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  1. Hello, I think that compare to usages, fuel and stuff productions ard really unbalanced I don't know what to do with my fuel where stuff production shiuld be at least 5 Times more important. Regards.
  2. Hi, What happened to "Seek & Destroy" behavior, I can't find it anymore ?? Regards, Alain
  3. Hi, I cannot find the Ambient Civilian life module in the editor. Could you tell me if the name changed or has been removed? Regards, Alain
  4. Hi, I'd like to create a VAS within a script. I tried to do it via createVehicle followed by addEventHandler["init",... ] but it doesn't work which is understandable because it's certainly too late to intialize the init procedure. So, I tried to use createUnit, which contains an init field but it seems not able to create static object. So, I still wonder how to create a VAS by script. Any idea? Alain
  5. Hi Kilania, I want to create a mission with different tasks: A rescue on Xyros: A camp to clean in Kamino: A convoy to stop in Jay Cove: but actually, if I create everything in the editor, I get this, event at runtime i.e. everything is spawned at start: which is not what I'd like. I would like every task appear when the previous one is completed. Using createUnit, BIS_fnc_spawn_Group, etc... is maybe the way, but I first have to create my scenario in the editor, test it, replace everything by markers and certainly make again dozen of tries to get a working script.... well, not efficient. I think there is actually a big lack in the Arma3 editor to realize 'complex' scenarii using the WYSIWYG method! So, it's maybe the reason why we find several scripts like AI spawn script pack or Ennemy Occupation System, etc... I'm not fan of these script as they spawn almost anything anywhere, putting a vehicle between 2 trees and contribute, from my point of view, to create stupid AI. Well it's certainly ok to create basic missions where we just want to kill numbers of opponents. More like COD than Arma. I think. Or maybe I missed something! Is there an easiest method? Alain
  6. Just perfect SaMatra! Now, I would have prefered to be able to dynamically load a sqm file in order to use the editor to place everything, because for example in my mission, I spawned a vehicle doing a patrol so, is there also a command to spawn waypoint? Anyway, I first have to spawn the vehicle in the editor to at least, knowing the azimut.
  7. alainbo26

    No slot available !!

    I double checked my initializations which are the same for both the pilot and the civilian and I'm that the script is called as it execute the removeAction. There is just a problem with joinSilent. I created a feedback about it. I saw my issue was affected to someone but I don't know if they will consider it as a problem or not....
  8. Hi, By default, all missions you create in a sqm file are spawned at start so you can find all opponents everywhere you wanted to create a mission. How is it possible to spawn opponents only when the previous task is accomplished? Regards, Alain
  9. alainbo26

    No slot available !!

    About hosting mission, I solved it, reinstalling Arma3.
  10. The code is: (player distance thisTrigger) < 2
  11. alainbo26

    No slot available !!

    Hi Kilania, Yes sure, it perfectly works when I host the game on LAN. I only have the problem when I host the game on Internet. I finally decided to reinstall Arma3. I'll see.. As I talk to you, I'd like to ask you a question about you rescuePows.sqf script. Is it normal that the the joinSilent function doesn't work on an heli pilot? In fact, to test it, I spawned a civilian and pilot. Both grouped and correctly initialized. When I performed the action on the pilot, he is not grouped to me. When I performed the action on the civilian, both are grouped to me !?! Any idea?
  12. Hi, I experience a strnge problem for just 2 days: If I host any mission on LAN, all available slots are visible, if I host the same missions on Internet, no available slot is visible !?! I don't think it could be related to firewall because I didn't change anything on it. any idea?? Regards,
  13. Hi, Is there any change in beta? I get the following error: '(player |#|distance < 2)' Error distance: Type bool, expected Array,Object,Location Any idea?