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  1. I have a basic understanding of how to use the vehicle respawn module; I know how to place it, sync it, etc... But I could use some help with the "System Specific - Vehicle Respawn EXPRESSION field". I'm trying to get a quad that's been set up as a respawn position to respawnand still be the respawn position. I think the Expression field under the "System Specific-Vehicle Respawn" is supposed to do that, but I don't understand the proper syntax on what to enter there. It has [<newVehicle>,<oldVehicle>] as the passed expression, but I don't know what that even means exactly (sorry...old dude. NEVER took a computer class (they didn't even HAVE computers when I was in HS)). I'm using the text [west, respawn_west_mobile_quad1] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition; in the init field of a quad named "respawn_west_mobile_quad_1" to set it up as the respawn point. Any help would be appreciated.
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    I really like the SECTOR SCAN tool as it's used in the WARLORDS game type. Is there a (relatively) easy way to incorporate it into my home made missions? Please understand that I do okay using the editor, but I am NOT well versed in scripting. Any advice is appreciated.
  3. I'd like to know how I can set a trigger that would allow other blufor (or whatever) units to pass through, but trip when a specific named unit enters. Something like having a convoy of blufor trucks moving through, and having the trigger trip when the one named truck5 hits the trigger area. Sorry if this has been handled before, I did a search and over 9000 pages of answers, most of which had nothing to do with my question, popped up. And the wiki page is vague at best. Thanks in advance.
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    Yep...I knew that. I was just testing y'all... Yeah...that's it...testing y'know. Thanks jonipetteri. Damn...talk about OBVIOUS stuff. Sheesh.
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    You've played to much Arma when:

    When they release ARMA 4.
  6. I'm trying to put together a small mission where the AI, who is attacking my base, will prep the area with a few rounds of artillery as the main force comes at us. I can get tanks to assault and shoot at us, but the artillery just mills around raising and lowering its gun, but it never actually shoots. Any help will be appreciated.
  7. Never mind....I found it. Use the FIRE MISSION waypoint.
  8. I would like to put together a mission with an insertion but with the ability to respawn on a custom position. But if I use the respawn on custom position option, the insertion part is dropped and I start the mission by choosing a spawn point. I'd like to do some HALO insertions...or SCUBA stuff...optional spawn points...etc... And still have the ability to put out some tents as optional spawn points as the mission progresses. Any help is appreciated.
  9. Thanks m'frend. Works like a charm.
  10. kupcho

    Respawn Camps?

    Okay...it's been a while; Does anyone check this? Since my posting...4 years back, the CAMP BACKPACK works (and you can set permissions for it). Sort of anyway. I've found that, usually, after the tent is set up, anyone can use it...once. After that first use, only the person that set the tent can use it. Others being able to use it can be iffy at best. Has anyone else had this problem? Any ideas on how to fix it? Thanks in advance.
  11. I'm trying to ask a question in the Arma 3 editing forum. I'd like to post a picture of the error screen I get, along with excerpts of the script that, I think, produced the error. I suppose that could copy and paste the text of the scripts, but how do I insert a screen shot into my post? Sorry for the noob question, but I is what I is... Thanks for the help.
  12. Thanks Dedmen. This was a copy/paste job from the Operation Dagger mission, and the files are where they're supposed to be. I've used it many times in the past (pre-3d editor), but when they released that, most of my missions didn't work any longer and I gave up trying to keep up. Then...I had an urge to try and find out what was wrong. That's why I'm here today. I'm not too good at scripting, but I suppose that I'll be rooting through the 'nearestBuilding' text soon. Maybe I can figure it out. I appreciate the help m'frend.
  13. Howdy, I'm trying to use a script that I 'borrowed' from a mission a friend shared with me. I believe the original script is by SPUn/LostVar (at least that's who's credited in the files I have), and the files I use were found in the mission "Operation Dagger" by OneShot. I'm getting an error message every time a trigger is tripped that calls on the "fillhouse" script that, in turn calls the "nearestBuilding" script that then calls on the "Patrol-vG" script. I know next to nothing about scripts, but if I read the error correctly, I think the problem is in the patrol-vG script. Anyway, the error popup states... '...t] call LV_nearestBuilding; _building = |#| _buildings select 0; while { alive _un...' Error undefined variable in expression: _buildings File C:\Users\etc\etc Profiles\etc\missions\testA.Altis\LV\Patrol-VG.sqf, line 12 The Patrol-vG script (part of it anyway (I don't want to step on anyones toes y'know...)) is as follows: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ///////Simple House Patrol script vG 1.3 - SPUn / LostVar // //*infantry units patrols inside nearest building and outside of it //*Syntax: nul = [this] execVM "LV\patrol-vG.sqf"; private ["_unit","_newPos","_i","_i2","_bPoss","_building","_dir","_range","_curPos","_outOrNot"]; if(isNil("LV_nearestBuilding"))then{LV_nearestBuilding = compile preprocessFile "LV\LV_functions\LV_fnc_nearestBuilding.sqf";}; _unit = _this select 0; _buildings = ["nearest one",_unit] call LV_nearestBuilding; _building = _buildings select 0; while { alive _unit }do{ if(isNull(_unit findNearestEnemy _unit))then{ _unit forceSpeed 1; _unit setBehaviour "SAFE"; }; _bPoss = []; _i = 0; while { ((_building buildingPos _i) select 0) != 0 } do { _bPoss set [count (_bPoss), (_building buildingPos _i)]; _i = _i + 1; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I'm assuming that the "LV_nearestBuilding" code works, since it states that the error occurs in line 12. But like I said...I know very little about scripting. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. kupcho

