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  1. Do you mean that you will make the map part of the AiA TP download or support it when downloaded separately?
  2. I hope I can get some time today, Sunday, to spend some time on this. Pondering if I should go and pick up the Samsung 4K monitor as a 2nd monitor today. Just can't fit everything on a single monitor when doing dev work.
  3. No, it didn't do the trick. I'm not sure if it's leaflet or what. I am using leaflet 0.7.3. I am thinking if I should switch to openlayer... Are you able to help me with how you run scripting to export screenshots from arma?
  4. I think I need to generate the map tiles using TMS. I dont' know how to do this so I posted on the Google TileMapper forum and hope somebody can help. Once I got that info I will update the rendering of the maps. I think it will align with how you create your tiles so it will align. I'll let you know as soon as i got it working.
  5. Very nice maps 10T. How do you create the maps?
  6. Awesome! I hope you will share it one day. I ran into an issue with using maptiler when the size of the original size is not 6000x6000 but say 10000x10000. I thought I had figured out how to calculate a factor but it is as if it isn't completely linear. Really annoying when I try to map the Arma unit coordinates to the map coordinates. I had a look yesterday at the raw file generated. I can see there are a lot of extra stuff there that doesn't seem to go into the json files you generate from it. If you look at the two missions you can see that for instance an enemy car is rendered as a blue side car. I need to look more into this. I was thinking what else there is in that raw file worth extracting and rendering :) I haven't started on the creation of missions on the fly yet but hope to get time for it soon.
  7. Thanks to Axek's mod, I tweaked them a bit to make it slightly better to use. Here is a demo with two missions from my Arma unit SOCOMD: http://aar.ap01.aws.af.cm/render.html?map=altis&mission=2014-05-23_socomd_altis Socomd unit: http://www.socomd.com
  8. Very impressed with your work Axek! This is really awesome. I would like to create some high res maps for the missions we play in our unit. Are you able to give a few hints on how you cut up the maps? I exported Stratis to an emf file and loaded it into Maptiler and converted it using the 'raster' option. But the size doesn't seem to be correct. What options do you use in MapTiler and how do you know the coordinates to specify in the settings.js file for the map?