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  1. Hello Script-Gurus, I would like to make the ATF Dingo "sling loadable", could someone help me out how? I found this, via forum search - but I am not sure, if this is working for a ground vehicle http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?188332-Bundeswehr-Dingo-Reskin-for-ACR_A3-Dingo Thanks in advance!
  2. The ACR Dingo was updated (v.08) - time for a new release ;-) *cough
  3. Great Mod, found one bug though: You can't sit in the rear seats of the VAMTAC (UME).
  4. http://tacticalteam.de/sites/default/files/ttt_logo_v3.png (182 kB) Hello Arma Community, we are the Tactical Training Team. Founded 2013 German speaking Community Time Zone: CET (Berlin) Every week at least 2 Events Several Trainings, so called AGA or SGA, per month Full realism, without the military roleplay We train hard & we play smart We provide 3 Servers (Public, Event and Training) Own Modset distributed and managed via Repository More information on www.tacticalteam.de
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    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    // by commy2 #define DISTANCE 5 #define DELAY 1 _rscLayer = ["AGM_showPlayerNames"] call BIS_fnc_rscLayer; while {true} do { sleep DELAY; _cursorTarget = cursorTarget; _visibleName = false; if (vehicle player == player && {isPlayer _cursorTarget} && {player distance _cursorTarget < DISTANCE}) then { _name = name _cursorTarget; _rscLayer cutText [_name, "PLAIN", 0.1]; _visibleName = [b]false[/b]; } else { if (_visibleName) then { _rscLayer cutText ["", "PLAIN", 0.1]; _visibleName = false; }; }; }; Hi Flummi, because I don't want to break anything or create issues - this dirty "fix" would do it, so no names would be displayed, right?
  6. relain

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Feature request: Disable and/or toggle per Hotkey the Display "Player Name". Those floating names ruin the immersion/realism. THX!
  7. relain

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    bCombat is SP AFAIK. ASR is a solid MP-Mod. To answer the question: I think it is possible, first tests indicate, that there is no real issue.
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    Hi Flummi, I would like to use the helmet cam feature of the navipad with the vanilla helmets (some do have a cam included) - any hint how I can do this? THX in advance!
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    Awesome - great stuff - bugfixes at least and new toys! Alles Gute zum Vatertag! :)
  11. Hi Everyone, are there known any technical issues with this mod? I would like to roll it out in a community - so if there are known issues, I would appreciate some hints before I run into a wall. :) Also - did someone experience a lower FPS on the server caused bei cTAB? THX for the Info in advance! I see, the 15th MEU(SOC) is using it – so I guess it should be pretty stable.
  12. Hi @ll, I made a mission recently for a COOP with 18 people. I need to sync the weather (Fog , 8 - all the time) with a all Clients and with even with the JiP. Right now, I simply don't know how to sync the "fog" with all Players. I see the fog, others not. Some do see Sun & Rain, others Cloudy weather and so on. Sometimes, if a Player joins, the weather changes for all Players. :butbut: I am aware of the dynamic weather script. But I would like to have constant and reliable weather on all clients - not dynamic one. Is there a script out there or e specific command line? I tried MCC Sandbox - didn't work either. I can sync the time, but not the weather. THX in advance!
  13. relain

    Will the Hand Signals/gestures ever return?

