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  1. The client PC is running the mods, also the server has the exactly same mods as the client PC. The server and Client PC is only running the mods needed for this mission. Any idea's? Skunk
  2. hello, I've tried to upload the mission to my server with the needed mods. Now i only recieve messages of conflicting addons. Is this something that is comming from the mission file? Kindly regards, Rick Winkelman
  3. Kushluk, A great mod / mission you have created!! But one problem, I have playd it and walked through more villages on the map. There are no civilliand and enemies. After a 2 hour walk still cant find anybody. Is this something that must be activated or just because i've tried it out of the editor? Kindly regards, Rick "Skunk" Winkelman
  4. Haha. Stupid. Thanks a lot mate
  5. I think i am the only one, but when trying to open it in ArmA i recieve the following error: "you cannot play/edit this mission, it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted, dice_v20". Every addon in stated in the requiremnents i have installed. what could be the missing item? Kindly regards, Skunk
  6. Hello, I hop someone can help me with the following problem. I'm creating a mission with alive on takistan. It is working but opcom allways gives me the same task. Allways it is :"Hold C4 or C5" It is fun, but after 3 of the same tasks it is getting borring. How do i get tasks with disable IED's or disable armor groups etc. Kindly regards, Skunk
  7. I've found out that when placing the apache on the map it is floating a bit. I must say that I think there is a major bug in arma3 with this helicopter. It seems impossible to land. Even with auto hover it is flipping over at touchdown
  8. Looks great. But why not also for arma3. We need a chopper like this in arma3
  9. I've found my problem. It was in a fob I've created with special helipad where the helicopter was standing at 0.6 ft above the ground. Created a new fob and the problem is solved.
  10. Hello, Thanks for letting this mod also work under ArmA 3, But there is one problem i also had in ArmA 2. When starting the engines the helicopter seems to start floating and moving to the left and right. Also when landing it is very unstable, it looks like it has some of a invisible cone below the helicopter, when descending through the 5 meter suddenly it keeps hanging to the right or left. Iḿ very sory if this subject it also stated before, but i could'nt find it. Kindly regards, Skunk
  11. skunk

    LIFTER for ArmA 3

    It is normal that you can't use this feature as pilot. If you can the helicopter will follow you to the ground. Try it as passenger on an Ai flown helicopter Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-N9005 met Tapatalk
  12. skunk

    LIFTER for ArmA 3

    RAV_RAVEN, We have tried this beautifull mod online yesterday and it works great except for one thing. We where doing a mission where we had to infiltrate a village. the best way was via the water, so we have flown a chinook to the sea with a boat under it. When we reached the point from where we are going to start the infiltartion via boat, we've let the ladder down and clicked the option to go into the boat via the ladder. That was the tricky part because some of us (including me) could click the function but nothing happends after that. We'had to jump out into the water and enter the boat via water. Any ideas what could be the problem with not being able to get into the boat? Kindly regards, Rick Winkelman
  13. Does anyone know the solution for the following problem: When i'm on takistan and want to use the MCC Mission Generator the system gives me an error that the map parameters are not set. Can anyone tell me how to fix this so i can use MCC also on other maps than Stratis and Altis?
  14. Arma 4 is really good, complete 3d compatible and vehicle simulation is way better;) No sorry, offcourse i mean arma3