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  1. Carrier Command 2 looks like it can be a decent game and I'm interested in it, but I was rather unimpressed by the graphics. They aren't terrible, but I thought that the graphics in a new game would be better. I also want to find out more about the gameplay to see how it compares to CCGM.
  2. Thanks for all the work that you do on this fantastic and essential mod. :D
  3. Thanks for all the great work you do on this mod. It makes this game so much better. This mod is essential when playing this game. I never play this game without it.
  4. This fantastic mod is absolutely essential in my opinion. I am glad I was able to give some assistance to Species by suggestions and playtesting. Thanks for this great mod, Species!
  5. I use your NoFilmGrain mod and Gripmod2 with Species' Deadlyislands mod. I can see that the film grain is gone when I play Carrier Command: Gaea Mission on my laptop computer and I notice more power in the walrus when it's climbing hills. When I first played the game, I thought the walruses seemed kind of weak when I tried to drive them up hills under manual control, but your Grip mod has improved them quite a bit. Good job. Thanks.
  6. This is a fantastic and essential mod that makes Carrier Command: Gaea Mission so much better. Thanks, Species!!
  7. Another great update for a mod that, in my opinion, is necessary to use when playing Carrier Command: Gaea Mission. Thanks for the playtest and feedback credit, Species. I'm glad to help with your great mod.
  8. rob04

    1.07 beta

    I'm also glad to see that BIS is still supporting this great game with patches. The carrier laser and walrus shield are great additions! The manta torpedo has been successfully fixed. Unfortunately, I noticed a few problems. 1. The changelog for the 1.07 patch says that the "Launch Drones" button was fixed. It does not seem to be fixed. It has the same problem as before. If you produce defense drones and transfer them to your carrier, then all of these drones get destroyed and none are left on your carrier, the "Launch Drones" button will still be highlighted when it should not be. Also, it still says "Drones Docked" on the right side of the screen instead of "N/A" or "No Drones". 2. If the gun in the forward turret gets destroyed, it repairs itself very quickly and without delay like it is regenerating itself. There is no "destroyed" graphic. The graphic shows the forward gun intact with no flames or smoke even though it already exploded and a verbal message already said it was destroyed. Also, it can still be fired when it is supposed to be destroyed. 3. The side turrets seem unusually difficult to destroy. It took 8 rockets and 10 plasma cannon shots, all at close range, to destroy my forward right turret. If it's this difficult for me to destroy my turrets, it's also probably just as difficult for the enemy to do so. This might not be a problem if the enemy carrier's side turrets are equally difficult for the player to destroy. I haven't tested that yet.
  9. I personally would like just the howitzer and the HEAT. I like the plasma cannon. I understand your point about the plasma cannon's projectile speed being too slow, but other than that it seems to be a fairly good weapon that fires level.
  10. Yeah, that annoys me too. It blocks my vision especially when firing multiple times at a target. I thought it would have been better if there were maybe just two arc weapons and the other two could have been replaced with two other weapons or maybe one other weapon and a shield like the manta has. The walrus could use a shield.
  11. The plasma cannon that the walrus has seems to fit your description of a walrus cannon that you want. It fires straight, not on an arc. Personally, I think there are too many walrus weapons that fire on an arc. There are 4 of them (grenades, HEAT, howitzer, and shell). At least they have the plasma cannon that shoots level.
  12. I had a similar experience to Crotaro. What I did was I fired my carrier's shell gun at the pier of an island, but the pier wasn't destroyed. To make sure, I fired many shells at close range. I know all or most of the shells hit the pier. There wasn't even any smoke. I then launched a manta, fired its weapons at the same pier, and my manta destroyed the pier quickly and easily. I know it is already going to be looked into for the next patch, but I wanted to mention my experience to possibly give further information on this matter. I also think there is something wrong with the shell gun damage.
  13. As always, another fantastic update to a fantastic mod. Thanks.
  14. You are right, but could it be that these walruses have howitzers instead of HEAT guns? I'm not certain, but howitzers might do more damage and have a longer range than the HEAT guns. That might explain, at least to some extent, how the enemy walruses are getting "one shot kills".
  15. There is a problem with the torpedoes always exploding when dropped by a manta. I recently looked at the feedback tracking site http://www.carriercommand.com/feedback/my_view_page.php and someone from BIS said they are aware of the problem and will fix it in the next patch. The date this was posted was August 5, 2013. This means, in my opinion, that there should be another patch. When it will be released is the question, though.
  16. rob04

    Carrier Flares?

    Yes, I see what you mean. I think I remember what you are referring to because I had the original game back in 1988 and played it often on my Atari 1040ST. Thanks for the clarification.
  17. rob04

    Carrier Flares?

    I think there was a game I played one time in which I arrived at an island and there was an enemy turret near the coast and I think it launched missiles at my carrier. I don't know if I had carrier flares at the time, but nothing happened with the flares if I had them. I don't recall if my carrier was damaged or not. I'm not sure that this was a missile turret. If it was, however, then do you mean it wouldn't have damaged my carrier because none of the damage to the carrier comes from heat seeking missiles? I can't tell about manta flares too well because I stopped using them long ago in favor of shields. I'll take your word for it that they work. I wish the devs would either remove the carrier flares or make them work. I'd rather they make the carrier flares work, but only if there is (or will be) a use for them.
  18. rob04

    Carrier Flares?

    I have never seen the carrier flares working and I don't know if there are even any graphics for them. All I know is they are supposed to protect the carrier from incoming missiles and their use is supposed to be completely automatic. It just seems like they don't do anything, but I'm not sure. All of this is true for the manta flares as well.
  19. It might be that some lighter weapons go in one mount and other heavier weapons go in the other mount although they are both called slot 1. This could explain why some weapons are 360 degrees and others are not.
  20. I could be wrong, but I believe that torpedoes have been doing that for quite some time. I think they were doing that even before the 1.06 patch.
  21. Thanks, Tomas. Will the player be able to place weapons or items in the second slot of the player's walruses in a future patch? It would be great if something can be placed in slot 2 of the player's walruses.