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    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hi guys! Any news on perhaps getting an AKs-74U or RPK? Loving the Mod so far and looking forward to the improved interiors in the M113. Excellent work!
  2. Hi! Great mod, my group has just recently started using it but i have a question. The server FPS was fine and most client had rock solid 40+ FPS but the RPT was rather large. We are wondering if some of the errors came from ALIVE or some other mods (maybe a combination of both) These are some of the lines on the RPT: 17:17:07 Server: Object 9:229 not found (message 113) 17:17:07 Server: Object 9:234 not found (message 88) 17:17:07 Server: Object 9:231 not found (message 113) 17:17:07 Server: Object 9:232 not found (message 119) 17:17:07 Server: Object 9:233 not found (message 108) 17:17:07 Server: Object 9:236 not found (message 358) 17:17:07 Server: Object 9:235 not found (message 113) 17:17:07 Server: Object 9:237 not found (message 108) I can upload the RPT if i can figure out how to get in this thread. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Mr_Plores

    AI doesn't shoot enemy

    I am having a similar problem, in multiplayer i respawn and the enemy doesnt attack me. if they attack me it takes at least 10-20 seconds before they do it. reading a bit i found out that it could be CPU overload but then made a new mission with only 1 AI. same problem. this is what i put on the description.ext : disabledAI = 1; respawn = base; respawnDelay = 20; //2 Min respawnDialog = 0;