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  1. The new collision works well, couldn't get stuck in doorways no matter how hard I tried. Longer weapons like the MXM do still clip and so do suppressors (I assume they haven't received collision yet).

    Rotating on stairs moves you up and down but I actually like the way it feels, like you are actually using your feet to turn around.

    Not sure if this is new or I just found it because I was looking, but if you move backwards into a wall while aiming up and freelook behind you you can see through the wall.

  2. An analog collective should not function like a binary switch! The whole point using analog axes is to get a linear responce from 0-100% with the resolution of 8-16 bits (depending on joystick hardware).

    That said the analog collective have always been wierd in A1/A2 and behaves more like a binary switch than a smooth linear curve from 0-100% and requires some "curve tweaking" to be usefull but I'm sure BIS learned a lot when making ToH and hope they will get it right in A3.


    Both the collective controls are analogue, the one that is labeled analogue just seems to not be centered on 0 movement up or down with 0 input resulting in a value close to the minimum.

  3. Hold breath last 6 seconds. This is long enough for me to get 4-5 shots on a simple target at 300m while standing and using an RCO. You only have to wait 6 more seconds to recover. This means that you can spend 1/2 of your time with a relatively stable aim.

    I don't see how this is a problem, if anything it is too easy.

    EDIT: Have you tried rebinding your hold breath key? I have it as left shift.

  4. What if I want to test the newest build but also play with mates on non dev servers? Got a smart ass solution for that?

    The dev build replaces files so every time you switch you have to either re-download the dev files or the standard release files.

    I guess you could copy the files in your arma folder and then when you switch move the files back into it and click 'verify integrity of game files' in steam but that sounds like more effort.