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  1. Update 8/12/14 The Sh33p are celebrating a year of awesome gameplay in Arma 3! That's right, August marks a full year of existence! One of our staff members, Flowers, made a video for our 1st anniversary. It's a bit long, but good times were had: We've also added more fresh faces to our ranks. I'd like to welcome our newest FNG's to the Sh33p! BadVoodoo dannyboy PVCpipeofthegoat IKickUrBaby Bret supwer semper Geaux Dielawn Hund Wasicun Welcome aboard! Think your name would be a good addition to that list? Do you want to play with an Arma group, but don't want to sit through hours of "basic training" sessions before you can play? Then you, my friend, should check us out. Check out the media tab at the top of the page to see some of our member youtube channels, and hit that recruitment link to fill out an application. It only takes a couple minutes. If our website isn't enough to convince you, stop on by our IRC web portal and chat us up. We love talking to new people, and there's pretty much always someone on IRC that can answer any questions you may have about the Sh33p. As always, feel free to PM me here or add me on steam as well. See you next time!
  2. JestersDead

    Converting dialog string to object

    Ahhhh, so simple. Thanks for the help guys!
  3. I'm working on a GUI control that will allow map click teleport of any connected players. I have script that creates a listbox containing the unit names of each player: disableSerialization; _listboxB = 3100; _display = _this select 0; { _index = lbAdd [_listboxB, str(_x)]; } forEach allUnits; // <---- this will be changed to only be for playable units once it's working. (_display displayCtrl _listboxB) ctrlAddEventHandler ["LBDblClick","_this execVM 's\GUI\gui_teleport.sqf'"]; The ctrlAddEventHandler then fires a script when the desired unit is doubleclicked: //Get the passed ctrl _ctrl = _this select 0; //Get passed selected index _index = _this select 1; picked = (_ctrl lbText _index); //This creates the text that was displayed in the listbox index that was selected onMapSingleClick "picked setPos _pos; true; onMapSingleClick '';"; Here's the problem... the variable, picked, is injected into the teleport code as a string, wrapped in quotes, and I get a script error that it's expecting an object, but got a string. I've been going crazy trying to find a way to remove the quotes so the script will take it, but I've gotten nowhere, and I'm out of ideas. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. UPDATE 7/22/14!! We've teamed up with the boys over at Bourbon Warfare for a couple joint ops since the last update, and much fun was had by all. Here's a highlight reel of one of those sessions And a quick vid of one of our TvT missions. I'm a freedom fighter (terrorist) defending my homeland from the NATO pigs.... Since our last update, we've added a few new names to the roster. I'd like to welcome our new recruits to the Sh33p!! Durkee Kera JakeGaming (AKA Jack) McJager Cyanoblamin Notsure Jeff Nitchevo Frase Themoor Simon Want to see your name added to the list? Head over to our homepage and fill out an app today. It's mostly painless, and the first 5 applicants qualify for a back rub from a staff member! Undecided? Stop by our IRC web portal and shoot the breeze with us. We're a friendly bunch, and only a couple of us are biters. * Offer of back rubs only valid until 1730 CST 7/22/14
  5. UPDATE TIME!!!!! In the past month the sh33p have recruited 11 new members, and are well on our way to the 50 member milestone! Thanks to anyone who has checked us out, and we look forward to seeing the rest of you soon! We are hosting a joint operation this Thursday (6/3/14) with the great guys from Bourbon Warfare, and hopefully we'll have some good highlights to post from that session. I'd like to welcome our newest members to the sh33p! RedCap Choyer Johnathon Rubbr_Dukkie Saturn 5 kOepi darobowns Specter UnicornOne DannyCon Ringo301 dovahseg Want your name added to the list? head to our homepage and fill out an app today! It's quick, and mostly painless!
  6. The Black Sh33p are looking for a few highly skilled death machines to join our ranks. We play organized Arma 3 co-op and PVP missions created in-house, and we do it without an imaginary rank structure, or the need to call someone "sir" over the internet. We feel it's more important to play our roles in the mission, and most of all, HAVE FUN! We realize that real life takes priority over gaming, so we have multiple sessions throughout the week available for people who work odd hours, insomniacs, hermits, vagrants, alcoholics, and Europeans. We encourage people to make as many sessions as possible, but we do not have a strict attendance policy. Current session schedule Saturdays - 1400 CST Sundays - 1400 CST The weekend sessions are the main game days, and have the highest turnout. We also have 2 mid-week sessions: Tuesdays - 2000 CST Thursdays - 2000 CST What to expect New missions added regularly Solid community in, AND out of game FIRST PERSON ONLY - it's just how we roll. Once you try it, you'll like it. NO CROSSHAIRS - If you want to hip fire, you're going to have to guess. We maintain a good selection of mods, and even have a couple created in-house. They're all tied up in a nice, neat, easy to install package that is updated regularly. No VAS box - Loadouts are generally set by mission makers, or selected before mission in our mission framework. Ammo crates only slow down the mission start. You want to be a high speed death machine, right? NO RESPAWN - there are rare exceptions to this, but none of our serious missions have respawn enabled. Play like your life depends on it. Unless you just like spectator mode... Dedicated server with headless client. 24/7 Teamspeak server, and we are currently using Task Force Radio for our game comms. Forums and IRC to stay in touch with the rest of the flock What WE expect We are not a super strict community, but we do have certain expectations of new members. 21+ - Sorry youngsters. EDIT: We have upped the age requirement to 21. We like our members aged, like a fine wine, or stinky cheese. Maturity - We joke around. A lot. Farts are funny, it's scientific fact. But when it's time for game-face, it's time for game-face. Participation - As already mentioned, no one is expected to be at every session, but missing several sessions without the courtesy of a message can result in removal. Positive attitude - This is pretty self explanatory. No whiners. Discussion is encouraged. Constructive criticism is appreciated. Social skills - We are a community first. We're looking for people who are interested in more than just a weekly Arma group. If you'd like to know more, contact me via PM or steam, and visit us at our homepage While you're there, fill out an application. It's quick and painless. If you're still unsure, drop by our IRC web portal and talk to some of our members! There's almost always someone available to chat.
  7. JestersDead