    Official missions in Editor

    I'd like to know too. Are missions that we get from the workshop editable as well?
  15. kupcho

    How do I put files into my posts?

    Thanks Macser. I'll check them out.
  16. kupcho

    How do I put files into my posts?

    Thanks for the quick reply. external file host? I'm not sure that I know what that is. Facebook?
  17. kupcho

    Local vs Global

    I'm trying to learn some basic facts about scripting. I'm probably a bit older than most folks who play with the scripting end of the editor as I've never taken a class that even touched on computer coding...so please be kind. I'd like to understand the difference in local vs global variables. What determines whether a local or global variable is to be used? Can they be used interchangeably within editor (like inside a units' init field or the on act field of a trigger)? Or can I use global variables only inside things like triggers or local variables in called scripts? Is the underscore (_) the local or global version? Any info would be helpful. As I said; I'm pretty lame when it comes to things like this (but at least I'm trying to do something about it). Thanks in advance.
  18. kupcho

    Local vs Global

    Thanks m'frend. This will help a lot. I'm trying to learn things a little at a time so I don't get lost in a jungle of new info. Now I have some new things to try out. Thank you.
  19. kupcho

    Local vs Global

    THANK YOU so very much NeoArmageddon. Would I be correct to say; The underscore prefix signifies a local variable. A local variable is one that only works within the piece of code it currently occupies...sort of like being the contents of a specific units backpack (inside the braces). And a global variable is one that works anywhere...throughout the mission file...such as the content of every backpack in a group. And... While it's possible to change either of them from, for example, within a units init field, it's best (but not required) to use local variables there and work global variables outside of it due to the possibility of multiple init fields changing the same global variable anywhere throughout the mission. That is, I can put a scope into my snipers backpack (_scope1 (local))...but not in everyone else's pack (scope1 (global)). Again, thanks for the quick and generous reply. I have a bit of experimenting to do, but I think I understand it a bit better now.
  20. kupcho

    Updated Eden guide?

