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  1. iOGC_Broadsword

    Game For A Cause Portal Gun Raffle!

    Hi all, Game for a cause is proud to announce it's second charity event. This time we are raffling off a Signed by Valve Portal2 Gun. This was issued to us directly by the Valve team in order for us to raise funds for charity. "For those who play Portal or Portal2 (or know of someone who plays…) We have one Replica Portal Gun donated and signed by the Valve team to RAFFLE off. Starting 01 October and running until 31 October, Please join us in supporting TWO Charities by donating as little as £5.00 (that’s about $8.00 US dollars) and you could win this rare replica. First, let me direct you to the Game for a Cause website… where all of the necessary information can be found. We are gamers who choose to raise funds through gaming events. These events are INTERNATIONAL Online gaming sessions (Red Orchestra 2 , Rising storm, ARMA 2, ARMA 3 etc..) and sometimes Raffles. We actively encourage gaming communities & clans to set up their own events. Game for a Cause has numerous supporters that are currently working with us. We’ll be happy to assist you in any way we can. Your Event—Your Charity choice! We do NOT handle money…We only use veritable and proven third parties to collect, and distribute funds, companies such as Virgin Money, Just giving etc. This way you can donate with confidence, knowing that 100% of the money donated goes right to the charity organization and that all “Gift aid†is included. Thanks for checking us out, and as we say…. “Where Gaming is game changingâ€
  2. iOGC_Broadsword

    Game for a cause

    Cheers Marc. These two charities mean a lot to the guys, it would be great to see some of the many members at Bi get over and get signed up. I'm sure there are a few RO2 players amongst them.
  3. iOGC_Broadsword

    Game for a cause

    Good morning all! Can I take a very short time to introduce you to Game for a cause? GFAC is a website dedicated to raising funds for charity through PC gaming. We are fast approaching our very first event on the 21st of September. The first event will be Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm running through the campaign from 19:00GMT to midnight. This event will be in support of St Catherine's Hospice and Jo's Cervical caner trust. The RO2 event has the full support of Tripwire's Vice President Alan Wilson who has supplied some very nice prizes for this and future events. We have plans to run several events before the close of this year and we want to encourage PC gamers to get involved in raising funds for local and international charities. Game for a cause has also recieved support and approval from several Game Developers, you can view who has offered support on the website as well as read about what GFAC is all about and why we are doing what we do. I might also point out that we have had confirmation from Bi's Ota Vrťátko to run ArmA based events for charity in the future. GFAC does NOT handle cash, all donations go through the Virgin Money Giving system so that the charities receive all the money and gift aid on top. Please take some time to read through the site and or visit the Virgin Money giving page to see whats happening and why. You can also book your space for the upcoming event on the GFAC site. Thanks for taking the time to read through this. http://gameforacause.co.uk http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/iogc
  4. Marc, Once again outstanding work mate. Cant wait to see this building in it's location.
  5. iOGC_Broadsword

    Zona tools

    I would ask Marc (Meshcarver) for permission to add anything from his work to your work before presuming that you will be doing it.
  6. iOGC_Broadsword

    AI and player numbers in A3 compared with A2.

    I would be interested to hear a comment from someone official within Bi on what Hall has said. Either a confirmation or denial that A3 will support less ai or players than every previous version of ArmA. Although I doubt there will be as his comments pretty much say A3 is not as good as A2 for doing what everyone wants it to do, support many players and have lots of things to shoot at. Pretty damning comments from an employee. With regard to dedi box specs we have a pretty good setup, albeit we had to go to Germany to get it, nobody in the UK could match spec for price. We have tinkered with headless client and I am hoping that Bi have been looking into integration into the game properly rather than using it as a dirty fix to a very important issue, lots of things to shoot at :cool:
  7. iOGC_Broadsword

    AI and player numbers in A3 compared with A2.

    NeMeSiS, what I can run on my machine and what others can is not what I am asking, apart from that I would expect with A3 that control of ai would be directed more towards the server load than individual machines. So adding a shed load of ai to my editor would prove nothing, as to what a server is able to handle before it drops bellow 5 FPS! that's another question. "ArmA3 is better designed to do ArmA3" that just makes no sense at all. I was asking for what the general feeling on what Hall's comments indicate to the playability of A3, not what I can or cannot do on my own :rolleyes:
  8. AI and player numbers in A3 compared with A2. One of the main things that drew me to the ArmA series was the huge battles both with Ai and human players. I read on Reddit a rather disconcerting comment from Dean Hall that A3 will support less human and ai players than A2? Have Bi sacrificed a huge play field and huge battles simply for a pretty game? Whats the general feeling on Hall's comments here?
  9. iOGC_Broadsword

    iOGC.co.uk International Arma Community

    We have now reverted back to the DEV builds on our server. Mission nights start from 20:00hr GMT each week night, weekend sessions may start earlier watch our forums for details. No mods are required to join in but we would appreciate if players joined with at least the latest version of CBA for A3. Players can now join our Public TS through ts3.iogc.co.uk password arma3. Thanks.
  10. iOGC_Broadsword

    MP COOP GITS EVOLUTION - main thread

    Nice one Egg, played tonight on our server. Ai seemed way to accurate and aggressive (engaging at silly distances) this may be a DEV build issue however. One major bug we experienced was the Second mission seems to repeat and does not clear correctly. After the tasks are completed it repeats the Agia Marina mission. Did not experience any client or server crashes with grenades as in previous DEV builds, I believe this was fixed on Saturday or Sunday's Branch release. Only criticism myself and my guys have is the Intro Music where your Gits logo comes in is WAY WAY too loud, perhaps reduce the volume on the .ogg file some to prevent damage to the hearing for those of us that wear headsets. Other than that great mission and cheers for the hard work.
  11. Another great addition mesh, can't wait to get my boots on the ground, as long as I don't step into some witches jelly.
  12. Awesome missions and glad to see they are up to date with the DEV builds, unfortunately the nades kill the server, hope this gets fixed in the next build version. Keep up the sterling work.
  13. I like the Idea of having some crossover from one tragedy to another, almost like a second wave of destruction hitting the place. Maybe this would put a little more focus on moving underground because living above would just be so life threatening. Extended tunnels, stations and maybe a warehouse ( I said warehouse Marc :p ).
  14. Hi Marc and all, When we first discussed this project I remember thinking, thank god something is being developed to make me feel like I am inside the book roadside picnic. As you well know I am a huge fan of the book, the movie and loved the STALKER games, even with their limitations. Also in a small way the Metro 2033 game, some great underground areas. I have also followed and been inspired by the Zone (currently reading Zona by Geoff Dyer) for many years. I love the bleak abandoned industrial world that Tarkovsky portrayed in the zone, threatening but beautiful. I have also done a fair amount of reading on Pripyat and the Chernobyl tragedy and plan to visit the area in the future before it is completely absorbed by nature. I have been following your project for some time and love the development shots (thanks for posting up on our site). I can already get the feel for the world you are starting to create and can't wait to put my dusty boots down on the ground. Are you going to be focusing as much attention to the underground areas of your world as the surface areas? perhaps a "meat grinder" tunnel system, damp, dark and foreboding. Anyway great to see you are still pushing your project along and you know if there is any small way myself or the rest of the guys can help out then you know where to find us. Cheers, Martin.