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  1. RTR

    Situation update?

    It's funny is'nt it jblackrupert, how mthey keep doing the same thing over & over again, & then play the hurt victim when the community has had enough and fire back at them. Simple fact is that ALL, and I will say that again so even the most ardent fan-boy will not misunderstand, ALL involved in this sad project should be ashamed at how it has been handled, and also how they treated the people who buy thier products, due to the lack of communication/understanding. The whole episode has been really very badly handled. as said before, a shame that, as I really liked the game, as I am a Russian front fanatic and really looked forward to it, imagine if instead of the sad little 'oh lets do a D-day DLC, that will get us more American sales' they did what was asked and finished of the operation bagration time period, then followed that up with a Kursk DLC, Pz III L/M Elephants SU 152 Russian L/66 45mm anti tank guns, Sturmoviks, HS 129/B'!! the sales would of gone through the roof, but no, ah well, we can but dream i suppose. Cheers and have a good one.
  2. RTR

    Situation update?

    There's a first eh ProfTournesol:p But the mere fact that PB has graced us with a message, or that the forum is back up is not any cause what so ever for a party, I would be very cautious as the track record of the nightmare that has been IF is not, shall we say customer friendly, in the sense that they promise the world, but give very little. njmatrix, if you read the whole post it goes into reasons why people are annoyed and rightly so, also ARMA was released awhile ago now, things have moved on and people expect more, would you put up with a car that would not start after you have handed over cassh for it? I think not, and we are all entitled to our opinions, and I thought it was a very refrained post, but there you go. End of the day, the community has been treated in an off hand manner, by ALL involved with IF. I think it will take a lot of bridge building to regain any sort of trust with people, and saying it is so & so's fault not ours will not cut it. shame as the game did have massive potential, if they sort it all good and well, but they have made life hard for themselves, and only have themselves to blame for how people feel towards them. have a good one.
  3. RTR

    Situation update?

    Panzer Baron, As stated by all so far, thank you for getting in-touch at last with the community that bought your companies game, I to would like to thank you for a game that had promise, how ever that is all that can be said,as from the get go it was rather obvious the game was not fully tested before release. you state that V1.06 was held up, ok, as asked, is it now done or as IF is dead is it as i suspect no longer around or dumped( or was it even started?).Also will AWAR see if the can unlcok the game so as GS and others have requested so we the community can move the game forward. Do AWAR intend to improve communications with it's community I.E those who pay you for your product,and keep your company alive and you in a job, Hope so or your new project will go the same as IF, also will you listen to you public this time as to content wishes? IF had a poll, and most people wanted AWAR to finish off the russian front, or at least finish off the Time period the game was set in on the Russian front (Russian front with out sturmoviks!!! most unusual) also I am sure you can see why alot of people feel they have been ripped off by the DLC and the game in general and how things have turned out' As stated i like the base game, it just needed more content, more direction and certainly more communication. A lesson learnt, more than likely, a lesson understood, I doubt it but I wait to be proven wrong, a missed opportunity? without a doubt. will i ever buy a game form Deep Silver again Never! from AWAR again, well that depends on how IF is wrapped up I.E will they get the game unlocked and what the new project is like, and about, there is an old saying, ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY. so look at this Panzer Baron and please show it to your main bosses, this is a refrained message, from a simple gamer, who wanted IF to be great, but saw how it fell from grace rapidly and how badly it was handled. Respect RTR