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  1. Wisp

    COOP 04 Operation Silverback

    UPDATE - Updated mission briefing and tasks. - Moved insertion area to new location. - Changed starting loadout. - Made it impossible to kill QRF out of order. - Reduced rain per player feedback. - Added lots of objects to AAF base to make it feel more inhabited. - Changed UAV location. - Fixed misaligned static object. - Added fail state for friendly fire. - Changed end mission music. - Updated screenshots.
  2. Wisp

    COOP 04 Marina Infilitration

    HUGE UPDATE!! - Brand new tasks that work! - New mission briefing - Redone mission markers - Added ORBAT groups - QRF now activates when you are detected, making stealth paramount - Replaced Strider with AH-9 that flys overhead - Made target look more like government official - Shortened helicopter intro - Tweaked mission radio dialogue - Removed/added some different music - Added fail mission state for team killing friendly AI - Fixed NV issue This is my least played mission on the Steam Workshop, and that has to change. Get a group of buddies together and assassinate that HVT.
  3. Wisp

    COOP 04 Operation Silverback

    I updated it. I didn't remove the rain completely. It's significantly reduced, however. Let me know if I didn't go far enough.
  4. Wisp

    COOP 04 Operation Silverback

    I'm going to remove the rain in an update shortly. The helo is a stealth helicopter. Theoretically it should be pretty stealthy. If they could get that past Pakistan's radar into Abbottabad, then I think it's well suited for this mission.
  5. Wisp

    COOP 04 Operation Silverback

    Yes, actually I'm working on a mission that supports 1-12 players.
  6. Wisp

    [SP] Aerial Warfare

    UPDATE - Changed background image. - Made units that fly overhead disappear eventually. - Modified end mission parameters. - Rearm task now shows up as completed. - Revamped markers and added ORBAT groups. - Slightly tweaked mission briefing.
  7. I tried out your method and it works great as well. If it's cleaner than a trigger, I guess I'll go with it. But wrote it to so it applies to 'player'. I need to it to work in multiplayer for any member of a specific group. How would I modify it to work for that? Also I used this to get the helo to land and the squad to get in: _wp = group_attack7 addWaypoint [position _pad, 0]; _wp setWayPointType "LOAD"; _wp2 = group_attack3 addWaypoint [position _pad, 15]; _wp2 setWayPointType "GETIN"; [group_attack7, 1] synchronizeWaypoint [[group_attack3, 1]]; I think the synchronization isn't working because the helo doesn't land. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.
  8. Wisp

    COOP 04 Operation Silverback

    UPDATE - Added text dialogue between characters. - Revamped mission situation to better make sense with the campaign storyline. - Updated ORBAT groups and markers. - Added zone restriction for wandering off. - Tweaked time of day. - Fixed broken task. - Slightly modified establishing shot.
  9. Because the script I'm using is designed to have the helicopter pick up not at a specific point, but wherever the player throws smoke. The orderGetIn command works best for that, so the units need to be assigned to proper vehicle. The previous poster's suggestion of using move instead of transport unload worked though.
  10. I placed your code (and later Weparo's) in the activation of the transport unload waypoint of the truck. Then I have a trigger that detects if a smoke grenade is thrown within a 1000m of a marker. This executes a script that creates a helipad at the location of the smoke grenade, tells the helo to move to that position, and then land. Everything works fine as long as the squad doesn't have moveInCargo truck in their initialization. The helo lands, the squad gets in. But if they were previously in the truck, they never get in the helo. Here's the script: _smokeArray = []; _smokeArray = (position smoke) nearObjects ["SmokeShellGreen",1000 ]; _smoke = _smokearray select 0; _smokePos = position _smoke; _extractPos = createVehicle ["Land_HelipadEmpty_F", _smokePos, [], 0, "NONE"]; _wp = group_attack7 addWaypoint [position _extractPos, 0]; _wp setWayPointType "MOVE"; helo1 land "GET IN"; [player1,player2,player3,player4,player5] orderGetIn true;
  11. Still no luck. :/ This is very strange.
  12. Unfortunately, the squad still does not acknowledge the orderGetIn command.
  13. My mission begins with a squad placed inside a truck, using moveInCargo. I later want them to board a helo, so I use leaveVehicle to have them disembark the truck. According to the BIS Wiki, this also unassigns them from the vehicle. The script I'm using to have them board the helo uses assignAsCargo and orderGetIn to have them board. I know the script works fine because I tested it without the squad previously inside the truck and it works fine. Only when they have been assigned to another vehicle before does it not work. So this means leaveVehicle must not be unassigning them. I did also try the UnassignVehicle command, but it made no difference. What am I doing wrong here? How do I unassign the group from the vehicle so they can later be assigned to another vehicle?
  14. Your script is nice, but it doesn't suit my needs precisely. I don't want to create a new helicopter, I want an existing one to perform the extraction.
  15. Hi all. So I'm following the advice given in this thread: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?110579-Chopper-Land-at-Smoke I have a helicopter set to move to a position. Then I have trigger, with the condition: "heli1 nearObjects ["SmokeShellGreen",200];" and activation: "createVehicle ["Land_HelipadEmpty_F",getPosATL "SmokeShellGreen", [], 0, "None"] && heli1 land "GET IN";" I get the error "type array, expected bool". What am I doing wrong?