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  1. atlantisthief

    Arma3 Videos

    Follow-Up on the OP Palladium
  2. I played it, I loved it. I stopped due to me stopping playing Arma 3, but recently I am getting back into A3 but TacBF server are always empty :/ I believe TacBF on Tanoa could be interesting, atleast I think I have more FPS on Tanoa then any other map right now. I would play it once players are back in it.
  3. atlantisthief

    Arma3 Videos

    JTF16 was hosting a mission for more then just their own community. TFW participated!
  4. A little bit sad to hear that. But as we speak of network traffic, I actually don't see any bigger lags on the 70 Slot TacBF server, but who knows what power is sitting behind it. Wouldn't it be atleast possible to walk over bodies that are unconces so urban combat would be a bit less painfull?
  5. I mean the body should behave like in this video (with maybe a bit few jumping): http://youtu.be/epFOf-SpV7g Things to notice: #1 The body can be dragged and while beeing dragged it is in the same position as in Ace³ (fixed animation I would guess) #2 As soon as I release the body, it turns into a ragdoll again #3 Medical actions can be applied at the ragdoll (see how arms and legs are positioned?) I can walk over the body aswell. There is no indication from distance to see if that body belongs to a unconces player or to a dead one. #4 After medical treatment is finished (aka revived), player can move as normal. THIS is what I would like to see in ACE³ instead of that freaking horrible fixed ragdoll stuff it has now. :(
  6. #1 Great ^^ #2 I know the medic system, my clan and me are using the advanced medic system ^^. I was probably unclear, what i mean with the TacBF medic system the dragging itself is not done with a ragdoll, instead it's a very similar animation state like it's in ACE now. But on dropping the wounded person, the body turns into a ragdoll again, all medical actions applied happen on the "ragdoll". If I find the time, I will make a short video today and upload it to show exactly what I mean, as I clearly prefer the way a body is handled in TacBF compared to ACE³ right now ( :( )
  7. Hey! I like the mod a lot! It adds a lot of depth to the core gameplay. But I have a few requests to the mod: #1 (rather unimportant) Reintroduce the vehicle maintenance options from AGM. Make us fix wheels, make us fix the engine and refuel. Maybe even the tow rope. #2 (rather very important) Been playing TacBF recently and there is always one thing that I would LOVE to see on Ace³ that is the way a shot body is behaving. I want to see a ragdoll of a dead player, I don't want to be able to decide if a player is still alive or dead simply by checking how his body is lying (fixed position vs ragdoll). Please check out how it's done in TacBF, since there is also drag, and healing and reviving (on a rather basic level but still). It would also solve the issue that a "dead" player is blocking paths, simply because he is in an animation state. I posted this already on your github threadnought called "suggestions" but I believe it drowned under the massive ideas amount.
  8. Hello everyone, I want to have in a mission that is running with ACE3 a way to give dieing players the chance to spectate the further game. I did a little bit of research and found this Modified Kegety's Spectator Script (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22827). On that point, it looks like something i want to have. But I can't get this script running after a player died (and had to respawn). My Description.ext contains those relevant settings: Respawn = "3"; RespawnDelay = 10; respawnOnStart = 1; respawnTemplates[] = {"MenuPosition"}; Out of the BIWiki, Respawn 3 aka Base should also trigger onPlayerRespawn.sqf, where I have the same call as in my editor version to switch to the script and spectator mode. By now I was able to get the "onPlayerRespawn.sqf" trigger for Respawn = "1"; but I want the player to respawn as a unit so they can, in case of an error in the mission/bug, rejoin the mission. The respawnOnStart is something that is needed of some of our Zeusmissions, so the Zeus can change the initial spawnzone. So to come to a proper question: How can I get this Spectator Script, or any other suggested one, running on a player respawn, but still allowing the player to rejoin the game easily (by hitting esc and leaving the specator view for example)?
  9. legen.... dare to not give us ACE3 within a week, righty?
  10. Hey everyone, I just need a small helper here: I do some Zeus-Coop Missions with a bunch of people and sometimes accidents happen and friendly fire / team killing occurs. We are using AGM so everyone can be revived and so on, but there happens that player can't enter vehicle no more. I know this is related to friendly fire but how can I make my fellow players join vehicle although they did teamdamage accidently? This once killed a whole mission for me, as I couldn't get everyone transported. I tried to use "player addRating 10000" via the debug console to give every player a positive rating back, do I need to do this BEFORE the teamdamage happens? Is there anyway to fix the situation AFTER it happened?
  11. Is it possible to have the persistent saving function done locally? My server admin is not willing to do use the current model as it would be dependant on an external databse. Can you maybe explain me how to change it so it will save it on the local server instead?
  12. atlantisthief

    A few questions about Zeus

    On 2. Have you checked how many uniforms, weapons and items are there by default??? That's a lot clicking :P 1. I see, well i have to find a workaround when I want to work with a template mission. 3. Immersive not, but as yesterdays example: on default faction is blufor, but I wanted to give them the fun of beeing some guerillia fighter in opfor suits, so they changed but had to be moven somewhere else because they didn't clearly belong to the blufor camp anymore :P Missions doesn't always have to start at a base to be rolled out in some cases ^^
  13. atlantisthief

    A few questions about Zeus

    Thanks for your respond novemberist, 1. Yes I mean human players (as of right now, i dont have any script input box like on AI units) 2. I could do that ... but considering all those different items, weapons, attachments, magazines AND stuff added from mods i will be clicking all the time on one evening to create one such box :P 3. I simply mean a way to "teleport" players from A to B, not by killing or respawning. (Killing wouldn't work since we use AGM as our medical system).
  14. atlantisthief

    A few questions about Zeus

    Hello everyone, i have gathered a few questions I'm stuck upon playing a few zeus missions (as zeus :P): I play on a custom zeus mission, filled with 2 Zeus Entities as playable units (Unit on ground), a custom base and a virtual aresnal box. So here are my questions: 1. Can I as Zeus somehow apply certain script commands to a player? Something like "this setCaptive true"? I can do that on debug screen, but obviously I can't target a specific player. I could try to achieve that using names for each placed unit in editor, but it's hard to determine who is who once everyone joined in (after I have build stuff). 2. How can I place a new box with an action menu entry going for an virtual arsenal via Zeus? Yesterday someone made a mistake and destroyed the virtual box for everyone :( 3. Is there a way to make it possible to actually edit player positions? As said, a predefined unit spawn location is set for a pretty much default "out of base" experience, but I was interested in doing a start somewhere else on the map. I had a workaround getting the players geared up and getting on a HEMTT which I later via debug camera moved to the destination.
  15. atlantisthief

    UPSMON Updated to ArmaIII

    Wonderfull, my fault on the game object (thought it was a line somewhere) Still Fortify bugs by myside: Error in expression <_id = -1; { _id = _id + 1; If (typename _x == "ARRAY") then { _alturatemp = _x; > Error position: <_x == "ARRAY") then { _alturatemp = _x; > Error Undefined variable in expression: _x File C:\Users\Atlantis\Documents\Arma 3\missions\[Co16]Stromausfall.Altis\scripts\UPSMON\MODULES\UPSMON_FORTIFY.sqf, line 90