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  1. I'll need more information regarding this, such as steps to reproduce. However, I can explain that in order to rearm the cannon/flares, you will need to at least have changed (which u can just change with the same weapon) one of the pylons on the aircraft in the service menu
  2. unsure what you are saying but anyway, it should be under addon options which is under options to disable the nuclear bomb effects on the B61 bomb which results in it acting as a standard 500 lbl bomb
  3. The drop cargo option goes away when below 50m AGL and LAPES should appear when below 15m AGL and above 3m AGL
  4. We do have a HH-60, although I'm not sure which variant, but it needs a lot of work before it will be released to the public We have both the F-35B and F-35C almost ready! Should hopefully be released soon with the next stage of the mod! Are you able to provide which specific bomb you are trying to use and what aircraft? I'll be able to investigate from there.
  5. I've been wondering if there is a way to make cluster bombs or submunition based ammo to deploy earlier than expected. I have tried to do setDamage 1 on the ammo but this doesn't cause the submunitions to deploy. I think this may be something Bohemia may need to add for this to work unless someone else has a better idea!
  6. can't believe I missed this, probably took it as if it was regarding triggers in arma rather than ammo! thanks for the fast reply!
  7. This issue has been fixed for the next update, also included in the next update is VIV variants of both C-17 and C-130, so whether or not the mission creator wants the VIV variant or our script they can choose.
  8. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1903590091 Link for RHS:AFRF patch to allow refueling from USAF Tankers
  9. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1903006438 A link for the USAF to RHS:USAF compatibility patch, still working on the RHS AFRF patch
  10. Should be able to work with ACE3 pylon editor as it uses the vanilla pylon settings menu, I can do a check in a bit as I'm currently working on the patch for RHS aircraft
  11. You do not need the fighter pack for aerial refueling. Only Main and Utility Yes the pavehawk has not come out with this release, it will be released later, yes it will have AAR capabilities.
  12. Yes we will be including this in a future update Yes I can release a patch for RHS aircraft to have the ability to air refuel with USAF aircraft, is this what you would like?
  13. just position the vehicle near the back of the C-17 and when looking at the C-17 and an action will appear in red saying load cargo
  14. I'm going to need more specifics here, I haven't been able to replicate your issues, please note that you will have to be in range as the gbu31 and gbu38 isn't a very maneuverable bomb compared the the gbu53 or gbu39 so it will still need to be dropped roughly like a normal bomb but it will guide itself. Height and Distance also come into account, can't just drop the bomb from 7km out at 20m and expect it to glide all the way there.
  15. I'll give this a shot, haven't looked at arma scripting commands in a long time (used to follow every day the daily dev build changelog but that was a long time ago) -EDIT 1- This works, RHS vehicles now will fit inside using the new clipping type (clipVisual) This change will be out whenever the next update lands
  16. Yes of course, we are definitely still developing! We only released now as is as a lot of work had been done. Our main focus was on the fighters and the missilebox, although the drones we never really took a look at. There definitely will be an update to fix these. -EDIT #1- Hellfires do track (need full vanilla lock currently) just need to get the plane in weapon constraints KC-135 interior does need an interior update although this is not our priority right now as we believe it will mostly be an AI controlled asset. Please don't take offense to this decision, we're just occupied with parts of the mod!
  17. Hey there, I'd actually suggest that you rather set the plane in EDEN as NOT enable simulation (under the Object: Special States tab) which will have the same effect although, the current issue is the door won't be opened unless (for the C17 & C130) you chuck this in the init so the door is open, I'd also suggest u lock the vehicle as if you get in a vehicle that doesn't have simulation you won't be able to get out (just house keeping) and I also suggest you are in Translation Widget (2 on keyboard) to avoid the units being added as passengers into the vehicle. //C17 this animateSource ["back_ramp",1,true]; //or this animateSource ["back_ramp_half",1,true]; //C130 this animateSource ["ramp_bottom", 1, true]; this animateSource ["ramp_top", 1, true];
  18. @darkxess I went ahead and tried to replicate the issue you were saying but I haven't had any issues, are you able to maybe provide a mission or steps to reproduce?
