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  1. 2LT. Tom vd H.


    Veeeeery interested in this, massive fan of the old ARMA2 helos and can't wait for these. Will you release them as they become ready 1 by 1 or hold them until they are all complete?
  2. 2LT. Tom vd H.

    TF47 Launchers [WIP]

    Quick question here, is the M3/M4 permanently excluded from RHS as this mod is still updated seperately, but apparantly the updates are not directly included in RHS? Boiled down: If I want to use the MAAWS do I need to download the seperate TF47 mod from RHS?
  3. Bumpity bump bump bump, I've looked all over for anyone with a solution to this issue and I've found nothing. This thing has been out for over half a year now and still no-one at bohemia noticed an entire section in the arsenal is missing?
  4. ACE 3.6.0 is out, causing an outdated error with your mod. Loving this addition right now, hoping either ACE3 or RHS will include this soon!
  5. 2LT. Tom vd H.

    TF47 Launchers [WIP]

    First off; great mod. I really enjoy all these launchers and I'm looking forward to future additions. For now I have two questions, one has already come up before: 1. Can the spotting ammo be made to also be able to go in a vest or uniform rather than just the backpack? 2. I've tried adding spotting rifle ammo to a player through > _unit addMagazine "tf47_smaw_sr​"; < and > _unit addMagazine "tf47_smaw_spotting"; < and neither are working. EDIT: 2. Solved by > (unitBackpack _unit) addmagazinecargo ["tf47_smaw_sr",2]; <
  6. 2LT. Tom vd H.

    ATLAS Mod: LHD Plus

    I was just hoping to get a quick answer to something I can't seem to find the answer to: Is it possible by trigger or init script to set one or both elevators in the down position at the mission start, and might it also be possible to lock them (seperately) afterwards?
  7. 2LT. Tom vd H.

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Does anyone else have this issue where Blastcore adds a mission dependency [ "blastcore_vep" ]? It's not a big deal, but it's tedious to keep switching mods or removing the lines from the mission.sqm.
  8. 2LT. Tom vd H.

    TF47 Launchers [WIP]

    Quick question, is the RHS patch still a necessity after the last update or has it been included in the stock download? Great mod!
  9. 2LT. Tom vd H.

    Moss Targets

    Nice mate, for now the issue has an easy work around, so I'm thoroughly enjoying your template as is! But improvements are almost always better right? ;) Thanks for the template regardless!
  10. 2LT. Tom vd H.

    Moss Targets

    I'm getting this issue where the map works when I host a local server, but when I put it on a dedicated server I get this error: http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/38614507771007363/80CD142FE29F3F2740F7C1892849D44BC4AC497C/1024x576.resizedimage (108 kB) Any solutions or ideas why it's doing this? PS.: I'm using the provided map, haven't changed a thing. PSS.: Just found that only people who load in to the server on first launch experience this issue, reconnecting gets rid of the problem, well, it fixes it at least.
  11. I've found the mod conflicts with Leights Opfor Pack and generates the [config.bin/Cfg/Weapons/LOP_57mmlauncher/Burst/: Cannot find base class 'Burst'] error. I'm using the second last version, so that might be it. Perhaps someone can confirm the issue disappears with the newer version?
  12. 2LT. Tom vd H.

    ArmA 2 Stryker Pack

    First of let me say I'm really enjoying your work so far, contrary to other mods this vehicle feels heavy and that makes it great to drive. Also love that you can see the interior of the vehicle when turned out! But this also leads me to 2 questions: 1) Since the interior is already modeled (regardless of low texture qual, I really dont care) would it be difficult to see the interior when turned in as well? I am no addon-maker so I'm completely oblivious to this, but possibly severely underestimating this wouldn't it just be a matter of either cutting out the viewports (which seem modeled in the hatch already, or pasting some picture-in-picture windows onto the viewports? (Let me finish this by saying the first person view turned in is pretty decent compared to other vehicles) 2) when turned out in atleast the ATGMV variant I can't see the mirrors on the vehicle while they are modeled in 3rd person view and should be in the drivers arc of view. Will working mirrors be added on these vehicles in the future? Other than these two question I think you already have a very playable mod, thanks for your hard work! PS. are there any plans to replace the mini Spike missile on the ATGMV by TOW2s?
  13. 2LT. Tom vd H.

    RH M4/M16 pack

    found something here: When reloading the M203 on the M16A4 M203, the 5.56 magazine floats out of the receiver and is then magically replaced. This happens for all M16 variants and M4 variants as well. Great pack still though!
  14. 2LT. Tom vd H.

    Objects ID`s Problem

    I've seen this question a few times now and even though this topic is old, I'll post the proper way of doing this. It's confirmed to work on the ARMA3 Map pack mod. All you need to do is place trigger with Activation set to whatever side (ie BLUFOR) you want the gate opening for, set the trigger to REPEATEDLY and then add the following scripts to that trigger: North Airfield gate: On ACT: On DEA: East Airfield gate: On ACT: On DEA: South Airfield gate: On ACT: On DEA: West Airfield gate: On ACT: On DEA: