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  1. I have a basic understanding of how to use the vehicle respawn module; I know how to place it, sync it, etc... But I could use some help with the "System Specific - Vehicle Respawn EXPRESSION field". I'm trying to get a quad that's been set up as a respawn position to respawnand still be the respawn position. I think the Expression field under the "System Specific-Vehicle Respawn" is supposed to do that, but I don't understand the proper syntax on what to enter there. It has [<newVehicle>,<oldVehicle>] as the passed expression, but I don't know what that even means exactly (sorry...old dude. NEVER took a computer class (they didn't even HAVE computers when I was in HS)). I'm using the text [west, respawn_west_mobile_quad1] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition; in the init field of a quad named "respawn_west_mobile_quad_1" to set it up as the respawn point. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. kupcho


    I really like the SECTOR SCAN tool as it's used in the WARLORDS game type. Is there a (relatively) easy way to incorporate it into my home made missions? Please understand that I do okay using the editor, but I am NOT well versed in scripting. Any advice is appreciated.
  3. kupcho


    Yep...I knew that. I was just testing y'all... Yeah...that's it...testing y'know. Thanks jonipetteri. Damn...talk about OBVIOUS stuff. Sheesh.
  4. kupcho

    You've played to much Arma when:

    When they release ARMA 4.
  5. I'd like to know how I can set a trigger that would allow other blufor (or whatever) units to pass through, but trip when a specific named unit enters. Something like having a convoy of blufor trucks moving through, and having the trigger trip when the one named truck5 hits the trigger area. Sorry if this has been handled before, I did a search and over 9000 pages of answers, most of which had nothing to do with my question, popped up. And the wiki page is vague at best. Thanks in advance.
  6. Never mind....I found it. Use the FIRE MISSION waypoint.
  7. I'm trying to put together a small mission where the AI, who is attacking my base, will prep the area with a few rounds of artillery as the main force comes at us. I can get tanks to assault and shoot at us, but the artillery just mills around raising and lowering its gun, but it never actually shoots. Any help will be appreciated.
  8. Thanks m'frend. Works like a charm.
  9. I would like to put together a mission with an insertion but with the ability to respawn on a custom position. But if I use the respawn on custom position option, the insertion part is dropped and I start the mission by choosing a spawn point. I'd like to do some HALO insertions...or SCUBA stuff...optional spawn points...etc... And still have the ability to put out some tents as optional spawn points as the mission progresses. Any help is appreciated.
  10. kupcho

    Respawn Camps?

    Okay...it's been a while; Does anyone check this? Since my posting...4 years back, the CAMP BACKPACK works (and you can set permissions for it). Sort of anyway. I've found that, usually, after the tent is set up, anyone can use it...once. After that first use, only the person that set the tent can use it. Others being able to use it can be iffy at best. Has anyone else had this problem? Any ideas on how to fix it? Thanks in advance.
  11. Thanks Dedmen. This was a copy/paste job from the Operation Dagger mission, and the files are where they're supposed to be. I've used it many times in the past (pre-3d editor), but when they released that, most of my missions didn't work any longer and I gave up trying to keep up. Then...I had an urge to try and find out what was wrong. That's why I'm here today. I'm not too good at scripting, but I suppose that I'll be rooting through the 'nearestBuilding' text soon. Maybe I can figure it out. I appreciate the help m'frend.
  12. kupcho

    Official missions in Editor

    I'd like to know too. Are missions that we get from the workshop editable as well?
  13. kupcho

    How do I put files into my posts?

    Thanks Macser. I'll check them out.
  14. Howdy, I'm trying to use a script that I 'borrowed' from a mission a friend shared with me. I believe the original script is by SPUn/LostVar (at least that's who's credited in the files I have), and the files I use were found in the mission "Operation Dagger" by OneShot. I'm getting an error message every time a trigger is tripped that calls on the "fillhouse" script that, in turn calls the "nearestBuilding" script that then calls on the "Patrol-vG" script. I know next to nothing about scripts, but if I read the error correctly, I think the problem is in the patrol-vG script. Anyway, the error popup states... '...t] call LV_nearestBuilding; _building = |#| _buildings select 0; while { alive _un...' Error undefined variable in expression: _buildings File C:\Users\etc\etc Profiles\etc\missions\testA.Altis\LV\Patrol-VG.sqf, line 12 The Patrol-vG script (part of it anyway (I don't want to step on anyones toes y'know...)) is as follows: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ///////Simple House Patrol script vG 1.3 - SPUn / LostVar // //*infantry units patrols inside nearest building and outside of it //*Syntax: nul = [this] execVM "LV\patrol-vG.sqf"; private ["_unit","_newPos","_i","_i2","_bPoss","_building","_dir","_range","_curPos","_outOrNot"]; if(isNil("LV_nearestBuilding"))then{LV_nearestBuilding = compile preprocessFile "LV\LV_functions\LV_fnc_nearestBuilding.sqf";}; _unit = _this select 0; _buildings = ["nearest one",_unit] call LV_nearestBuilding; _building = _buildings select 0; while { alive _unit }do{ if(isNull(_unit findNearestEnemy _unit))then{ _unit forceSpeed 1; _unit setBehaviour "SAFE"; }; _bPoss = []; _i = 0; while { ((_building buildingPos _i) select 0) != 0 } do { _bPoss set [count (_bPoss), (_building buildingPos _i)]; _i = _i + 1; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I'm assuming that the "LV_nearestBuilding" code works, since it states that the error occurs in line 12. But like I said...I know very little about scripting. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. kupcho

    How do I put files into my posts?

    Thanks for the quick reply. external file host? I'm not sure that I know what that is. Facebook?