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  1. I personally think it is far too loud - more akin to a heavy asthmatic attack (I should know - I live with it), than "running fatigue". People seem to forget/ignore the fact that the player avatar is supposedly a well trained person, in great shape. Even 20-40kilos of backpacks, shouldn't make them sound like they've been punched the breath out of - Not to mention it takes forever to go away if you really push yourself ingame. I don't blaim people who go 3rd person just to reduce the noise for a bit.
  2. For those of us who haven't served in the forces, or have intimate knowledge of each weapon and attachment type possible - is there an overview of a guide? Why should I pick rifle A instead of rifle B? Why won't the SMG's zero in properly? What different does it make if I am using the Rifle40AFM or the ...40FKM.
  3. Why would you disable brightness and gamma settings? Not two monitors are the same, and white/black balancing can vary as day and night (pun intended). I personally need to turn up my gamma slightly to be able to see anything remotely dark (not even pitch black or nighttime) with any detail. And as Jimmy points out, you can change this in places where ARMA and BattleEye can't even detect the changes - why waste resources there of all places, when they are better spent on other areas of the topic of "fair play".
  4. The game hasn't even been released yet - We're still in beta. I'm sure it could be done through mods though.
  5. Mansen

    Limiting FPS?

    Vsync isn't a very good choice without the ability to use Triple buffering. I'd stick with Afterburner.
  6. Mansen

    Arma 3 Supporter Edition

    @OP: If you're a EU citizen, you can fight them. You're legally entitled to sell your licenses - In practice that'll most likely mean Steam will refund you the old copy. You're in for a hell of a fight with a lot of legal document citing - they are notoriously good at ignoring demands unless you show them that you know that you're entitled and can document it.
  7. Mansen

    Noob question regarding zoom

    Hold right for a focus. Press + / - on your keypad to zoom in (if the scope / binocular you have supports it)
  8. I could have sworn I had already tried that - But I tried again and it now stays quiet, thanks.
  9. Just noticed today that my Xbox 360 controller will start shaking due to shots and explosions, even though I'm not actively using it (It's plugged in though obviously) Is there a way to disable it, ingame or in a configuration file? Plugging it in and out constantly (I use it a lot in platform and racing games) is tiresome and a bit silly. :(
  10. Usually it is considered polite to mention what the problem turned out to be, as well as your solution - saves the next person down the line from searching through dead end threads. :o
  11. Mansen

    No Beta Access...?

    Won't change a thing - Steam doesn't rely on regedit or any other kind of silly and ancient Windows flaws. You can literally move around your Steam folder and it would not care.
  12. Even worse - what about the cargo holds in vehicles? You could probably load up a good amount of those in a truck and haul butt to the nearest hill.
  13. Mansen

    units screaming voice commands

    Maybe a couple of "call modes" with different filters Radio Silence - No callouts are made except if you're actively fighting and somone is hurt, or an enemy target is within a short perimeter. Quiet Mode - Only hostile targets within a reasonable distance are called out (We don't need to know about the lone soldier standing on the other side of that canyon. Recon - Every observation is passed on..
  14. The other day I decided to try out one of the Wasteland servers for the first time - jumped in as independent, died a few times here and there before reaching Kamino for some supplies. Then something odd happened as I was sneaking around, going in and out doors - suddenly my view changed to an odd 1st/3rd hybrid. If I changed to 1st person, the camera would be stuck inside of my body, with my textures obscurring the entire screen. If I went into 3rd person, I lost my crosshair and my pistol would look something like if I was leaning if I "focused" it. :confused: Does this sound familiar to anyone? Is there a workaround/fix of any kind?