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    Feedback Thread

    In my opinion and strictly talking about gameplay, customization goes after difficulty modes. Right now UI is essential, allies have the inverted triangle. Arma 3 improved a lot from Arma 2, player's movement was one of the most important things, but in some way failed to recreate CQC combat. Your prototype performance is brilliant, smooth as hell, is arma 3 in visuals, but doesn't have the same feeling. I wish you can keep some part of this essence. With minor changes like removing the bullet count from UI you can get back some of Arma sensations. No offense, but nowadays, Project Argo is in some way likes counter strike more than Arma (I don't know if that is your objective). I played a lot Counter Strike, battlefield, call of duty, but now i'm a bit tired of those kind of games. You have the capability of trying to do some kind of mix, preserving somethings of Arma essence through host options, difficulty/Hud/gamespeed...
  2. akai

    Feedback Thread

    Hello, congratulations for your work. It's nice to play Arma in CQC, since arma 3 ussualy tends to play with longer distances. Now some feedback 1)Would be nice the posibility to have to different skins for the clouds and the flames, untill the propper models are done, you can use Opfor of one team and bluforce for the other team. 2)Hardcore mode servers, without any visual help and crosshair I will keep playing and reporthing my thoughts.
  3. I recommend you to buy this game now in the alpha phase, it will be cheaper, and you can start enjoying since today.
  4. It seems that runs smoother than arma 2, mid range and assaults are more fluid than arma 2. Drawback: Too much futuristic (personal opinion)