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    Ghost Hawk Down [CO-10], [SP+MP]

    When we start the coop mission with hint, it says that the script dofollow.sqf is missing, and when we reach the crew members they will not follow us.
  2. Antorugby

    Close Air Support - Day 1

    It's in the proper folder, it was always there, probably is a problem with my Arma, not of the mission. Btw, can't wait for CAS 2!
  3. Antorugby

    Close Air Support - Day 1

    Nope, it keep show the error. Anyway, CAS 2 will be only single player? It would be fun to play as a Gunner while another friend is the pilot.
  4. Antorugby

    SLP Spawning script

    Thank you, work really well. I've just one problem, at the start i get an error saying there is some problem in the line 28 of the SLP_init.sqf. Something like "Error zero divisor" EDIT: My fault, i forgot the description.ext. Anyway, is it normal that will spawn even another squad that will not do anything? EDIT2: No, it keep showing the error.
  5. Antorugby

    SLP Spawning script

    I'm using your script, and this line in particolaur: 0=["trg5",[1,1],[trg5],[5,[1,2]],[],[],[],["hunt",abc]] spawn SLP_spawn; But how can i change the "trg5" to make them spawn near the player at some distance and from one direction without using a marker?
  6. Antorugby

    Task fail if enemy leaves?

    I think that you have to use a trigger with this on act: not(apc1 in thislist) && not (apc2 in thislist); But i'm new at scripting, so I don't know if it works.
  7. Antorugby

    Throttle problem

    Well, after some days it's working, i used this guide and then customize a little bit the stuff inside the arma controller option. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?108410-A-fix-for-Full-Axis-throttle-mapping
  8. Antorugby

    Large Explosion

    I use this script that i've found in a youtube video: And call it back with a trigger, you need too put markers in you map, in this script the markers are called "area1" and "area2"
  9. Antorugby

    Task failed after succeded

    I think I'm in love with you lol. You did a great job, love that, thank you so much, I think I'm going to release the mission when it's done and of course i will mention you. Thank you again man!
  10. Antorugby

    Task failed after succeded

    Yeah of course: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w8hxa5gb8r86cni/prova%2520heli.Stratis.rar There is a lot of chaos, sorry for that. The heli should be on in the airport, i moved it there for simplicity, and there are a lot of stuff just there for reminder. Btw, can you fix even the join squad trigger, the second one near the airport? It wont count the unit inside the vehicle, so I don't really know how to activate it when i go back with the team.
  11. Antorugby

    Task failed after succeded

    Wich trigger should be set on switch? It doesn't work, when I succed the task i get "Fail task" immediately.
  12. Antorugby

    Close Air Support - Day 1

    After the last update I have a problem launching the mission, it says that i cannot play because is dependent on downloadable content that as been deleted a3_sign_f_ad
  13. Antorugby

    Tipy of activation

    Oh thank you, appreciate that. I've modified a little bit your trigger because I need to activate the trigger even if someone in the team die, so i used this and now it works even if the group is not full. vehicle player in thislist && {_x in officer1} count units alpha >= 1 I have another problem, to make the team get in the chopper i linked the "load" and "get in" waypoint but if someone on the team die, the team wont get in the chopper. I tried even your way using the "move" waypoint and the "moveincargo" but i have the same problem. Any idea? EDIT: I've resolved the problem using the group command in every soldier.
  14. Hi, I'm trying to make a mission where a chopper piloted by the player will take off from the airport, pick up some soldier in a place and then go back to the airport. I want to activate a trigger when I'm coming back to the airport, near it, and with the heli full of soldier, the trigger must be huge so can be activated from any direction and approach, the problem is that it must activate only one I'm coming back, but I don't know how to do it. I tried the activation with the name of the soldier group but it doesn't work, even if I make the pilot join it. So, how do I do? There some code that let me activate a trigger only if the cargo is full or something similar? Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk 4 Beta
  15. Antorugby

    Close Air Support - Day 1

    Hey, I'm starting to fly in Arma and your video and the mission really helped me to train myself, i'm not really good but pratice will do his job, i hope, so thank you and great job. By the way, Iknow it's a CAS mission but i think it will be a good feature to add some fast extraction of under attack squads, do you think it's a good idea?
  16. Hello, i'm new to the editing, and i need some help, I'm trying to create a new mission and i was looking how to make a fireplace, or at least a car on fire without explosions that last forever. Btw, i found an old topic, where they were talking about creating a init.sqf file with this code inside: But when I use this code, and the code in the object init of course, it said that there is no burn.sqf script. I know that the location changed to \data_f\a3\data_f\ParticleEffects but even if I use this location I have the same results, so there is any way how could I check all the particle effects? Sorry for my english, hope you can understand what I'm trying to ask. :P
  17. Hi, i tried to set stuff on fire in the editor, I used all the stuff suggest in Arma 2 changing the adress of the script or of the p3b, but nothing work. Someone can help me to spawn fire, smoke or something else?
  18. Hello, I'm trying to make a mission and at some point I want to place two soldier, sitting in front of a fireplace. I found some stuff about Arma 2 using a script with this code: But using this code, the soldiers stay in that position even if there are enemy near them and even if they shoot, so there is some way to make them defend themself? Second question, I need a fireplace, some way to do it? The old arma 2 stuff does not work anymore, if there is no way to make a fireplace in the alpha, at least can I set a car on fire without explosion and with the fire that last forever? Third quesiton, I placed an Heli patrol with the lights on that search for enemy, but it's useless because even if I stand under the light, the Heli can't see me, any solution? Sorry for my poor english, tell me if something is not understandable and I will try to explain myself better.
  19. Antorugby

    Set stuff on fire

    I thought it was possible to use the one in the other folders, thank you for your reply.
  20. Antorugby

    Set stuff on fire

    Oh, ok thank you! But i see there's a fire script and some smoke p3d, there is no way to use them?
  21. Trust me I tried, but everytime i was searching about campfire i couldn't find anything, only stuff about particle effects, but i searched for an entire day, maybe i didn't use the right keyword because english it's not my language, sorry! Thank you!
  22. I had the same problem, yesterday i made a new feedback about this, vote it up so the dev can see and Fix it! http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=5770 Btw, thanks Gunter, i tried to make it work all the day and it was so simple! How do you know what to put on the init? There's some kind of guide or what?
  23. Antorugby

    Fireplace and Heli

    Thank you for your reply! I managed to make them sitting untill something appen just using this script named sitting.sqf: _this setBehaviour "SAFE"; _this action ["SITDOWN",_this] And call it back in the init of the soldier using this: null=this execVM "sitting.sqf"; I don't know how i didn't notice the fireplace in the editor before, btw I have a problem, even if I place the fireplace burning, there is no fire untill someone make it burn, any solution? Do you thing can I add smoke someway? For the Heli, yeah, I hope it will be fixed.
  24. Well, just if someone was searching for the same thing, for checking all the particle effects I opened the data_f.pob with a pbo extractor, but in the destruction folder there is no burn.sqf.