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  1. Metallicus

    Ac-130x (wip)

    Thanks for helping me, but I corrected that :D I re-installed the mod in My Documents/ARMA2 directory, and re-installed CBA and ACE with Play With 6 ; and now, everything works !
  2. Metallicus

    Ac-130x (wip)

    You're welcome ;) proud to help you by giving you feedback and weird bugs !
  3. Metallicus

    Ac-130x (wip)

    I hope so :) I knew there would be some minor bugs, as a WIP addon. Thanksfully, I'm the only one !
  4. Metallicus

    Ac-130x (wip)

    Nope, sir. I'm new at scripting, it would have been such a mess if I did ^^
  5. Metallicus

    Ac-130x (wip)

    Congratulation, J0nes ! Nice job here ! But I got a little issue : 1. When firing, the projectile doesn't go to the target aimed, but like if it was fired by the nose of the plane ; and I just can't move the reticle. I think the game mechanics consider the P-FCO Seat as a classic Gunner seat, and that's why the camera is stuck in front of the plane and not on its side. So bad that it doesn't work for me...
  6. Metallicus

    Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor

    Hi ! I'm working on a project of a long time mission for ARMA 2 based on Lingor Island : I aim to let the player choose between several missions through computers in the BLUFOR base. But first of all, I want to add some realism to the island, by adding Lingor civilians in towns. I followed db's tutorial, but I don't understand how to use Lingor's civilians instead of ARMA 2/OA ones. I tried to create a SecOp mission on Lingor, and Lingor's civilians automatically appeared in towns. So instead of using the Ambiant Civilians Module, maybe I could use the SecOp Manager, by deactivating custom missions with this setVariable ["settings", [[], true, nil, nil, false]]; and forcing Civilians spawn. Any idea ? Help is most welcome :) thanks !