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  1. Wiki, Each episode is like mission. First released episode is Leonardo and duration is ~30min. I want to do campaign like movie, so next episodes duration will be ~1hour. It is little spoiler, but yes, main character, Thomas Cell, will be player during campaign. barakokula31: Translation is WIP. It's hard to find someone for translation, so english texts are provisional.
  2. I'm glad that I can present to you our new campaign Codename Leonardo via launch trailer: Info: The new Arma 3 campaign, Codename Leonardo is divided into three successive chapters - LEONARDO, REVENGE and STRENGTH. Each will come separately free on Steam Workshop. It is focused on the all hardcore players and also include czech voices or english texts. Missions are set in interesting areas that are completely remastered and lives their own lives. On the player await cutscenes, plot turns and diverse gameplay, in which are used the various military means. It all underlined great audiovisual processing. Features: - Spellbinding story and storyline turnovers - Player as commander of OPFOR team - Four main characters - Movie cutscenes - Night and stealth - No addons needed - Rebuilt new interesting location on Altis - Living area (civilians, animals, weather) - Drone and Quad are used - Support of two languages: Czech/English - Original new czech voices - Original new soundtrack by Jan Chudy - Auto-Saving System - Updates Links: Trailer: Soundtrack: http://goo.gl/hv9YWc Website: http://goo.gl/5Nn2sM Make Arma Not War: http://goo.gl/NyCZPh Twitter: @D3VL3R Google Plus: +Lukáš Vaculík Updates: Stringtable, Bugs/Errors fixed
  3. Hi, I have finished mission in Arma 3 which include files like stringtable, briefing, audio, sqf..., and whole mission has about 33 MB, but when it is uploaded on Workshop, it has only 0.1 MB?! How to upload whole mission folder? :j:
  4. D3VL3R

    No image in brief

    [CSLA]LUKI, it was just example. I have all texts on one place. There are two ways how to use apostrophes ' and "" as Magirot told you, but I still dont know, why source cant be "Images\test.jpg", but "test.jpg". Engine logic or bug?
  5. D3VL3R

    No image in brief

    Magirot: Thanks man! Solution: <img image='test.jpg' width='256' height='256'/>
  6. Hi, in my mission folder I have a stringtable.csv where is for exmpl.: STR_BRIEF_8, "BLABLA.<br/><img src='Images\test.jpg' width='256' height='256'/>", "BLABLA.<br/><img src='Images\test.jpg' width='256' height='256'/>", in Images folder is pic test.jpg with size 256x256px, result is, that in briefing I see just BLABLA and I dont know, where is problem :(
  7. D3VL3R


    With just addCamShake [5, 20, 5]; is problem same :(
  8. Hi, Do you know, why enableCamShake stopped working in trigger? I have active trigger with script enableCamShake true; addCamShake [5, 20, 5]; Thanks for answer!
  9. D3VL3R

    take off NV Goggles?

    You have right, it is about theory... Why you can command to force shoot and there is no command for this? Logic? I am rigorous on every detail. :P
  10. D3VL3R

    take off NV Goggles?

    Issue created - 0017633 http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=17633
  11. D3VL3R

    take off NV Goggles?

    I know all this information, but my problem is, how have NV on head and no on eyes at night...
  12. D3VL3R

    take off NV Goggles?

    Yeah, but I want take off NV Goggles only from eyes of unit, but not from head... Same situation, when player press "N", when is NV active, then is NV on eyes, deactive, NV is on head. But I dont know, how it simulate on NPC
  13. D3VL3R

    take off NV Goggles?

    DisableAI have not effect :( Any other idea?
  14. D3VL3R

    take off NV Goggles?

    yeah, good idea, I can try it... What category I have to try? ANIM?