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  1. I'm with you. Your NSW units are itching for some operations in Zargabad. ;-)
  2. Still loving these. My only request would be a tan top with multicam pants.
  3. This is great news! I want to say thanks for spending what I can only imagine was a ton of time working on this. Also, am I the only one more excited about Takistan and Zargabad than Chernarus?
  4. Are you able to also port the Takistan civilians and bad guys?
  5. banky

    RH wip Thread

    Then I shall write him a strongly worded letter right away. ;) lol Take your time man, I just wanted to point out that there were some nice looking ones on the way.
  6. banky

    Scope Mod A3

    Great news! I was getting worried that we weren't going to make it to the Specter lol. Hope all the things you have going on are good things for you man.
  7. banky

    Arma 3 Famas G2 5.56×45mm NATO

    You're a busy man indeed. If you're taking requests how about an HK 416?
  8. banky

    RH wip Thread

    http://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm180/guitaro-man/arma32013-11-1801-40-50-51_zpsb518d6ba.png We could all harass Slatts to release his.
  9. I like the variety, the textures are great, and being from east Tennessee, I'm loving the Vols hat. :-)
  10. Works great, definitely makes things easier for mission making. Much thanks!
  11. banky

    Arma 3 Steyr Aug Pack 1

    You can just have one "@mikes" folder and drop whichever ones you want to use in there and leave out the ones you don't.
  12. banky

    Arma 3 Steyr Aug Pack 1

    You're on a roll man. Thanks for the massive variety you're giving us, it's much appreciated. Please tell me there is a HK 416/m27 IAR coming down the line sometime.
  13. Would giving the module a name and using deleteVehicle modulename in the trigger work? I'm at work or i would test it myself.
  14. banky

    ASDG Attachments

    Could this system be "tweaked" to put the flashlight on the bottom rail?
  15. Are you working up any type of special forces dudes to carry around your sweet SOPMOD rifles?
  16. banky

    M110 from Arma 2

    I just ran through a few tests against a team of 4 opfor and I was able to get one shot kills most of the time. Occasionally it would take two or even three rounds, but for the most part the damage seems good to me.
  17. banky

    Slatts WIP thread

    LOL yeah, I must have been thinking of the MK12. :o
  18. banky

    M110 from Arma 2

    Yeah, the rifle looks great, but I'm getting the floating mags like with your FN FAL. Other than that I love it.
  19. banky

    Slatts WIP thread

    Awesome! Can't wait. Any variants or just the standard black?
  20. banky

    FHQ Accessories pack

    My thoughts exactly. Are you planning any changes/tweaks to your current optics (Not that they need it, just curious)?
  21. banky

    FHQ Accessories pack

    Looks great. Can't wait to throw it on an MK12.
  22. I know you told me you reversed the proxies to get the pointers and lights on the left side of the barrel, but is there any way to make it so the sweet new top mount ir pointers like in the RH M4 pack attach to the top rail instead of the bottom?
  23. Have you ever considered making the H&K 416?
  24. banky

    RH M4/M16 pack

    Does Tigg have any H&K 416 models lying around? Would love to see your work on one of those beauties.
  25. How did you get the pointer slot on the left side of the barrel for your weapons?