    Minigun firerate

    I played around with this and had some good fun trying out crazy vehicle / weapon combos. I tried to remove the miniguns from the AH-9 to try the same thing, but wasn't able to get it to work with the init code : this removeWeapon "minigun classname"; Would the syntax be different because it's 2 guns? EDIT: I didn't actually use "minigun classname" as the class name, I just used that because I can't remember what it is off the top of my head.
  8. JestersDead

    Minigun firerate

    Minigun rate of fire is WAY low. It has come up in multiple threads, and is one of my biggest pet peeves in A3 (I fly the AH-9 a LOT). Miniguns are meant to be spray and pray weapons. One of the main reasons I get shot out of the cockpit in the AH-9 in A3 is that it's so hard to hit ground targets, you end up getting way closer than you should just to score a hit. The miniguns fire slower than an M249. Ideally you'd line up on the target area from pretty long range, and with 2 miniguns you'd unleash a few hundred rounds in a matter of a couple seconds, and break away from the target area long before they could put accurate fire on you. Anything in that cone would be dead. I've heard someone say that rate of fire is lowered due to framerate constraints, but we had a system that allowed 4000 rpm in arma 2. I don't particularly care if the game "cheats" to achieve a realistic ROF. The whole idea of a minigun is to spray as much lead at an area as possible, in as little time as possible. Right now, we basically have a heli equipped with 2 MMG's.
  9. JestersDead

    Boeing/SOAR MH-47E ArmA III

    Has anyone managed to drive an assault boat into the cargo area yet? We tried it a few times last night, and ALMOST got it to work. One time the boat got mostly in, but as soon as I lifted out of the water the boat and driver fell through the fuselage. I'm not sure if I just wasn't deep enough in the water, or if the boat is just slightly too wide to fit. I didn't have a lot of time to test, so we only made a couple attempts. Anyone else had any luck?
  10. JestersDead

    Will 3D Scopes Be Corrected

    I'd settle for not having lights behind my head cast a blinding glare in the eyepiece.
  11. JestersDead

    Question about the T-100

    Think of it like this: HEAT (High Explosive Anti Tank) is a shaped charge designed to kill light to medium armor. It should also be somewhat effective against infantry. HE (High Explosive) is a fragmentaion round designed to engage infantry or light unarmored vehicles.
  12. JestersDead

    Level of Realism Poll

    Good to know about the UAV uplink, thanks!
  13. JestersDead

    when come the launcher anim fix

    Also the fact that you load invisible rockets into the launcher. And load rockets into the back of launchers that are loaded from the front....
  14. JestersDead

    Pistol rounds penetrate AH-9 glass

    Most heli windows are plexiglass. THIN plexiglass, at that. The only ones that are heavier glass are the main windshields on the bigger heli's, and the attack heli's. The light scout aircraft are all thin plexi. IIRC, they are 1/8" thickness. You could shoot a BB gun through them. That big bubble on the AH-9 (AH-6 in real life) is certainly plexi. Source: I did helicopter structures in the army.
  15. JestersDead

    Level of Realism Poll

    The biggest issue I had with the mission was that once the troops start moving, I have no idea who is enemy anymore. Not having a TGP view in cockpit makes it rather difficult to keep track of contacts, but that's an arma thing, not your mission. If the aircraft were simulated more realistically, you'd be able to hook a coordinate and line up on it with the HUD, or lase a spot on the ground with the drone that you'd be able to lock onto with the aircraft sensors and use it to help you ID the targets. It's a great mission though, just like your others. The only constructive criticism I'd give would be to make it possible to skip the text screens when linking the drone to your aircraft before taking off. When you're on the 10th playthrough, you just want to get in the air :P