    Well, if you play TvT - the lack of hand signals is a big issue - if you prefer to play a realistic teamplay. I am also not sure, if the AI react to ACRE.
  14. I saw this impressive A.I.Demo for ARMA3. It claims to be a so called "kAI" Modification. I would like to test and review it. But I simply can't find it on Armaholic or at the internetz. Maybe someone can help me out and post a URL for download. (ARMA2 or ARMA3, doesn't matter) Thanks in Advance! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnPcrxSuXug
  15. Love this mod, we use it for Training and SWAT-Missions. THX for all the hard work! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oovLF5vaCU
  16. Hi guys, I have some questions regarding the AI and Coop. We moved the last days to ARMA3 on Squad level and it was nasty. Our background: We play since years ARMA OA ACE/ACRE on a constant pretty good level (I thought at least ). With ARMA3 we played mostly Altis Domination or the Resistance Modification the last days. Sometimes with ZeusAI, sometimes without it (because the Server tend to lag with Zeus AI). Anyhow - right now I am bit puzzled how to fight the AI Infantery in Coop with my squad. The AI is, even on lower settings (compared to ARMA2OA ACE) like a terminator. I mean not good, just more like artifical. For example: On one of our mission we set up 360° secure perimeter with 8 guys, we established also a overwatch position behind solid cover and sniper rifle and spotter. The AI Group, maybe 8 EIs, did a suprise move over the hill around 500 m distance, ran in our positions and just sniped us like tin soldiers - even through bushes and grass. The firefight was over in around 3 minutes, wie 6 dead and the rest totally supressed or wounded. That was like Delta vs. FSA Level. We didn't had a chance :cool: I had also several ocassions, where the KI sniped me with iron sight in a 1vs1 fight. The problem, I was behind hardcover prone (house corner) while the KI killed me standing in the landscape without any cover - and hit me right between the eyes with around 200 meters. My experience with the KI: The performance of the AI is very inconsistant - sometimes just blind and stupid, sometimes like a superhuman. We had this issue with ARMA2 - I am suprised to see this again in ARMA3 What is new, the AI can see (and now shoot) through bushes, metal, some walls and wood with pin point acurracy. There is no point in hiding behind bushes or even wooden doors anymore - the KI knows where you are...EVEN if you change the position behind cover Most of the time, the AI is concealed behind bushes/Grass/whatever - but will see you anyhow and kill you. I have the feeling, there is no big difference right now, what kind of scope is attached to the weapon - the KI uses iron sights weapons like sniper weapons. The AI is very fast very deadly, even with fast moving targets. 5-10 Secons are enough to kill, whatever you do. Running is better than hitting the deck right now - but it's not an good option either against the AI. Supression doesn't work at all The sound of the bullets. It's very difficult to hear, where the bullets are comming from. In ARMA the tracers are more helpfull to guesstimate the location of the AI than the sound - but most of the time I am dead without hearing even one bullet My questions: What kind of experience do you have in ARMA 3 with Coop this days (Squad level with Tactical Teamplay)? Specially compared to ARMA2 OA Ace - is it good, the same, is it worse? What kind of AI settings do you use to come close to the ARMA2 AO ACE feeling? Do you use any AI modification -which one is the best in your opinion? Did you chanced your tactics playing against the ARMA3 AI compared to the ARMA2 AI? Thanks in Advance!
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    Mao, did you find a fix? Or does a switch to the stable version help for you?
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    hey there, I get a script error. Also a script error on a dedicated server. We use the Dev built. Any Idea how I can fix this?
  19. relain

    Custom Logos on helicopters in MP

    I am thinking about personal patches, so would it be possible to make a custom logo for every player (like a custom face) with the squad xml - aka one id=one personal logo?
  20. Hi there, my search didn't come up with something usefull, so I decided to ask. I would like to create a mission command center with this great PiP function in ARMA3. In my planned mission, you should be able to walk into a HQ and watch how the operations unfold. I would like to have PiP from several UAVs on the wall of a building. I saw something like this at youtube with the alpha - but I think the video is gone. Because I am absolutly new to this, it would be great if you could help me out, how I can implement this.
  21. Oh no, I just spend 5 hours building a mission. I closed the ARMA3. Start ARMA3 again. Logged into the MCC. Hit the button to load the last save via load from profile. And MCC just loads parts/fragments of my mission - I can see it even in the code, everything is there - it just doesn't load. Even if I roll back to an older save, it doesn't work. Any idea how I could fix this?
  22. Oh noes....*facepalm @myself. 2 hours of placing "rebels" for nothing. Thanks for the tipp. :) Edit: This is quite confusing - you can see in MCC FIA could be also GUER - which could be something like restistance, right?
  23. Maybe someone can help me out with a mission design in ARMA3: I set in MCC "restistance" is hostile to "all" - I placed FIA Solidiers at the mission guarding my hostages. But they simply won't attack any NATO-Forces. Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance!
  24. relain

    Helicopter physics impressions - simplified

    Thanks for sharing your RL knowledge - interesting stuff. :)