    I've never found one thing to be "noob friendly" in the editor. Most things are so cryptic, at least to folks like myself who are uneducated in coding (I'm an old fart...calculators weren't even allowed in the math classes I took and computers were just plain sci-fi), that the only way to learn something new, is to peruse the video tutorials and take craploads of notes. But, of course, those tuts too, are promptly out of date as soon as the latest patch comes along, so they may not be of much help either. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a real guide and there probably never will be (but I really hope that something does show up...just to prove me wrong). I see that your post is a bit older than a year, but if you still need some help; I can help (a bit) with some simple things like the respawn deal and/or task assignment, but, like I said...I'm not very well versed in the more arcane bits like respawn loadouts, etc..
  21. I'll preface this with the statement that, I do understand a bit about scripting, but I am in not in any way, skilled or even very familiar with code type thingies. Therefore, most of the missions I had put together were done entirely using things I could do directly from within the editor. I placed my units, gave them waypoints, set triggers and used the modules, etc...that were available. Most of my earlier missions were never too complex, so it was usually pretty easy to get something up n running that way. Just point and click stuff without a need to call any scripts. But...a while back, I did eventually start using some basic scripts I'd found in other folks work to make it a bit easier to do or to spice my stuff up a little using animations, etc... The "FILL HOUSE SCRIPT v1.5 - by SPUn / lostvar" that I found in the "Operation Dagger" mission (from oneshot) was my go to script for quick town shoot'em ups. Hell...half of my problems would disappear if I could just get THAT to work again. But since the EDEN editor was released, none of my missions work any more, and I couldn't get the old scripts to do the things they did before. So, in frustration, I gave up for quite a while (the loss of all of my missions really took the wind from my sails) and I resorted to only playing missions I found in the workshop. And...for sure, there are some really great missions there, but so many of them require mods to run. My group prefers to use the vanilla version of ARMA. Mods aren't a thing with us, so options are pretty limited as to which missions we can actually play together. And, I also really miss the ability to slap together some new quickie firefights for the Friday Night Fights. So...I've decided to give mission building another try...but I have a couple of questions; 1. Where do the folders go, that hold the short scripts I used before? The scripts I used before were kept in folders inside the main mission folder (right along side the init...briefing...etc). But those folders aren't there anymore. I can't find them ANYwhere. I tried to simply place some of the old folders inside the mission folder we get now (i.e. my folder inside the mission folder), but that didn't work either. When the script is called, I get an error or the mission simply freezes and/or dumps me. I don't understand where the scripts are kept now, so that I can call them when needed. 2. How do I determine if a variable is supposed to local or global? And which is which? Underscore is local or global? I'm trying to use the spawnGroup function from inside a trigger (on activation). The group spawns, but I can't use the addWaypoint to get them to do anything other than stand around in formation. An error comes up that I'm trying to use a local as a global (or the other way...I don't remember which right now). I tried entering the variables with and without the underscore, but it didn't make any difference. Please be kind. I've searched the tutorial vids, but most of them are for before the change. So they don't help much. And I tried digging through the forums, but unfortunately, like the video tuts, most of the posts here aren't updated so that we know what works in the latest "patch" and what does not. So I apologize if the answers are here already, but after three days of searching and trying things from posts and/or videos from years ago, with no luck...I'm at my wits end and felt that I had no choice but to ask again. Thanks for any help you can share.
  22. Although I've been playing around in the editor for awhile now, I still end up going back to the forums for help...a lot. There's one thing I've done that helps me out when I get an idea for a new mission; I've made up "SEED" map missions. One for each of the maps. These maps contain things like an in game arsenal, weapons that are attached to vehicles, units of different factions with altered loadouts...even some props. I also made a few that contained help with doing things I didn't (and probably still don't) understand. Things like how to use animations and such. I just open the seed map, use the things I want in my new mission and delete anything I don't. To be sure, these are not completed missions...just some things I use often. Anyway. My reason for this post is in hopes that someone among you elite, awesome, super groovy folks with insane scripting knowledge, could support the idea of making some simple missions that would help folks produce there own. The missions wouldn't be full blown missions. That would actually defeat the idea. And I'm not asking for your signature script. Just something to illustrate/demonstrate how something can be done; Do you know how to respawn with your favorite loadout in a multiplayer game? Make a mission that shows how it's done. How about turning off the Fatigue or sway? PLEASE...write one up and show us how you did it. Off board artillery...waypoints...settting tasks...saluting soldiers or triggers... Anything at all. I'm sure there's nothing too basic for a lot of us. My reason behind this idea, is that the constant swapping between the forum or video tutorial and the editor...copying, pasting, hoping that you get the syntax correct, hoping that the poster even knew what he was talking about...can get insane and frustrating. I figure that when these seed missions are put out for us to learn from, they will work (at least they should work. Just sayin'). The only real requirement, is that the missions must be available for others to open in their editor. So something that's published to the workshop wouldn't work (I don't know exactly how they should be shared...ideas?). This way, they have a working bit of editing/scripting that they can either study to learn something or just use it in their own missions as is. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and thanks to any who contribute to the cause.
  23. kupcho

    New To Editing.

    I agree with boc. The best way to learn about this editor, is to go to youtube, search for Arma3 editor tutorials. Jester814...pickinthatbanjo and The SwissMaverick are some good ones to check out. Keep a notepad handy. You'll need it. Then fire up the editor and try out what you've learned. I also agree with boc in that you should get familiar with the VANILLA Arma until you're somewhat comfortable using the editor. Mods will only complicate the simple things for you.
  24. kupcho

    Respawn Problem.

    You stated that you're new to this, so I'm hoping that my help isn't considered too basic... I haven't used the "(F5)System - Multiplayer - Respawn Position" method yet, so I can't give info on how its used. I use the "(F6)Markers - Respawn - Respawn" method. Just be sure to name the Marker. It MUST be named using the syntax = "respawn_(faction)". The "faction", is the side to whom the respawn is available. example; respawn_west or respawn_east You can also place multiple respawn positions by adding something following the faction...like this; respawn_west_1 or respawn_west_kaminobase or respawn_west_kaminobasesouth The factions used are west = NATO and east = CSAT. It also works with the other factions, but I'm unsure about the acronym used. It's something like guer = IND and civ = CIV, but like I said...not sure and guessing doesn't help. Good luck.
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    RESPAWN Modules

    Howdy folks. I'm trying to have a vehicle respawn with certain items in its inventory. Specifically, I'd like to add a camping backpack to use as a respawn point. This what I've tried... Place the vehicle...place a VEHICLE RESPAWN MODULE...Sync them together and type this "this addItemCargo [b_Respawn_TentDome_F,1];" into the EDIT VEHICLE RESPAWN - SYSTEM SPECIFIC - VEHICLE RESPAWN EXPRESSION field found in the module attributes. I'm VERY far from understanding scripting using code placed in .sqf files (or anywhere the script would be entered to be honest), so I'd appreciate answers that only use the modules features. Or, if you feel that you must give your answer using a script, PLEASE...be generous with your directions. Like I said...I'm pretty damn ignorant when it comes to the stuff. Thanks in advance.