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  1. SaL_iOGC

    Endless Survival

    We had great fun playing this tonight. Thanks to any of the randoms that came on. The PVP at the end was very satisfying. I'd be a rich man if I had't logged off. Still a few bugs but I'll ask the guys first before I post them up. One thing though... when the AI appear (for instance we'd just captured Mike) it does give the impression that they've just spawned in facing eachother - silence, then instantly there was sounds of a full on battle. Maybe stagger their spawning in? This mod will be nuts when we've got tanks. BTW Genesis... or anybody else. I've been naturally hesitant about cranking up the number of AI. Has anybody tried this yet?
  2. SaL_iOGC

    Endless Survival

    We're hosting an event night based on this mod on this coming Wednesday at 8pm GMT. Filter IOGC ingame or 2313. It's testing only - the author is clear about this. In our previous blasts at this we had a lot of fun. We in iOGC will very probably go Blue, anybody else feel free to go either Red or Independent. Feel free to speak over Side but only use text in Global. Wed 19th btw. PVE, PVP, TVT. Plus AI. Genesis92x > we run the Zeus AI mod on our server and we believe that that is helping our AI behave well. Nobody saw the AI pointing to the ground as has been reported.
  3. SaL_iOGC

    Endless Survival

    Nice one for update. Thanks for the reply Genesis. I could really see this thing going places. The money system to build structures- you deliberately don't factor in food or water - but you mentioned the possibility of instead having some missions where you earn credits to buld stuff? That'd be fun and difficult too. On playing this I initially thought this a dynamic Arma game where you can dip in and have a blast for 15 minutes to even 3 hours. I didn't consider it a Wastelands/sandbox type game, more an Arma game. Maybe you could toggle it if that worked. Forgive me for suggesting this and love the possibilities for this mod (it's more than a mission given it's dynamic nature). Have you considered persistence by the way? BTW we hosted this on our dedicated server / dev build. We'll be putting it up again very soon for another test. Keep an eye out for iOGC in the browser ingame. Have put it up now if anybody wants to check it out.
  4. If any of the readers of this thread can please point to promises made by Bohemia regarding any corresponding improvements to the netcode (in parallel with the great graphics) for the full release of Arma 3 then please post them up here. The [Alpha/etc/hope]/care package disclaimer out of the way; do you really think they can up the performance of this game by full release? Or will it always be smallish scale skirmishes situated somewhere or another on a huge and fantastically realised environment? Always hoped this combined arms type game would've come to fruition about now. As one of our community members pointed out - most of us would gladly accept the ability to pitch far more units/players onto the field at the cost of having the same graphics as A2. DH was most certainly not disparaging Arma 3 btw. But it's quite telling what he said; and it has confirmed what many posters have asked.. but ofc they've been shot down by the unquestioning elements you get with any game. Anybody remember WarZ?
  5. SaL_iOGC

    Endless Survival

    Loving the concept. Like the idea that you can spawn in on eachother therefore your team can roll through the battle. Choppers were constantly crashing after dropping off their squads (dev build), but as you say in your vid it's another person's script. Got a bit laggy on our at one point but certainly keep at it. Testing this atm on our server in hardcore mode. Unfortunately working out which blue/red AI is pretty difficult this way. Edit: ** apologies wrong ** Edit: Today we played Blufor and had a cracking time at the airbase - the AI were working well in defence and offence. Wasn't laggy one bit. We did relocate up to the Dome and took up positions there hoping for a change of pace / scenery but the AI didn't come. Were we doing something wrong?
  6. SaL_iOGC

    Sweep Agia Marina [Co-31]

    Will be playing this tomorrow night with the guys (20+) for one of our weekly event nights. Looks good indeed and thanks comfyblanket. Will report back here. few night time missions out there that cater for a decent sized squad and when the tracers start flying! We'll be using ingame chat instead of TS because.. ...well TS segregates us from random players who join in and never feel involved. 8pm GMT (UK), click my sig for more details. Filter iOGC ingame.
  7. SaL_iOGC

    [MP] Hill 46 coop 20

    Will be playing this soon with 20 players from our clan/community. Looks intriguing! Will give feedback after we play it and thanks for putting it together.
  8. SaL_iOGC

    iOGC.co.uk International Arma Community

    Arma 3 Event night 8pm on Wed 5th and subsequent Wednesdays after that. Always have a good turnout and all are welcome. We're going to be using in-game chat as using TeamSpeak for us segregates us from random players who want to get involved.
  9. How freaked out would you be when this Western army of liberation arrives and they're all robots?? :) ED 209's for instance??! :) My OP ought not to have referenced autonomous robotics - was merely asking what would be pertinent for a war in a mere 20 years from now; and that was an unrealistic flight of fancy. (Forgive.. never saw the posts just like this before. New bar, same conversation).Rail guns for tanks easily possible. Fully robotic supply vehicles (A robot lorry lost out slightly against a human driven 4x4 on rugged terrain in a recent Top Gear UK - amazing stuff). The Objective Individual Combat Weapon – the M-29 is here already and loved by frontline troops in Afghanistan. Technology is maturing in mil-tech and those crazy ideas from the 70-80's are now fully taking shape, and will be rolled out sooner than you think.
  10. Don' mess wit da wongs.... Modern armies are looking into advanced robotics (look at the mine sweeping robots and reconnaissance units they are developing), but in 20 years what do think is possible for the near future? Exo-skeletons for infantry (heavy lifting) are already being developed in their nascent forms. Will Arma 3 and the community have a field day modelling these things, or will people sniff their noses at them as being too Sci-Fi? :) Also what about lasers and drones? Also ACRE won't really be entirely pertinent in the old Arma 2 form as line of site radio will be largely irrelevant unless of course you assume the enemy has punched out your satellites - but even then tiny drones could be used to bounce off comms. Then there's the completely independent ED209's... I'd comply and drop my weapon in well under 20 seconds. You'd shit yourself too.
  11. Completely agree JD... to have separate sliders for not only sniping but also vehicles and air as many games have. Many mice out there have a toggle though (that I use when sniping) that can drop the sensitivity right down. Doesn't work for vehicles/helis though.
  12. SaL_iOGC


    Thanks for posting up the Arma 3 version Fireball, many thanks :) Nice logo btw
  13. SaL_iOGC

    CMI Command Improvement Mod

    Works very well - thank you. 1st mod you made?? Great work:)
  14. SaL_iOGC

    Deadfast's Visible Crosshairs

    Crosshairs are for girls. Nuff said. *Edit* Seems I got an infraction for making a sexist jibe. Apologies - thought it light hearted and didn't intend any offence. Sigh.
  15. SaL_iOGC

    PvPscene Tweaks

    Hi .kju • UnlockDifficultyOptionsAndFirstThreeAsVeteran_Configuration • UnlockDifficultyOptions_Configuration Could you please explain what the above tweaks do exactly? We're trying to tweak the difficulty settings on our server and I was hoping that the last two on the list could do the trick. Many thanks:)