driver is invisible in the external view of the vehicle (http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=24699), the drivers hands do not follow the steering wheel (they do actually move but only in the external view, which the driver is invisible in.....figure that one out) and the sound occlusion is wrong for cargo-turrets when turned in (the driver and normal cargo have internal sounds, while the cargo-turret seats have the external sounds regardless of in/out position.
  22. Had performance issues, but turns out they were a result of the number of objects in a certain terrain. Sadly I have just not had the time to touch it for the last 3 weeks or so, but in the next week or two i should have the time to get back to work on it.
  23. p1nga

    Vehicle Waterresistance

    You need a Bouyancy LOD just the same as a boat, configure the maximum water level, which is the depth the water can rise before the engine is destroyed, water resistance value affects how difficult it is for the object to propel itself through the water. The Bouyancy LOD should really only be a single piece of geometry, closed and convex, in practice it does sometimes also need to be a certain amount larger than the actual vehicle, depending on the vehicle weight.
  24. Yeah they are pretty cool. I now have the 'ok' to release the vehicle with JSRS sounds included.
  25. p1nga

    ASOR Roleplay Objects

    More than welcome to come on down.