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  1. Wait. So now both BLUFOR and REDFOR have to have the SAME precisionAI and SkillAI settings?? This is awful if so? There is large discrepancies between BLUFOR and REDFOR forces routinely around the world today (meaning just different Nations resources toward training their forces). I did not think It possible for A3 to go further backwards with the AI situation since not playing for past 6 months. Come back to find this out?

    skillFriendly/Enemy are related to the player (so the Friendly side could be bluefor or opfor depending on the players side) and has been for ages.

    Anyway I'm pretty sure CSAT are supposed to be a well trained / equiped force.

  2. That's a double-edged sword: In certain situations you just need ARBs since they give you more stability on road conditions, as nearly every vehicles uses them to achieve higher speed in corners. You can flip vehicles even if use ARBs, you only need the correct amount of force, or speed if you drive into a corner, to flip the vehicle.

    That it unflips itself, is something coded into the game-engine, I believe....

    You can clearly see that vehicles get to a point where they will obviously tip over and then a force is applied and the right themselves. I could not get a Zamak fuel to roll, even turning fully at going 100km/h down a hill.

    I just want to roll some vehicles.

  3. Why do no vehicles have night vision for their commanders? Since the thermal vision instantly washes out into a haze it makes doing anything a night a pain.

    Vehicles still do not reverse 9 out of 10 times when ordered and getting a gunner to change weapon is a nightmare.

    I realize these aren't specific to the new AAF vehicles but it's annoying to find they still haven't been solved.

  4. Regarding "omg identical factions": consider it just expanded possibilities. If you don't want the AAF to have an MBT, don't give them one in a mission. Write it out. Same with the other factions, with the other vehicles. Arma is a sandbox, they're just giving us the tools to play with, its up to us to decide what we want to do with them

    True, I just wish they would give us some more low tech stuff.

  5. It's nice to see new vehicles and weapons being added but why did you have to give the AAF a tank and an attack helicopter? I thought the whole point of the AAF was that they were a rather small force like the Armed Forces of Malta. Now we have almost 3 identical factions... only thing missing are the jets for both BLUFOR and OPFOR...


    I'm pretty sure Malta just uses trucks and 4WDs.

  6. If they did that, we'd need a way to disable it via the mission. If you aren't in a position were you would have protection then the realistic gameplay is having to either speak up or wait for the helicopter to leave or power down.

    Except in real life people would get headphones. And I really don't want to have to change my helmet every time I get into a helicopter.

  7. Have you tried shooting at the buildings? They collapse after couple of seconds. Compare that to other 7.62 weapons in the game. Even 600 rounds from Zafir will do nothing to the buildings. Splash damage is not the right way to fix this.

    Sounds like its a problem with how the damage is applied to buildings, like Tonci87 said. Having miniguns actually be useful against infantry is pretty important and I don't see another way apart from using the burst value, which you think they would have used if possible.

    They should make some of structures be bulletproof on some types of ammo. Same for vehicles and vests.

    Agreed. Keep the penetration though.

  8. Shouldn't the miniguns have penetration? That jet video somebody showed very powerful rounds that appears to penetrate the building rather than destroy it. We should not be getting into the nerf and buff crap. What we should be doing is requesting better penetration and more realistic damage to structures and vehicles. Miniguns are powerful, and we should never start modifying them because there too op or something stupid like that.

    I'm pretty sure they all ready penetrate, the same amount as other 7.62 rounds. Cannon rounds also penetrate they just seem to have the explosion effect at the point of penetration as well as where the round hits afterwards.

    If the splash damage on miniguns is supposed to simulate multiple rounds being fired then each shot should consume more ammo.

  9. Also ^^ you sprint while holding your breath ... like to see you do that in RL !

    There is never a point where you would want to sprint and hold breath, that's why I have them both bound the the same key. I like having the hold breath separate from the zoom (rmb), was working before maybe has something to do with the sprint zoom fix.