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  1. wildw1ng

    [MP] conqu3st

    hey, what clean up script worked for you?
  2. wildw1ng

    [MP] conqu3st

    Its a static variable, cant be changed for separate flags. You would be moving the player to a random location in a radius next to the flag after the respawns. Ill try to implement it in the next build.
  3. wildw1ng

    [MP] conqu3st

    * v1.6 - updated Virtual Ammobox System script to v1.9 - fixed respawn script bug - disabled ammobox simulation - added tanks, artillery, support vehicles and cas drones to 'conqu3st - Stratis'
  4. wildw1ng

    [MP] conqu3st

    thanks ill check it out
  5. put this in your vehicle respawn script: ... _unit setDir _dir; [b][i] /* Helicopter Transportation Script */ [[[_unit],"scripts\transport\classify.sqf"],"BIS_fnc_execVM",true,false] spawn BIS_fnc_MP;[/i][/b] _dead = false; // Check respawn amount if !(_noend) then {_rounds = _rounds + 1}; ...
  6. wildw1ng

    [MP] conqu3st

    its up, hf :)
  7. wildw1ng

    [MP] conqu3st

    hey i did an altis map in the city of kavala. you can find it here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/wildw1ng/myworkshopfiles/
  8. wildw1ng

    [MP] conqu3st

    hey, if you want to respawn with your selected gear just hit "load on respawn" button in the virtual ammo box
  9. wildw1ng

    [MP] conqu3st

    Hey guys i decided to publish the new version without the Helicopter-Transportation-Script this time. It seems there will be no quick fix for it. I've rewritten the respawn selection system (again), hope you like it. changes to 1.5:
  10. hey guys, still getting an error:
  11. wildw1ng

    [MP] conqu3st

    Im using Helicopter-Transportation-Script for the large map conqu3st - Stratis. You can hook up a vehicle under a helo and fly it somewhere.
  12. wildw1ng

    [MP] conqu3st

    Hi, the new version is on its way. I didn't publish it yet because the Helicopter-Transportation-Script is broken since 0.74 and im waiting for bob_gneu to fix it. If you want to play the "work in progress" version of the mission you can download it on my private server. Just put "einself" in the ingame mission filter.
  13. wildw1ng

    [MP] conqu3st

    Thank you for the report. I'll look into it. Im changing the respawn system in the new version again to use BIS functions so it should be fixed by then.
  14. wildw1ng

    [AhoyWorld.co.uk] co40 AW Invade & Annex

    please change your ammobox init to: clearItemCargo this; clearMagazineCargo this; clearWeaponCargo this; this addAction[""<t color='#ff1111'>Change Gear Loadout</t>"", ""VAS\open.sqf""]; this allowDamage false; tnx
  15. wildw1ng

    [MP] conqu3st

    updated to v1.4 updated to beta added beta vehicles updated player classes updated Virtual Ammobox System script to v1.3 updated Helicopter Transportation script to 1.4 the sides have different uniforms now since the beta I like the idea of anyone load up his favorite gear and weapon. But i intend to balance the classes trough weapon restrictions as i get more feedback.