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  1. Nikonteles

    EricJ Release thread

    HK416 coming ?
  2. Nikonteles

    RH wip thread

    please ! HK416/417 with AFG and vertical grip PLEASE !!!
  3. Nikonteles

    Backpack config ?

    ou SixConfig show me whole config ? thats cool i have to look at that thanks :) and i only want to create medic bag for my clan i just want to put other texture on the bag and give it more place to carry things from xMedSys
  4. Nikonteles

    Backpack config ?

    But i also need to see how that config looks like i dont think it is same as the vest or helmets or is it ?
  5. i was lookin around on the internet to find config for backpacks and i didnt find anything so if anyone could tell me how to create own backpack with my own texture and i also want to change how much things you can carry in it thanks
  6. Nikonteles

    Arma3 Characters Modding Tutorial

    Hello i have problem with helmet i want to add a our clan patch on it but if i do it in photoshop it just remove the defoult patch does helmets have hiddenslections for insignias or something like that ?
  7. Is there any way how i could have that logo just on one side of the chopper ?
  8. so there is now way how to change it ?
  9. so body and tail + rotor must be together in the pbo rigt ? ---------- Post added at 16:45 ---------- Previous post was at 16:27 ---------- Okay, Ive got it in the game with logo but tail is invisibile and i have it in configň OKAY ITS DONE ! :) the only probelm is that on the other side it is reversed....
  10. where should i put it ? in a config or how do you mean it ?
  11. Okay so now im at this state the helicopter shows up in game as i want itsn ame is TFRod Ghosthawk but it doesnt have green texture with the log it is only just a black. Here is a picture i made when i setObjectTexture at the helicopter and the config. Im realy sorry if im doing some stupid thing im realy new to all of this and i just want to create some things for our clan also i want to create patches on to uniforms but i still dont know how. i just want to look it like that but green with that logo class CfgPatches { class TFRod_GH { units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {"A3_Air_F_Beta_Heli_Transport_01"}; }; }; class CfgVehicles { class Heli_Transport_01_base_F; class TFRod_Ghosthawk : Heli_Transport_01_base_F { _generalMacro = "B_Heli_Transport_01_F"; scope = 2; side = 1; faction = "BLU_F"; displayName = "TFRod Ghosthawk"; crew = "B_Helipilot_F"; hiddenSelections[]= {"camo"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[]= {"P:\moje addony\TFRod_GH\Data\TFRod_GH_co.paa", "#(rgb,8,8,3)color(0.93,0,0.55,1)"}; typicalCargo[] = {"B_Helipilot_F"}; availableForSupportTypes[] = {"Drop","Transport"}; }; };
  12. but why is it pink ? why it is not black like the defoult colour... now it is black but now green with the logo on it im realy lost my self in this....
  13. lol the helicopter which i was trying to create is now white and pink...
  14. so i dont need to change whole texture of the uniform (beoucse that is not what i want to do) i just want to change patch on the velcro on ufnirom, helmets and vests
  15. now it is okay thank you so much ! :))) ---------- Post added at 10:04 ---------- Previous post was at 10:03 ---------- btw is this tutorial also useful if i just want to change flag patches on the uniforms ?