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  1. mobile_medic

    Structures - Ambient Occlusion Improvements

    Oh... my... goodness... If you weren't responding to his post, then you (a mod) were just coming in to crap in the thread, b/c the only other posts prior to his were "looks good". So, what was the point of coming into a random thread to bring negativity that (by your own admission) had nothing to do with the original post or any of its replies (a request for actual feedback on the work that was done)? Some of the mods here are half the reason I rarely bother with the forums anymore. That and the forum upgrades a few months ago seems to have wrecked my ability to easily follow subscribed threads by most recent update. @baermitumlaut was a little blunt, but his feedback was valid and thorough in my opinion. I can imagine that devs don't have the best initial reaction when the first line they read about their hard work is, "that is worse"... but, they are big kids, and the post had substance... *your* post on the other hand...
  2. mobile_medic

    Feedback Thread

    I haven't tried this demo yet, but I just wanted to toss this out... I always thought it would be cool to use the mouse scroll wheel as a way to incrementally and more precisely control a player's movement speed on the fly (scroll up to gradually increase the speed, down to decrease). Add a modifier to it (e.g. ctrl + scroll wheel) and it could also be used to adjust one's stance incrementally as well.
  3. mobile_medic

    How much can this 64bit executable help?

    Do some of you really think bohemia, after all this time, would spend money creating a 64 bit executable if they didn't anticipate an actual benefit? And, no, asking "how much" or thinking there must be some intended performance improvement (for them to invest in it in the first place) doesn't mean people think it's going to be some magical super duper sauce, either. Too many folks around here have a habit of railroading discussion by creating a strawman to argue against any time someone brings up performance (or lack thereof). Personally, it's good to see them at least stating an intention to make a (potentially) more bold step with regards to performance. Though, given my impression of their track record on performance, I'll take a wait and see approach along with a lot of skepticism... peppered with a tiny amount of cautious optimism, given the very notable improvement dayZ gained when they dropped the first iteration of the renderer on that game. Though, none of that really speaks to networking issues that will likely still exist.
  4. mobile_medic

    Advanced Rappelling

    You have done an excellent job with this mod. I do have a question, though. I thought I saw a video of rappelling from buildings. Is that feature still WIP, or did I miss a setting somewhere?
  5. mobile_medic

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Go to "My Documents" on your computer. Then, "Arma 3" (or, "Arma 3 - Other Profiles" and the folder that is the name of your current profile if you aren't using the default profile in Arma). You should see a file... for example, "isiahmora63.Arma3Profile". Open that with a text editor (i.e. notepad++). You can do a search within the document for "bootCampWarning=1". If it isn't there, add it somewhere on it's own line (but, not inbetween any block of code inside [], or {} brackets). Save the file. Launch Arma. bootCampWarning=1;
  6. mobile_medic

    Forum Errors

    Yep. Another thread reporting the same issue,here when I first noticed it a month or so ago. https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/191438-sql-errors/ Then went away... then started happening again yesterday.
  7. mobile_medic

    sql errors

    Confirmed. same error to that link for me as well.
  8. mobile_medic

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    can we at least expect the buildings you can enter to be furnished at some point in the future?
  9. mobile_medic

    sql errors

    Getting this error when trying to view "content | follow": Also, got a similar, but shorter error when trying to view this thread: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/184155-forums-migrationupdate-status-items/
  10. mobile_medic

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    Hopefully, they plan on furnishing the enter-able buildings... I was hoping the reason why everything wasn't going to be able to be entered was b/c what is, would be more "alive", and not just b/c rv can't handle the jungle landscape of tanoa without serious compromises. Time will tell...
  11. mobile_medic

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    Looks nice, overall. They actually have it where you can drag an entity from the left hand menu in the 3d editor now (for moving units over long distances). That was a pleasant surprise... Beyond that... Mid-range textures look like shit (as always). The framerate hit compared to Altis is for real. If it doesn't improve quite a bit (it's bohemia, so we already know not to expect much there) it's probably going to play like shit when you actually try to do something on it involving actual missions and such. On a i7 6700k and gtx 780 sc, w/ 16gb of ram at 3000mhz, I got as low as 35fps on an empty map in the woods. That's just 10 minutes of running around a few places. range was around 35-55fps on an empty map in that 10 minutes. probably on the order of 15-25 lower average fps compared to an empty altis on this rig.
  12. mobile_medic

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    I think the visual upgrade looks pretty good overall... New water reflections and such are nice, and there has been no noticeable performance impact for me... On YAAB, in fact (after it got updated today) I gained about 2 fps over the last patch. Same settings (except water turned up all the way with this patch). This on a 6700k, though, so ymmv. The main thing that sticks out at me so far, though... is lighter colors... the sandy, whiter terrains tend to be too washed out and lose detail in their texture as a result. If they did some work with the whiter shades, to bring some depth back into them and not have them look overexposed, I think it would add a lot more depth to the terrains and white altis buildings, in general.
  13. mobile_medic

    New 1.60 Update Quick Note

    I noticed that some of the AI in the campaign are speaking the wrong language. In the second episode of the campaign, as you come out of the woods, some of the enemy ai there had me confused at first, b/c I heard them speaking american english... I don't *think* it used to be that way...
  14. mobile_medic

    New 1.60 Update Quick Note

    I'm enjoying it so far. There is always a saturation slider for those who think it is too pale. I actually thought it looked too washed out from the recent screenshots on the dev branch. But, after playing the first two episodes of the campaign, it was pretty nice actually. Out in the open, there was plenty of color (in my subjective opinion) running at the default (100) saturation.