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  1. Man, honestly I was concerned when there was talk of an underbarrel on a Halo gun, just because I haven't ever seen one and I thought it might have looked out of place/odd. But you guys sure showed me wrong, that gun looks amazing and fits 100% with everything else! Good job guys!
  2. Looking good guys, loving the progress! Also, Merry Christmas guys and keep up the good work!
  3. So after the new update I decided to give the new flight models for helicopters a go with my joystick, and I am finding it a lot of fun flying around. Are you guys planning to incorporate the advanced flight model for the Pelican and/or other aerial vehicles that use a helicopter flight model?
  4. In regards to SPARTANs, I would agree with not adding them unless all they had was the armor that maybe helped against more gunshots. I would imagine it would be difficult to script anything else that a SPARTAN can do, and if it was would be difficult to use. I completely see why you guys are debating it. I see it as being cool because SPARTANs are a big part of Halo, but in a milsim environment and the Arma engine it just isn't that practical and pretty much just fluff. That being said, I wouldn't mind if SPARTANs were added eventually. They are pretty cool in their own regard :P
  5. We have to have that Sassy Pelican pilot as well, we can't forget about her :P
  6. Can't wait to see the Pelican being worked on! On the note about the Cosmos Engine mod, what was the problem with it using SpaceEngine? I am not familiar with it so I don't know what the draw backs are :P
  7. I do love the Halcyon Refit. It is a nice ship, don't get me wrong, but I've always loved the Frigate and the Infinity is just awesome to me. But the Halcyon would probably be ranked on par or right below the Marathon Class :p Well, it does make sense. I will keep definitely keep up to date to see what you have in mind! This is my most anticipated mod to be released for Arma 3!
  8. So are you guys completely replacing the Paris with the Charon? It would be a shame to see the Paris gone, it's my favorite UNSC Frigate. Second favorite ship beside the Infinity :P
  9. I am loving every little bit of this. I'm super excited to see the Pelican when its done with texturing and in-game :P The Warthogs look amazing as well, I just hope the texture in-game isn't glossy/shiny looking like a lot of other mods I see, especially on the tires. Keep up the good work you guys!
  10. shepard2453

    Jurassic Arma - Raptor Pack

    This is really well made, I absolutely love it! I can't wait to see what dinosaurs to decide to add next!
  11. shepard2453

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I love this mod! It is currently my favorite and I will be awaiting updates! One question, does anyone know if there is a script or something to change the AH-64's skin to the silver with shark teeth that showed in a a screenshot earlier?
  12. Looks more like a modified Arma 2 Up armoured HMMWV to me. The DAR HMMWVs are essentially ported ones. That pic has barbed wire on the front and a different bullbar, iirc
  13. shepard2453

    ArmA 2142

    It's the Type 4 Doragon Gunship. It's from Battlefield 2142
  14. shepard2453

    International MaxxPro - Deja Vu?

    Very nice work Richard! I am eagerly waiting on this addon! With your updates to it, it looks really good. Also, a suggestion for another project would be to make the Hunter have an open turret, which I think a lot of people would love, and you would be able to do it great and with detail! Can't wait for release!
  15. shepard2453

    United States Air Force

    Great job on the mod! I love everything about the US Air Force, and even considered joining it. It's great to see some quality aircraft for Arma 3!
  16. shepard2453

    Terminator Rising (WIP)

    It's a good thing that you didn't lose any work ^^ I have a question though, will all the units be playable in the editor incase I wanted to fly around in a drone or something of the sort?
  17. shepard2453

    Terminator Rising (WIP)

    Don't give up on this mod, it is an amazing idea! I've missed all the Sci-Fi mods and such from the OFP era, and I would LOVE those mods reimagined in Arma 3. I will play the hell out of this mod when you release it. It will be highly anticipated by me ^_^