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  1. Would love to see a release, not sure if you have left this out in the cold or something but if you are done with it you should either let someone finish it for you or better yet just release a early version of it :D But I understand if you don't, it is you'res anyways.
  2. Any news yet? Can't wait for a public demo :3
  3. Hello, lately a couple guys and I are requesting help in the editing of a 'new' Life Mod. We are wanting people that can help with either of the following: All are priorities! -Scripting -Modding -Map Editing If you are interested in helping us please contact us with the information at the bottom. And afterwards release, you will be asked to help with Moderating and watching out. That is not a demand, purely up to you. But we will need Staff afterward so if your interested in the following, keep it in your head for keep sake. -Game Moderator / Admin -Forum Moderator / Admin -Application Validator -Teamspeak Moderator / Admin -Help with maintaining the server / Updates -More coming, we are done deciding We plan on getting this to be an awesome server that will be fun to play on. We have quite a few great ideas already but your ideas will also help out, plus to everyone who makes this happen. In the next few days we will finish deciding the basics such as Official name, starting addons, and what to start on first. And please to everyone that can help out, help us make this happen. If there is anything else you think you can help out with and is not listed, still contact us, we will see what we can do! Also Note: The map we will be using is Emita City. Yes, there is already a Life Mod 'Island Life' but this will be totally different, even better actually. But to make it better we need to help. We will be running on a dedicated server, dedicated teamspeak, IP.Board Forum. But that we will sort out within the next weeks. And take in that this can be a 3 month development process. But your not demanded to be on all the time, you come on as your choice to help. But I think that is all we need to include, if you would like to know anything else just contact one of us. Thanks! Contact (Skype): mortalhd (Dev Team + Forum Dev) // I'm on most of the time cdawg021685 (Project Lead + Owner) alex.reeves95 (Co-Owner)