  19. Vehicle IR strobe As the title says it adds vehicle IR strobes to vehicles in game AS OF UPDATE 5.5 nul = [] "vehicleirstrobe.sqf"; To disable a vehicle from using ir place in the vehicle's init this setVariable ["strobe",true]; Features Action comes up between 18:50 until 05:10 Different positions where the IR strobe is placed (currently different places for mostly each vehicle) Only works on LandVehicle class can be modified though Should work in multiplayer Action only comes up for either driver,gunner or commander Issues present Since I don't know the mempoint for the turret (not the muzzle) I cannot make the strobe attached to it so instead it is attached to the hull of the vehicle, If anyone knows the mem point or would like to offer a way to solve this PLEASE DO! edit: created http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=18587 Co-Pilot does not have the ability to turn on IR strobe in some vehicles. Issue is only present currently on the MH-47E due to the left gunner being the turret of 0 rather than what the pilot should be. TO-DO Add predefined vehicles from mods this will start in the next update with air vehicles and so forth (so far added USAF,F-15C,Pearl A-10C, F/A 18 E/F and SU-35, C-130J Transport/Cargo) Feel free to modify with credits obviously to Tajin and/or me As said any optimizations or suggestions are welcome! http://i.imgur.com/2ucAdhB.gif (1559 kB) DOWNLOAD vehicleirstrobe.sqf Credits :- Tajin for help with optimizations and how to use variables and overall structure of the script [GiBThis] - J.Camel for the idea Me(Lala) for the creation of the script Player IR strobe I've now created a script for player IR strobes To be soon incorporated also is to make sure the player has a specific helmet on rather than just have a helmetUpdate 4 As of Update 5 place in the init.sqf nul = [] execVM "irstrobe.sqf"; and to disable ir attaching to a vehicle place in the vehicle's init this setVariable ["strobes",true]; Features Action comes up between 18:50 until 05:10 Works on all including AI (manually turn on by squad leader selecting AI then going into Actions (6) then selecting IR strobe On removed in Update 5 Should work in multiplayer Action only comes up for the one unit and no one else can modify it IR strobe is only accessible on foot works perfectly along side also with Vehicle IR Strobe script TO-DO Make script only work when a player has the specific helmet on (currently works with player only requiring something in the headgear slot) Make script work with other faction grenades rather than just the one blufor ir grenade Adding a variable at the top to set the IR strobe to either be SF (MS2000 which is placed on the helmet) or standard (on the left strap on vest) http://i.imgur.com/HjHRKu6.gif (1057 kB) DOWNLOAD irstrobe.sqf Credits :- Tajin for help with optimizations and how to use variables and overall structure of the script Fullerpj for the idea Me(Lala) for the creation of the script Show off Mission Download (single player editor) test_strobe.Altis.rar IR_Strobe_Example.Stratis ChangeLog Vehicle IR Strobe Vehicle IR Update 1: Vehicle IR Update 2: Vehicle IR Update 3: Vehicle IR Update 4: Vehicle IR Update 5: Vehicle IR Update 5.5: Vehicle IR Update 6: Player IR strobe Player IR strobe Update 1: Player IR strobe Update 2: Player IR strobe Update 3: Player IR strobe Update 4: Player IR strobe Update 5: Player IR strobe Update 5.01: Player IR strobe Update 5.5: Player IR strobe Update 5.01 Vehicle IR strobe Update 5 Player IR Strobe Update 5.5 Vehicle IR Strobe Update 6 source code (for those lazy too download the script file) Player IR Strobe source Vehicle IR Strobe source ---------- Post added at 18:01 ---------- Previous post was at 17:52 ---------- Woops thought I was in the Mission editing and scripting thread :/ If a moderator could move this there that would be great
  20. Huh, I'm guessing Bohemia must have moved the mempoint or something rather on the character model to cause that, it'll just be simply adjusting the offset value where the attachTo occurs in the script, I can post an update to the script sometime this week, been super busy with life atm
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    United States Air Force( 2015)

    I'll see to maybe including this, although, no promises! As Hunterhawks said, just like normal radar it only detects moving ground targets (you could consider it to be ground if it was not moving). tbh an awacs really should only detect air but I don't remember why I made it also do that lol
  22. Lala14

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    The reason why no one has replied is because this has been mentioned numerous times, the CURRENT public version of this mod is INCOMPATIBLE with the current version of arma. Yes the planes may work, but most of it is broken, we're currently working on a new version that is to be released to the public soon.
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    United States Air Force( 2015)

    definitely still there!
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    United States Air Force( 2015)

    No, we have not opted in the third-party dlc