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  1. Hi Is it possible to have ZBE caching map building that we add with EDEN editor ? Like houses / FOB / etc... ? And is it worth it ?
  2. oshydaka

    Russian Railways mod

    Just found this topic, this is so amazing ! Really nice work so far ! Few questions i have : how does it handle intersection ? Is it planned ? Or does the train can just stay on 1 "line" ?
  3. oshydaka


    Hi there. Great mod so far, i really love the ambiance. Quick question btw, i can't figure out how to run ! ^^ When i spawn, i'm near a burning car, and i can only walk. Then, i take the stuff on the boddy near the car, and i can only do small run and walk. No sprint, or running like normally in ArmA 3. Is that normal ? Thanks
  4. 1) : Well, on cars like hatchback or pickup, or trucks, only the driver has the vehicle LR radio. But, in choppers, the copilot has also a radio. So, is that possible to do the same thing for each vehicles ? 2) : Really ? Where ? How ? ^^
  5. Hi there nKey a couple of questions for you. 1 : Is that possible to have LR radio on vehicles on the passenger next to the driver seat, like in helicopters ? (on hatchback / pickup / etc...) 2 : would it be possible for you to add a Backpack jammer like this one : The functionnality would be to dissalow coms within a range EXCEPT the freq you define on this backpack radio interface. To not be over cheated, the backpack could have a battery of like 15 minutes that discharge quicklier if you higher the jamming range
  6. Don't know if anyone still read this thread, but i'd like to thanks Silola for the map We've run our server with xCam map, for two and half month, with pretty decent population We've figured a way to run it with the lite version of AiATerrain pack, overloaded with the Full HD AiATerrain pack for people who wants better textures resolution Great work Silola for the map !
  7. Hi there Sometimes, when i use the MCC editor to place objects, the object placed move compared to where I place it. What can i do ? Is there a way to fix this ?
  8. oshydaka

    RDS A2 Civilian Pack

    Any idea when female skin will be added ?
  9. About a frequency jammer, i've thinking to this more. When the freq jammer is activated, on a radius (like 50 meters), no radio will work, just hearing "white sound". Could be cool to have different freq jammer for different range. Like SW jammer, LR jammer, etc... The jammer will work on battery, and go depleted after an amount of time (configurable ?), depending on the battery you put in. Small battery : 5 minutes, medium battery : 15 minutes, large battery : 30 minutes. The freq jammer could be an item we can stick on walls / under tables / under vehicules / on helicopters / etc.... What you guys think about that ? (sorry for my terrible english ^^ )
  10. Microphone you can set on a frequency and put on someone pockets / bag / whatever to spy him
  11. +1 ! Hearing shoots over the radio, could be awesome ! ---------- Post added at 16:54 ---------- Previous post was at 16:52 ---------- Radio jammer ? Like, scrambling the signal etc...
  12. Make cellphones ? ^^ You can add a player to your contact list and call him on VOIP with TS, etc... ^^ Like military cellphone or something, with apps, like compass, GPS, whatever
  13. Hey mate Any ETA for an advanced flight mode ? Thanks ;)
  14. Hi there Don't know where to ask, so i do it here ^^ Is that possible to make xCam objects we can see in the 2d editor compatible with curator module (AkA Zeus) ? Thanks