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  1. rtek

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Good to hear. Looking forward to the update.
  2. rtek

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    We need an option to disable or greatly reduce the amount of damage zombies do to vehicles. Especially when we do not have them set to throw cars. A lot of my players on my server aren't happy that their APC's are being destroyed by a couple zombies. At least add a module that remove zombie damage to vehicles, or greatly reduces the damage to barely any towards vehicles. That way server creators have the option to enable/disable/reduce zombie damage towards vehicles.
  3. Massi, not sure if this list will help you or not. These are the uniforms that do work since 1.52 from your mod. I haven't gone through the uniforms from the MARSOC mod yet. Whatever all these have in common is definitely something to compare to the others. I hope you figure out a fix, or BI fixes whatever it is they broke asap. USN Woodland CBT uniform US Ghillie Suit Multi US Ghillie Suit Wood US Ghillie Suit Des US Ghillie Suit Arctic US Diver suite US Multi CBT uniform US Wood CBT uniform US Des CBT uniform All the 160th SOAR Coveralls come out like this http://puu.sh/kCsng/5319a00d5e.jpgEven the Arctic and USN CQB variants USN AOR2 CBT uniform USN AOR1 CBT uniform USN Nomex CQB uniform USN Woodland CBT uniform
  4. I have seen both issues with several other mods. Especially the Massi USSOCOM & DEVGRU. I've seen the body in the ground issue as well on other mods. I hope BI fixes this soon, or undoes whatever they did to cause this in the first place. Whatever changed in 1.52 broke it.
  5. I have the same issue with AI. By having them orbit into the LZ, I can get them to decrease speed. Im gonna try out that record function. That sounds cool.
  6. If its realistic, why would the toolkit vanish after the repairs? They're tools, not parts. You're not a good mechanic if you lose your tools with every vehicle repair. That can get expensive.
  7. rtek

    AI Helicopter search light

    I tried that in a trigger ON ACT. but it didnt turn on the heli's light. I noticed that the spot light tried to turn on, but for a split second. It works fine in the vehicle's init, but I'm trying to get this to work on a trigger or specific waypoint. Light heli arrives at a location it needs to search, turns on it's light, patrols around, then kills the light and moves to some other waypoint.
  8. Thanks, works great in testing. I can't get it to work in a mission using LEA for the loadout. LEA must be overwriting this script. The uniform I'm initially wearing gets put into the bag I have as a copy, the animation plays, as well for the subordinate. Except the ghillie in the bag doesn't get put on. The addaction remains as "Put on Ghillie" and will keep just copying the initial uniform into the bag. Without using LEA for a custom loadout, the script works perfectly.
  9. Actually not too hard, its just that LEA requires all fields to be filled in for the filters to work. Which can get tedious when 1 addon has hundreds and hundreds of items and all those items for some reason dont have a Faction tied to them. I updated the Massi mods for myself and that took me a few hours of sorting through
  10. rtek

    AI Helicopter search light

    Where does this go? What mestoth suggested.
  11. I'm trying to figure out how it's possible to make an AI in group and/or myself change uniform via an addaction. I want to have a ghillie suit in my backpack, as well as in my spotter's backpack. then via an addaction, have both change into the ghillie suits and put their regular uniform into their bag so as to be able to switch back at a later time. How can this be done? At the very least, I can easily change my own uniform by moving it to the ground, putting it on, then putting my BDU into my backpack. However I mainly need to be able to make my AI group member switch his uniform. I know that I can select F2, then hit 6 and cycle with 0 through each page till I reach Open Subordinate's Inventory, and do the switch that way. I'm looking for a faster way to do the switch if possible, or a faster way to get into the AI's inventory.
  12. Works if you assign the group to already be in the heli. This isn't practical if the vehicle is setup to take off from the ground once the group has boarded. I prefer to just use Cobra's original script that looks like this: _grp = _this select 0; { unassignVehicle _x; _x allowDamage false; moveOut _x; sleep 0.4; _chute = createVehicle ["NonSteerable_Parachute_F", position _x, [], 0, "NONE"]; _chute setPos (position _x); _x moveinDriver _chute; sleep 0.4; } forEach (units _grp); { waitUntil {(position _x select 2) < 2}; _parachute = nearestObjects [_x, ["ParachuteBase"], 5]; _x action ["eject", vehicle _x]; {deleteVehicle _x} count _parachute; _x switchMove "AmovPercMevaSrasWrflDf_AmovPknlMstpSrasWrflDnon"; _x allowDamage true; } forEach (units _grp);
  13. Has anyone seen a script that uses ropes to extract a team?http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/5c/Special_Purpose_Insertion_Extraction_SPIE.jpg
  14. rtek

    Extraction Example

    Still a great script.
  15. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?174429-Extraction-Example There's the script I use in my missions.