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    [SP] Pilgrimage

    I can't even get it started now, it crashes every time. I tried the beta too, same thing. I deleted all the old stuff, same thing. bCombat and other mods are disabled, no difference. Should I try the dev branch of ARMA? Any other suggestions? I love this mod, this sucks :(
  2. Coflash

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    1. GTX980 SLI / 5930K 2. It's fine, maybe lowest would be 40 with my current settings 3. I will try this tonight and see. Hopefully it is just bCombat. 4. I mainly use RHS for all of its weapons, bCombat I'm not that fussed about 5. Yeah, that happens with ARMA in general. This is something else. 7FPS for minutes on end, for example. Even after the AI is all dead. Reloading saves doesn't help. 6. I haven't tried Pilgrimage for months. The last time I played it, it did none of this. I'm not sure if I was using AI mods back then though. The thing that makes me think it has something to do with Pilgrimage is that for every other mission/campaign I play, the AI is fine near towns. In all scenarios that it crumbles in Pilgrimage, it works fine elsewhere.
  3. Coflash

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Hi Most of the time in this mission I get between 50-60FPS I can fight small groups near campfires without any issues When I go to a town and groups start fighting me or eachother, the FPS will drop like mad and the game will stutter. It becomes unplayable. The frames dip below 10 even. Does anyone know what causes this? It doesn't happen in any other mods. Even mods with more AI and bigger fights. I use bCombat, RHS and a few weapon mods if that makes a difference. Thanks Edit: Just tried again with some mods disabled. Still occurs. My settings aren't crazy high, nothing's over medium or 50%. As SOON as I find enemy AI near a large town the performance just dives. I also find that it's quite hard just to get the mission to launch. A lot of the time it hangs at 'Pilgrimage' or it simply crashes. I realise at the start that it takes ~10 seconds to load everything, this is all unrelated to that.
  4. This is a great campaign. Enjoying it much more than the official one so far. The objectives and optional missions that pop up are very good. Excellent stuff.
  5. Hello, where are we able to get the Altis version from? The link on the first page is broken Thanks
  6. It is not math in any way, shape or form, it's all in your head. It's called self-entitlement. What you want is for the competition, judges and votes to all go in your favour to declare you the winner. You've conjured up an entire narrative around why that should be the case. Again - all made up, in your head, with nothing to back up any of the false conclusions you've drawn. You are delusional. I'm appalled that we even had to see this side of you.
  7. Wow, you're still on about this? You lost. It's too bad. And to be honest, if this is still your attitude - good riddance. They don't owe you a damn thing.
  8. Is there a reason you're acting like a condescending child? Considering that the 'auto-detect' function puts all of my settings to be MUCH higher than what I set them to, I don't know exactly what I should be 'entitled' to. The top voted for ticket, by the way: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=716 Grow up. 1. Settings 1 | Settings 2 | Settings 3 2. "Mission contains a bad link to a static object" - Are you sure this still works for the latest version? I disabled mods (RHS, RH M4s, HLC weapons) before running it. 3. Yep, I've tried that, multiple times. 4. 5930K @ 4.4ghz, RAM 2200mhz. Tried stock settings, with this and the 2600K I used to have. No difference, and utilisation doesn't seem to change.
  9. I do try, and since I have to limit it to SP, there's not much on offer in terms of quality missions (since I've played most). I can almost count the frame rate on two hands if I try any dynamic missions (DUWS, WLA). It seems very odd that a PC-only game doesn't utilise the PC hardware on offer, and that the way to make it run better is to remove what makes the series so great (lots of AI/vehicles/large maps etc). It's mind-boggling. I actually get better performance at 1080p on my laptop with a 970M (marginally). It makes no sense.
  10. Before continuing, yes I have read the guide at the top of this forum. I have been playing this game since Early Access + I bought the physical edition. Back then (early access) I had a 2600K + GTX580, then I moved to GTX780s in SLI, and now I have a 5930K + GTX980s in SLI (all at 1440p). But nothing has changed with any of these configurations, and the only place I can achieve 60FPS is on an empty map. The campaign starts off okay, but in the last phase of it the performance really takes a dive. MP is beyond horrible, and SP missions average 40FPS if I'm lucky, but the dips still go into the 20s/30s. I am not trying to max this game out by any means. A lot of my settings are on standard, low, or even disabled. The only thing I have on Ultra is texture quality. View distance is at 2500 and AA is at 2X. The most mindboggling thing is that even if I do max it out, the change in FPS barely differs from the lower settings, there is a slight rise in FPS, but it's negligible. The same goes for lowering the game down to 1080p. Nothing I try helps. I can't get 60, I can't play at 30 (aiming feels horrible), and no matter how much money I throw at my PC, nothing seems to fix these performance related issues. I know the engine doesn't have the best reputation for utilising hardware (and I realise that's an understatement) but surely others have got it running smoothly *somehow*. Thanks for any assistance.
  11. Are you ever going to charge money for this mod through Steam?
  12. It'd be nice to be able to disable the sound pack in the menu, even if it is required The voices don't match the subtitles, and the lip sync is way off for the voices
  13. Is the 'skip' button on the opening cinematic supposed to be missing?
  14. Edit: My mistake. It works fine. Thanks for the update!