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  1. Danefrak

    arma gold servers after gamespy shutdown

    Currently no plans to. Try Hamachi with friends or find a gamespy alternative. There will probably be no servers though...
  2. As long as it's still fun, I'll play it
  3. Danefrak

    Multiplayer dying fast??

    It certainly doesn't help that the player base is divided in two because of the dev branch vs. the stable version.
  4. Danefrak

    Altis map - planned changes

    Beyond excited. I loved the stadium in Take on Helicopters so much. It was awesome when using the rearmed dlc.
  5. I boot up OA all the time just to fly over Takistan or Chernarus in a jet. I don't care if the controls are wonky, if the jets roll really really fast, and if they have a bad flight model. I like jets. I like flying. I have no doubt BIS has seen your complaints. BIS will release more jets. They care about the consumers. ArmA III is shaping up to be much more polished than previous installments and you have to respect how much Bohemia has been able to do.
  6. Danefrak

    Make A Dev Build?

    Thanks for the info!
  7. Danefrak

    "Toggle drive" button

    I have also found if you hold W then press F at the same time you go to camera mode while your rover drives so you can do some exploring while you wait!
  8. Ok so first of all I'm not sure if you can change achievements but if you can I would certainly love to see the powerplant achievement tweaked from 1 gigawatt to 1.21 gigawatts in honor of back to the future. Its the little things.
  9. Danefrak

    Take On Mars Troubleshooting

    I would like to add that the rover can move even without power. (Only tested with solar energy) EDIT: Check the feedback tracker to see if these have been reported and if not report them there!
  10. Once TOM's mod tools are released one of the devs said it might be possible. Someone will port the map in, just maybe not in all its glory.
  11. I know plenty of people that only buy games for cards. It's insane. And lucrative. Think about it Bohemia. .
  12. Danefrak

    Situation update?

    This ain't reddit. Try to respect the devs more in the future. They work hard
  13. Danefrak

    ARMA Tactics on OUYA

    I do believe the OUYA has a Tetra 3 processor too. Correct me if I am wrong.
  14. Much like in ArmA 3 so that the community can test things earlier. Does anyone else think this is a good idea? Devs: Can you do this?
  15. Danefrak

    Lets Make the Top Sellers list on Steam!

    Good job guys looks like we made #5! Keep telling everyone you know!