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  1. The ACR Dingo was updated (v.08) - time for a new release ;-) *cough
  2. Hello Script-Gurus, I would like to make the ATF Dingo "sling loadable", could someone help me out how? I found this, via forum search - but I am not sure, if this is working for a ground vehicle http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?188332-Bundeswehr-Dingo-Reskin-for-ACR_A3-Dingo Thanks in advance!
  3. Great Mod, found one bug though: You can't sit in the rear seats of the VAMTAC (UME).
  4. http://tacticalteam.de/sites/default/files/ttt_logo_v3.png (182 kB) Hello Arma Community, we are the Tactical Training Team. Founded 2013 German speaking Community Time Zone: CET (Berlin) Every week at least 2 Events Several Trainings, so called AGA or SGA, per month Full realism, without the military roleplay We train hard & we play smart We provide 3 Servers (Public, Event and Training) Own Modset distributed and managed via Repository More information on www.tacticalteam.de
  5. relain

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    // by commy2 #define DISTANCE 5 #define DELAY 1 _rscLayer = ["AGM_showPlayerNames"] call BIS_fnc_rscLayer; while {true} do { sleep DELAY; _cursorTarget = cursorTarget; _visibleName = false; if (vehicle player == player && {isPlayer _cursorTarget} && {player distance _cursorTarget < DISTANCE}) then { _name = name _cursorTarget; _rscLayer cutText [_name, "PLAIN", 0.1]; _visibleName = [b]false[/b]; } else { if (_visibleName) then { _rscLayer cutText ["", "PLAIN", 0.1]; _visibleName = false; }; }; }; Hi Flummi, because I don't want to break anything or create issues - this dirty "fix" would do it, so no names would be displayed, right?
  6. relain

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Feature request: Disable and/or toggle per Hotkey the Display "Player Name". Those floating names ruin the immersion/realism. THX!
  7. relain

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    bCombat is SP AFAIK. ASR is a solid MP-Mod. To answer the question: I think it is possible, first tests indicate, that there is no real issue.
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    Hi Flummi, I would like to use the helmet cam feature of the navipad with the vanilla helmets (some do have a cam included) - any hint how I can do this? THX in advance!
  10. relain


    Awesome - great stuff - bugfixes at least and new toys! Alles Gute zum Vatertag! :)
  11. Hi Everyone, are there known any technical issues with this mod? I would like to roll it out in a community - so if there are known issues, I would appreciate some hints before I run into a wall. :) Also - did someone experience a lower FPS on the server caused bei cTAB? THX for the Info in advance! I see, the 15th MEU(SOC) is using it – so I guess it should be pretty stable.
  12. Hi @ll, I made a mission recently for a COOP with 18 people. I need to sync the weather (Fog , 8 - all the time) with a all Clients and with even with the JiP. Right now, I simply don't know how to sync the "fog" with all Players. I see the fog, others not. Some do see Sun & Rain, others Cloudy weather and so on. Sometimes, if a Player joins, the weather changes for all Players. :butbut: I am aware of the dynamic weather script. But I would like to have constant and reliable weather on all clients - not dynamic one. Is there a script out there or e specific command line? I tried MCC Sandbox - didn't work either. I can sync the time, but not the weather. THX in advance!
  13. relain

    Will the Hand Signals/gestures ever return?

    Well, if you play TvT - the lack of hand signals is a big issue - if you prefer to play a realistic teamplay. I am also not sure, if the AI react to ACRE.
  14. Love this mod, we use it for Training and SWAT-Missions. THX for all the hard work! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oovLF5vaCU