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  1. fons

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hi RHS, How is the implementation of Helmet Displays for RHS Aircrafts going? Do you have any ETA for that feature already? My team is used to the Kimis Helmet Displays, and we won't be able to switch to your helos until you release this feature. Regards, and congratulations on the update.
  2. FFAA, do you consider adding the Saul's system to manage the aircrafts weaponry?
  3. Nah that line doesn't fix it for Premiere at least for my videos recorded in 1080p 60fps. I just saw a guy in youtbe importing x264vfw to Premiere but in 720p 30 fps with the AVC Intra preset for the secuence, and with that "--keyint" line, but i tried that and still, i just get in premiere the audio and not the video. What i did is recording in x254vfw, converting to .mp4, edit in adobe and export in h264 for youtube. The mp4 conversion looks good, not noticeable quality loss, but when exporting with premiere it losses a bit of quality... Pff i don't know i might kick Premiere, Vegas accepts h.264, but i don't want to switch because i like the Adobe's interfaces and never touched Vegas...
  4. Now i really don't care much about the softwares not catching my in-game gamma settings, because i kinda solve it applying gamma correction with the editor, but now, trying to record with the H.264 MPEG-4 codec, and the x264vfw recorded with bandicam, Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 won't play the recorded video, i hear the sound, but not the video. I am going mad man omg...:936:
  5. I have an Intel i7 and an AMD HD7870. Thakns for the info i will give it a look. But i can confirm that my problem lays in the fact that the recording softwares i tested don't catch my in-game gamma settings... So maybe i am just going mad and the problem lays in the game idk...
  6. I have an intel i7, what's that "quick sync"? I was going to edit my previous one, but as i wanted to reply bratwurste i am going to say it here. I think that my problem is that the recording softwares are not catching my in-game gamma setting, as i just set my game to fullscreen window and now i see the game exactly how it's being recorded as in fullscreen window gamma correction cannot be changed. I modify gamma to see the colors lighter as i like it... Do anyone had problems with this?
  7. What codec and settings do you use for bandicam man? I am currently testing Bandicam 2.1.3, with MPEG-1 video codec, with that VBR box checked, full scale, and still, my videos doesn't have all that brightness and contrast i see in my game, so the dark and night videos i am recording looks soo dark. I have to say i have the gamma and brightness of the game a little bit up from default. Also, i was going to show this comparing a Steam screenshot with a screenshot of the own recording but the steam screenshot also modifies the color so both results were also so close... EDIT: Also, didn't said this, but i always had a problem with arma 3, that sometimes (like half of the times i alt+tab), when ALT+TAB'ing and back to the game, the color is darker, and the fps are worse, so if that happens i have to al+tab again and the color goes back to normal. Maybe this has something to do with all this? I don't know i am going mad with all this...
  8. I read yesterday that when the Dxtory audio record is not synced it's because of the load that your pc is experiencing... but weird because i have an i7 4790K at 4.0 GHz... And as you say, it's very weird, because yesterday, i watched youtube videos typing "mirillis action arma 3" and the gameplays had the correct brightness, also a friend of mine records with that with no kind of problem. I am going to give bandicam a try because that features you say looks good.
  9. fons

    What do you want to see in the expansion?

    -Animations, we lack a lot of animations. I would love to see the mags when the guy reloads instead of seeing the mag just when it's attached. The animation for bolt rifles, for medical assistance, FATIGUE... just i.e.'s of a long list. -A propper fatigue system, with propper animations, and propper sway -A decent damage system. for infantry and vehicles. I would love to see that the armor changes between face and mask, or between the front part of the vest and the side ones that doesn't give protection behind the arm... Also the vehicle damage system. In this game, you crash a hunter into a pick-up, and you will both explode instantly. Come on, it's so hard to blow up a car without explosives. Would love to see this fixed. -Car handling and physics, at the moment, the car handling and physics are pretty poor. -A more woodish, and green map. I am bored of the dry greek altis.... i simply cannot play it anymore... -As i read over there, ballistics would be great. -And also, imho, i would love to see not so much futuristic gear. Like a more normal csat, without those respirators and star trek helmets... one pair of normal tactical glasses without a tv screen there... you know... :bb: -------But all over this, i think it's pretty clear. OPTIMIZATION. This game priority is the optimization, and it's going to be 2 years, and still people with huge machines, struggle to get constant framerates...
  10. Hmm, thanks for the info. My main concern is having low imact on the game fps and the fact of having multiple audio channels being recorded, to edit them separatedly. So well i tested fraps long time ago, can't remember the result, but it has a big impact in the game fps. I tried Dxtory, the best results i heard, but had the issue that when trying to record separate audio channels, they were not synced, and also the microphone file was not the same lenght as the game sound file. Diferent audio codecs tested, frequencies matching the peripheral ones... Tried to solve it a bunch of times... never make it work fine... Now i am trying Mirillis Action! and as an AMD user, raptr. Both of them record with that dark tone, but at least action has the ability of recording both channels separatedly. Havent tested if when mixing everything, it's synced and with the same lenght. Also now that i remember, with Raptr, i record in .AVI file, not .MP4 and also gets that dark tone... So yeah i will try bandicam, but this is my recording arma never ending nightmare :pet5:
  11. Hi, i tested a few video recording softwares, and all of them records my gameplay so dark. I don't see the game like that, i even play with high in-game gamma and brightness because i like that looking of the game. But my gameplays, are soo damn dark... Any clue on why? Thanks in advance. Regards.
  12. Why not simply joining Iron Front team?
  13. I just know that if i were modder and i was doing such an awesome mod with so much people following it, i would say something, if by any reason, i hold/stop the development. But for tastes colours, it's just a matter of education...
  14. fons

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I don't find any Feedtracker for RHS other than here so i will say my feedback here: - UAZ Sound: I find this car extremely loud compared to the other RHS cars and Vanila ones. IMHO the sound is too high, you can hear it pretty loud from a considerable amount of distance, and staying close to it, even the car being in idle, it's soo loud. Also, i drove it today on the gravel, and also the gravel effect it's too loud. So i think that the global volume of this car is too high. - Humvee windshield: I find the humvee widshield kinda matte. At night, when the light comes from the back, mainly with NVG's, the windshield achieves an opaque effect in certain angles with the light. This doesn't happen with the vanila cars. Also, with the insane amount of Humvees in the mod, i don't know how there isn't anyone with some plate protection for the gunner. This is feedback and suggestions, not complaints, i wanted to state that just in case :bigglasses: Also, if there is a better place to give feedback, let me know.
  15. Dude i saw that ToraBora for A2, but i thought it wouldn't work in A3... A guy told me a few days ago, thanks btw.