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  1. I'd be OKAY with this.. If this is how they came out in the first place. It sounds though, this was a last minute change for Devs to make THEIR life easier. The voice is their for Independent, Greek rebel fighters in a way. But now BLUFOR side.. For sure Paid or CIA backed or something rebels then.. I guess I can live with that. But besides that, the point is how BIS treated this and acted upon it. That's the part that has me PO'd.

    & Upvoted the feedback tracker

    Maybe it has to do with the equipment they have. Always thought it was weird a group of rebels had their own rifle variants.

  2. So to sum up, I doubt that the weapons in Arma 3 work as intended with regard to accuracy, realism and how precisely scopes work, which is unfortunate.

    The RPG scope used to work perfectly. From what I have read on the feedback tracker and here something changed that affected the distance the rounds travel and it is being fixed.

  3. It's definitely not caseless, you can see cases being ejected.

    It's listed as: 2x M134 Minigun 7.62 mm

    If the engine can't handle more than one shot per frame then they should simulate more by adding splash damage, increasing hit damage and increasing the amount of ammunition used per shot.

  4. In my game there is 0 dispersion on the miniguns, there used to be a lot in the alpha.

    In a fairly empty scene, landed on the ground i fired 1500 rounds in a minute. So each minigun would be firing around 750rpm.

    Just did a quick test, a rifleman can take 4-5 shots in the leg before dying, the same as the 6.5mm rifles.

    So the ah-9 miniguns are too accurate, shoot far to slow and don't do enough damage.

  5. I tried that. A loiter waypoint over a target at the Agia Marina military base. He circled around once then flew to the south end of the island, turned around and landed. Not at all what I wanted to have happen.

    I've had this happen. I think I accidentally put a land waypoint somewhere and after that no matter what waypoints i gave it it would always just go back to the airfield to land.

  6. Altitudes for the waypoints are:

    COPY GROUND - 20m

    LOW PROFILE - 50m

    TRAVEL - 200m

    HIGH -500m

    VERY HIGH -2000m

    would be nice to have an altitude between high and very high as the UAVs are quite visible at 500m and 2km is past my object view distance.