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  1. Haha wow, okey, thank you for the heads up! I dont know where i got the "t" from, but it felt correct somehow. This is correct and works: <font color='#faff00'>Yellow = greater than 50%</font>
  2. I tried doing this trough the Create Diary Record module and a briefing.sqf. Problem is that i can't get the <t color ='#ff0000'>Text</t> to show the correct color, I can see the text, but in white. I been looking at countless threads about briefing.sqf, Create Diary Record etc, on the color code, it all shows the <t color ='#ff0000'>Text</t>, but i cant get it to work somehow. This is what i use in the module: Muzzle velocity colorcode: <br/> <t color ='#ff0000'>Red = greater than 75%</t> <br/> <t color ='#faff00'>Yellow = greater than 50%</t> <br/> <t color ='#00b20e'>Green = greather than 25%</t> <br/> <t color ='#0044b2'>Blue = lower than 25%</t> <br/> <t color ='#ffffff'>White = lower than 10%</t> <br/>
  3. I want to use a mod collection that i found on the workshop, and use that in the Launcher, without having to download and pick each one by one from the collection.
  4. Okey.. I thought if i used getPos instead of getMarkerPos, it would use the flagpole position instead of the marker. So i renamed the markers to the same variable name, it works now. Thank you both.
  5. I tried "_dest = _this select 3;" instead, but it didnt work, now im getting "Error getpos: Type Array, expected Object, Location" instead.
  6. I want to let the players to teleport to each location by scrolling on a flagpole and choose his destination. MP mission a dedicated server, testing in the editor. Im getting: Error getpos: Type string, expected Object, Location (last line is getting the error) // Get the destination. _dest = (_this select 3) select 0; // Get a random direction _dir = random 359; // Move the person a few meters away from the destination (in the direction of _dir) player SetPos [(getPos _dest select 0)-10*sin(_dir),(getPos _dest select 1)-10*cos(_dir)]; Im calling the script using: this addAction ["<t color='#3751d0'>Base</t>","script\teleport.sqf",["tp_base"]]; this addAction ["<t color='#669c3c'>Infantry - Basic</t>","script\teleport.sqf",["tp_infbas"]]; this addAction ["<t color='#f0a71b'>Shootingrange</t>","script\teleport.sqf",["tp_shootingrange"]];
  7. you can extract the mission file from the pbo file, and then open the mission file in the editor, where you then can change the units.
  8. Ok, you both been to great help so far. Tajin: didnt know what getPos and setPos was doing, but its clear for me now. So i removed the hidden ammobox and getPos and setPos, since it wont be needed. My problem now, is to set a distance limit to "Medical Supplies" option, as it is now, you can see the option where ever you are. Looking for a distance of 5-10m player addAction ["<t color='#FF0000'>Medical Supplies</t>", { params ["_actionHolder","_actionCaller"]; _actionCaller action ["Gear", boxbag]; }]; Also looked at the addAction radius, but i dont know how to define the radius, as i understand it has to be in order(?). I tried to set a distance with the syntax "distance" and "nearestObjects", but they havent worked out.
  9. Thanks for reply. I think i did what you wanted me to do, but result didnt work out properly. When my character spawned, it opened the hidden ammobox and showed the supplies immediately. When i go to the ammobox, it dosent show the supplies from the hidden ammobox, it didnt show the option "Gear" either on the scroll-menu Hidden simpleobject that contains supplies: Variable Name: med_liq Init: hideObject med_liq; Empty Ammobox that should contain supplies from the hidden ammobox: Init: med_liq setPos getPos player; player action ["Gear", med_liq]; bis_fnc_createSimpleObject;
  10. Can moderator delete this post topic, i couldnt edit it, so i had to start a new one:
  11. How can i custome the inventory action on a ammobox? I got several ammoboxes close together, to easily seperate them, i want to make custom inventory actions, to change name, color and distance. Example Change "inventory" action to something like "Medical Supplies" (red color).
  12. How can I increase the option "Inventory" distance from an ammobox?