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  1. kerodan

    ASR AI 3

    Is this addon working out-of-the box so to speak? I followed the instructions for setting it up (Config Folder and ASR in main folder) but I am not sure if it is actually working because I do not get any "... initialized..." Messages. :D
  2. kerodan

    Zeus Feature Request Thread

    Beside many of the already mentioned requests I would really like to see more detailed options for the weather effects. Although, the current system of normal, overcast, rainy, storm is easy to access for beginners, it makes it very difficult to "simulate" a weather change mid-session. A more gradual approach with sliders like in the normal 2D-Editor would be much nicer! Futhermore, more options for the awesome fog would be great, for example a density slider! :D
  3. Question: Due to the fact that AI units can have a great impact on server performance, I would like to know if there will be any integration of a headless client for GM/Zeus spawned AI units? Will it be possible that GM spawned units are automatically generated on the headless client and not on the server (if HC is present of course ;)) ? Really like the idea of Zeus, great work BIS!